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December 2013
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Christmas is 2 weeks away!

So how are retailers doing nationwide?  Reports on retail sales are scattered, but none of these business analysts are expecting any kind of big jump in Christmas shopping for 2013.  Of course, these figures are all about the major retailers, Wal-Mart being the largest.     


The National Retail Federation provides the facts without the hype.  They reported steep discounts were driving sales.  Their report also includes

good news for fashion retailers.

  Surprisingly, apparel and fashion accessories led purchases over the Black Friday weekend with 57.5% of total sales.  


How important are the next two weeks for small business?  Not nearly as important as the four months that follow starting the day after Christmas.  Those four months are small businesses' heyday.  This is the time when small business shines.  Where are consumers going to find plenty of options for New Years Eve jewelry, prom jewelry, dance competition jewelry and accessories, Pageant tiaras and jewelry, Easter jewelry, and new spring Easter hats?  Heads up, small business, the coming months are ours.   


Let's begin with the first major events where small business shines--New Years Eve.



New Years Eve and Ball Jewelry

Small Retail Locations have the Big Selection of Glitzy Jewelry
lavish crystal jewelry 91


When shoppers are searching for New Years Eve or Ball jewelry, the majors simply don't have the large selection of sparkling jewelry to give shoppers options.  The place to find it is small retailers that have dramatic to conservative designs in different platings and different colored stones. 


The dresses and personalities determine what will accessorize an outfit.  This year is definitely the year of dramatic crystal necklace sets.  These  extravagant crystal sets at affordable prices hit the market for the first time in 2013.  You definitely want some of these glitzy set sprinkled in your rhinestone and crystal jewelry selection for New Years.    


For more conservative customers turn to rhinestone jewelry sets.  Everything from simple Y necklaces and modest cascades is available for customers that want an understated look.  Chokers are also a nice conservative option with everything from memory wire that closes by itself to fringed chokers that give some movement.  


Also, include rhinestone and crystal bracelets in your glitzy accessories.  You are already aware of the importance bracelets have played in recent years.  Rhinestone and crystal earrings that make a statement are also important to accessorize outfits that don't call for a necklace. 


Following after New Years Eve are prom, pageants, bridal, Mardi Gras balls, and other galas that call for sparkling jewelry.  So the inventory you stock for Holidays will work for other events over the next four months.  





Fleur-de-lis Jewelry

Themes and Niche Markets-The Strength of Small Business


Fleur-de-lis necklace set


Since Hurricane Katrina, fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories heats up every year around Christmas.  This is a niche market.  Themes and niche markets are practically the exclusive turf of small business.  Some may call fleur-de-lis jewelry a fad, but I have never seen fad with this staying power. 


New fleur-de-lis jewelry helps keep this niche market vibrant.  This month new additions of every jewelry category freshen up the line-pins, bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets. This niche market is important to all of Louisiana and many places beyond the state line.   



Gemstone Jewelry

Another Niche Market



Niche markets don't have to be geared to a region.  Segments of the jewelry market can also provide a niche market.  Gemstone jewelry is a good example.  Consumers perceive intrinsic value in semi precious stones.  Jewelry created with semi precious stone usually wholesales in the same price range as fashion jewelry made with synthetics.  But look at how much more your customer gets for the money.


Every piece of gemstone jewelry is unique.  Nature creates the banding, color, and inclusions, making every jewelry piece uniquely different.  Then there is the labor factor.  Most semi precious stones used in gemstone jewelry fall into the quartz family.  The hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.  That is harder that glass and harder than steel. Imagine the work in drilling, cutting, and polishing these stones. 


The finished product is intriguing.  Each type of gemstone has its own qualities to draw and hold the consumers' interest-with agate it is banding, with turquoise color and matrix, with tiger's eye the moving eye of chatoyance, and with rose quartz the soft color and inclusions.  The list is endless.  Put gemstone jewelry together to tell a story and you will have a niche market that draws customers with no competition form the majors.


Sculptured Pewter Writing Pens

Sale Item for December
sculptured pewter pens 94


Here is a really unique gift that you may have never seen before and most likely, your customers haven't either-pewter sculptured writing pens.  The pens come in dozens of designs and each one is in a black velvet box with satin lining-what a presentation for gifts.  The boxes alone wholesale are nearly $2.00. 


The pewter pens have deep sculptured design that serves many markets.  Included are great gifts with ABCs fro teacher gifts, golf designs for golfers, grape designs for wineries or members of the Bacchus Krewe.  For bridesmaids is a pen sculptured with "Best Friends".  A number of pens have sculptured patterns like paisley or weaved rattan that works for anyone.   


Best of all is the unbelievable low wholesale price for these pens that are elaborately boxed for a gift ready to go.  This one-time buy enabled us to offer an exceptionally low wholesale price.  Before this special buy, the wholesale price was $7.50.  If this item appeals to your customer base, take advantage of pricing now and pass a bargain on to your customers.  



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