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Issue: # 93
November 2013
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The Holiday season is here!

   Christmas and New Year's Eve are fast approaching, giving us two great opportunities to fill the needs of consumers.  What can help small business have a great Holiday season this year?  Small business is not Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or the Apple Store.  So what items do consumers look to small business to get? 


It is those specialty items, hard to find themes, unusual ready-made gifts, and a wide selection of Holiday jewelry.  If you are thinking--OK, get specific.  That is exactly what we are going to do in this newsletter.  This is a laundry list of items where small business shines over the big box competition. 


You decide what items will draw customers for your location.  What will be unique for your shop that makes customers need you?  What do you have that they can't get from the majors? That is what we are striving to point out in this newsletter.  Maybe the items listed are not the magic for you, but they can energize your creative spirit for unique merchandise and inviting display that will be your magic.  I am sure you can add plenty of more items.  The creativity of small business owners is inexhaustible.




Jewelry and accessories for the majors is mostly generic.  Thoughtful gifts go straight to the heart with themes.  Themes mean something to the one receiving the gift.  Here are ideas for meaningful themes: 

  Fleur-de-lis pin 91
Especially popular in Louisiana. 






SPORTS JEWELRY:  Especially licensed collegiate  LSU necklace 91

jewelry.  These fans are passionate.




Music is a strong theme.   






RELIGIOUS TIES AND SCARVES: Hard to find  religious scarves

gifts for church  






Provide gifts for men with novelty ties in themes that  golf theme tie

mean something to them.











nursing pendant 93

Theme pendants and theme earrings have  

dozens of hard-to-find themes in quality jewelry 

that make meaningful gifts.  Where else can 

simple words in the search on the site to locate they 

find these themes?    A short cut is to put a theme.  

Use the singular for more results.





You are unique when you offer classy Christmas jewelry and accessories.  In addition, you're unique when you have a wide selection of crystal and rhinestone jewelry for New Years Eve.  The majors are slim in these areas.  Consumers need you for these items. 


Christmas jewelry 81

Classy Christmas pins are in short supply and the 

 majors are light in this area.  Small business is the place to find unique Christmas jewelry.  



 Christmas pendants by "Best" crafted in metal-the Christmas tree pendant
ultimate in quality Christmas jewelry.  Many pendants in the line can also be worn as pins



 Fabulous crystal necklace sets that emerged in 2013  large crystal necklace set

have dramatic design that is breath-taking.  These sets 

make wonderful Holiday jewelry for parties and New 

Years Eve





Rhinestone jewelry is the traditional choice for 

accessorizing outfits for Christmas parties and New 

Years Eve.  The majors are limited on choices.  Small 

business is the "go-to" place for selection. 




There are places in the fashion industry that the majors have little or no presence.  This is small business's territory.  When consumers need these items, they rely on small business.



You can find scarves in the majors, but can you find  scarves 86

decent variety and someone to show customers how to 

wear them?   For a quick tutorial in how to wear scarves 

see this video. 




Dress hats are a favorite gift for moms that wear a hat to  dress hat 92

church.  Consumers head straight to small business to 

find dress hats for church.  





Hat scarf sets are a practical Christmas gift that is  hat scarf set

ready-made. They are a hit-and-miss item for the 

majors, but small business is reliable when you want 

these attractive Christmas gifts. 




 Fascinators mushroomed in popularity thanks to the 


inspiration of the royal wedding.  They continue their 

surge especially among younger shoppers.  Have you 

ever seen them in the accessories of big box stores? 




Brooches are a wonderful Christmas gift.  They are  brooch 86

elegant and tasteful.  When the receiver sees them in 

her jewelry box, she almost always remembers who 

gave them to her.  Small business is where you find a 

nice selection. 




Gemstone jewelry combines beauty and the intrigue of 

unique patterns and inclusions that only nature can 

deliver.  Semi precious jewelry rises and falls in trends, 

but it always holds the interest of consumers with its 

magical attraction of banding, colors, and inclusions.  

Turquoise is especially popular right now.  If consumers 

want to see more than a few styles, small business is 

the destination.  




Unique party items for the Holidays-this is a category small business owns. 

The old style hats and horns associated with New Years  
Eve is a dying market.  Consumers want an injection of
new fun ideas.  As paper hats and horns decline, novelty
hats are on the rise.  The place to find them is small business.  



The rising popularity of Venetian style masks lifted the 

concept of these masquerade items.  Today consumers 

see masks as art, history, and culture.  Small business 

has them. 





Novelty glasses

Whether you agree with everything we said so far or not, 

you have to agree with this-Macy's doesn't have these 

novelty glasses in their sunglass department.  No, if you 

want this crazy look for New Years Eve, you have to visit 

small business.  Is this the new paper hats and horns? 


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