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Issue: # 92
October 2013
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Rain, shine, snow, or sleet--the mail must go through.  Today we can apply that to the entrepreneur.  Nothing keeps today's entrepreneurs down.  This hardy breed overcomes everything.  Over the last few years, they have faced every kind of inclement weather, competition from big box companies, slow economies, high unemployment, and now a government shutdown.  Still this special breed of people finds a way to survive.  They have ingenuity, drive, and creativity.  Together these small business entrepreneurs account for more than half the businesses in America and hire half of the workers.  Be proud you are part of this invincible group. 


The good news is you have tools available right now that are not normally there.  Halloween and the Holidays are drawing near.  New items for these events are more fabulous than ever.   From now until May occasions calling for jewelry and accessories come one after another.  So we can look ahead to better opportunities for growing our business.  Feel better?  So do I. Let's get started.  





large crystal necklace set

Fabulous Crystal Jewelry

New Dramatic Looks in Sparkly Jewelry 


There is an entirely new look that has popped up in crystal jewelry this year and it has become enormously popular---Dramatic crystal necklace sets.  The last two newsletters have shown these sets and the crystals jewelry has captured more attention than nearly everything else in the newsletter. 


These new crystal sets use large stones in dramatic designs that look like they should retail for well over a hundred dollars.  When we talk about irresistible items for this holiday season, these large sparkling necklace sets are what we mean.  More good news is they don't retail over $100.  The wholesale prices are all below $40.  The set shown wholesales for $19.50. 


The sets have so many looks--chokers, necklaces, gold and silver plating, clear and colored crystals.  Some of the most outstanding sets use iridescent crystals.  The surprise is how these sets are selling--even ones with wholesale prices in the thirties.   


Why do you need this lavish crystal jewelry?  Because holiday is coming and these sets are so new that hardly anyone has them.  You have a chance to offer exquisite crystal jewelry they can't find in leading department stores and big box companies.  You will captivate the consumers with a fabulous crystal jewelry look at surprising low prices.



Halloween Masks

Venetian and Masquerade Masks-More Stunning than Ever

Did you ever think you would see a face mask that was breathtaking?  Well look at the rhinestone eye mask shown before you answer.  When you think of masks, don't limit the scope to Halloween.  New Years, Mardi Gras, and all the spring events like masquerade proms, sweet sixteens, quinceaneras, and masquerade fundraisers follow. 


The rhinestone eye mask shown dazzles with clear rhinestones set in silver plating.  Each mask comes individually boxed in clear plastic boxes so you easily display the masks. 


Laser cut metal masks are another innovation this year that has really caught on.  These masks are Venetian style with cutouts creating delicate filigree work.  The eye masks come in gold and silver plating s well as colors.    


For men, new styles include bold Roman style masks like the one in the sidebar.  Two styles are available in black or antique ivory color with trim that brings to mind the Roman legion.  The mask selection has so much variety, you can find masks from glamorous to rugged, and at every price point.  There are so many uses and needs for masks.  They fit into far more marketing plans than people realize at first glance.  Try them out, even if you begin by only using them for decoration. 

Fall Dress Hats

Church and Homecoming Hats

The closest thing to guaranteed sales every fall is dress hats.  They are an absolute need for most homecomings and church ladies would rather miss a dress hat 92 meal than go without a new hat for the season. 


New arrivals this fall include felts that are very traditional like the dress hat shown and felts in innovative design and colors.  A striking black hat with white trim captures the graphic black-white color in holiday trends.  For more conservative customers, the same hat is available in gray. 


Felts are the first choice for both homecoming and church hats.  However, there are other materials that appeal to the ladies wanting fall church hats.  We added new metallic polypropylene hats to the category at appealing low wholesale prices.  Also find satin braid hats that work in any season. 


Fall dress hats have the advantage of high demand and low competition.  So think about these hats when you need something everybody else doesn't have.

Next Newsletter: Everything we need for the Holidays 

We are at the head end of what is normally a nice stretch of business.  In addition, we have some exceptional new items that will grab customers' attention.  These are tools that can get us back on the winning track.  Next newsletter will cover more of the exciting items that can give us an advantage over the majors in the battle for Holiday business.   If you look at the three categories covered above, these are great items and the only place to find them is small business.  Be proud of yourself because small businesses are standing tall in the retail battle with the majors. 


The last few months, we have been covering free ways to promote your business.  Facebook business pages are another way to grow your business at no costs.  To have a Facebook business page, you must first have a personal page.  The personal page has ads on the right hand side.  At the bottom of the ads there are links. Click the one that says "More" and choose "add page". 


Fill out the settings.  You can follow the settings on my pages if you need a guideline. You can have more than one business page.  We have three.  If you have a Facebook account, you can login and see our main page at this link:


More next newsletter.  


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