Bucking the Trend with Accessories that Sell in the Summer
July, 2013

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Jewerly & Accessories in Demand for Summer
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We are at that time of year when major retailers are running huge sales to draw customers and many families are plowing their discretionary income into back-to-school. So we ask-what items are in such demand right now that people really want them? What is really selling without slashing the price and losing all the profit?

It is hard to get a straight answer by asking a competitor. So we are going to give you a straight answer based on the wholesale merchandise we are shipping. This time of year, you have to start with hats. All kinds of hats-cowboy hats, fedoras, red hats, widebrims, straw hats, and more.

Then there is everything vendors working conventions need-specialty ties, white church hats, classy jewelry, and scarves. Now add the vendors working swap meets and summer selling events-hematite jewelry, gemstone, glass jewelry, and yes, more hats. You don't have to be at the convention or swap meet to get a piece of this business. Shops around these conventions or outdoor events also benefit and businesses in the hometowns are selling to people going to these events. Sometimes the event is a street fair right at your front door. Let's begin with the biggest summer item-hats.

Michael Gietl
casual hat 89
Records Show Wholesale Hats Lead Our Summer Shipments
Why Fight the Current-Stock Some Hats

If there is anything we can thank the beating heat of the summer sun for, it is increasing hat sales. Headwear is not limited to a few categories or a few types of businesses. Nearly all hats that can be worn in the summer are selling and the businesses getting the hat sales include everything from convenience stores and tackle shops to upscale boutiques and resorts.

All those durable straws in safaris, gamblers, fedoras, lifeguards, and pinch front hats work almost anywhere. Thee rugged hats block the sun and survive a downpour. Whether your business is a convenience store, garden shop, hardware store, tackle shop, beach location, or flea market vendor, these hats sell. They are rugged, attractive, and cheap.

Still some shops call for headwear that is a cut above. The rush straws may look out of place in an upscale boutique. Sewn-and-braid wheat straw hats fit nicely here. These hats are very similar to Milan straws that are a Cadillac in the millinery industry. The wheat straw is weaved into long narrow strips that are continuously sewn to create the hat body. The narrower the strip, the more expensive the hat. That is because it takes considerably more labor and material to create the hat with very narrow strips than with wide ones.

Boutiques and accessory stores also like widebrims and fedoras. If your customer base is younger, fedoras are the thing. They love the look celebrities are wearing. Straw fedoras are particularly strong in the summer, but cotton and toyo are also contenders.

Widebrims have that sassy high fashion look that is timeless. A year ago the wider the brim the better. Today 5 inch and 6 inch brims are wide enough. The 7 inch brims are slowing. It's good if the widebrims have some body so the brim has some bounce, but doesn't droop. A new wide brim with animal print scarf trim is one that fits that bill. This definitely is an upscale boutique or resort type of hat.

Murano glass jewelry 89
Glass Jewelry
Return of Color in Fashion Jewelry

Have you noticed how color is missing in fashion jewelry the last few seasons? The same seasons Pantone's fashion palette was dominated by vibrant color, even the winter season. Well color is back with excitement in Murano style glass. Have you forgotten what Murano glass is?

For centuries the center for artisans in glass has been Murano Italy. Murano glass beads in clear or tinted glass had suspended clouds of color or islands of metallic particles creating mesmerizing beauty. Millefiore also hailed from this area. The name means 1000 flowers. Glass rods in different colors are melted together and then sliced so the bead has endless tiny flower patterns. A third art called lampwork beads heated glass with a torch and adhered it in different shapes and colors to another bead. Browse Murano style glass jewelry on the site to see creations using all these techniques.

The important thing here is color. Now there is classy jewelry to deliver gorgeous color. Terrific for a season when the fashion palette has so many brights. Gemstone jewelry can also deliver color with materials that have perceivable value. Together with Murano style glass, you can put color back into your fashion jewelry in a way that will turn heads. Also check out the other categories under Quality Glass Jewelry for more color in upscale fashion jewelry.

hematite jewelry 89
Hematite Jewelry
Does it Replace Copper Bracelets for Pain Relief?

Why is hematite jewelry in the list of best selling items for summer? Our business software pinpoints the items with strongest sales for any period with a report called "Best Sellers". From June 1 until today the items we mentioned above stand out. In addition, there are three other items that are significant, but two are very specialized. The one with universal application is hematite jewelry. You have probably seen booths or kiosks of this stuff with vendors making a living on this single item.

Why is hematite jewelry a magnet for consumers? There are two reasons: the look and the alleged pain relief attributed to it. First, this steel gray jewelry with a high luster and cold feel comes in endless appealing designs. Many have pendants that let your customers identify with a theme dear to their heart. Crosses and hearts are very popular. Girls like cute things from nature like dolphins and penguins. Angels, teddy bears, butterflies-it's all here. For guys there are arrowheads, horse heads, wolves, skulls, and fleur-de-lis designs.

Hematite jewelry attracts another group of customers because of its alleged power to relieve pain. You won't find this in The New England Journal of Medicine, but those that belief in its ability to relieve pain are as adamant as people that wore copper bracelets for arthritic pain relief a decade ago. I know how adamant they are because my Mom was one of them. She was certain the bracelet relieved pain of arthritis and you can't argue with Mom.

Like copper, hematite is a mineral-iron oxide. Bracelets are very popular, but necklaces sell the best. Most are 18 inches long which fits most people. For those needing more length, we had extenders specially made to add length. I don't know if anyone else has made extenders, but lots of vendors depend on us for them and they are hard to keep in stock. If we are out, call and we will try to give you an estimated date of our next delivery.

This may be an item you have never considered, but a small display in your store near the cash register will soon let you know if your customers are interested. Investment is small and margin is big. Most necklaces are $1.50 and retail for $5-more margin than most items can bear and at that price, customers still think it is a bargain.

Next Newsletter: Get Ready fro Fall
We will look forward to fall in our next newsletter with a look at fresh jewelry and accessories to draw customers to your store.

The last few newsletters we have talked about drawing more customers to your shop by ranking on local search. First, by setting up a Google+ account, and then a business page, and then going to Google Places for Business to set up that information. Here you can choose a main category, list items, and add pictures. Pictures really seem to help attract customers. You can do a fine job yourself with a digital camera and a program for working up pictures. We use PhotoImpact Pro which is rather inexpensive and easy to use. If you have questions, call me.

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Bucking the Trend with Accessories that Sell in the Summer.