Jewelry and Accessories that Sell in the Summer
June, 2013

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As summer arrives, consumers' focus changes and that creates a bump in the road. The entire focus of this month's newsletter is on smoothing out that bump.

What causes the bump? The last five months we focused on merchandise that sells briskly for spring. Now prom, Easter, Mother's Day and the Kentucky Derby are over and customers are looking for something else. Veteran retailers know the sale of many items slows down. But the good news is other items pick up. And that is what we need to concentrate on to keep our sales even.

What we are looking for is items with a track record of remaining steady or increasing in sales during the summer. When we think about it, there are plenty of retail opportunities now that we didn't have in the last few months - vacationers, conventions, festivals, outdoor retail events like swap meets, street fairs, flea markets, and craft shows. Plus consumers need fresh jewelry and accessories for summer apparel. Our records show a strong increase in casual and straw hats during the summer and also increases in shell jewelry, scarves, and theme jewelry. In men's accessories, neckties in specific themes increase because of summer conventions. Let's get started.

Michael Gietl
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Stocking for Summertime Outdoor Sales
Outdoor Fashion Items that Work Indoors Also

Whenever you visit outdoor retail events, you will notice that booths focus of a narrow category of merchandise. In other words, the booth is all glass jewelry, all gemstone, all hematite, or all theme pendants and earrings in polished metal. For the most part, they specialize in one category and this draws attention. Three categories on our site see increases in summer business:

  • Hematite jewelry
  • Gemstone jewelry
  • Theme pendants and earrings
Any of the three make impact that will draw consumers. First of all, each of these categories has a story to tell and when attractive merchandise couples with an interesting story, jewelry is much easier to sell.

Hematite has a healing reputation that many believe even though science doesn't confirm it. Gemstones have unique characteristics so there are no two pieces exactly alike. The cold feel, inclusions, hardness, banding, and color of semi precious provide plenty to talk about. For more gemstone information, see our gemstone identification page.

The theme pendant and earring category has marvelous craftsmanship that will engage your customers. Most pieces have exceptional detail and three dimensional shape captured by stamping form a thin sheet of steel. There are themes for baseball, motorcycle rallies, garden shows, zoos, swamp tours, pets, and about anything else you can think of. Also don't forget chokers needed to display the pendants. A variety of choker lets customers create their own look by mixing and matching with pendants.

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Summer Hats
Straw and Casual Hats for Shade in the Heat

The category with greatest growth in summer is hats. The blazing heat has consumers searching for headwear. This can be rush straw safari hats for festival goers and outdoor workers to fashionable boutique hats for resort wear.

Search the casual hat category as well as wholesale straw hats on our site to see the entire selection of summer headwear. For us, summer hats picks up much of the slack created when other items drop off in summer months.

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Jewelry and Accessories for Conventions and Tourist Destinations
Jewelry and Accessories for Conventions and Tourist Destinations

We all know that summer is vacation time, but it is also convention time. Church groups, Veterans, and Masonic conventions are some of the major categories of convention goers. This affects convention vendors, shops around convention halls, and hometown shops of convention goers. What items increase in popularity because of conventions?

  • Americana jewelry and accessories
  • Christian ties
  • Jewelry and accessories in music themes
  • Religious scarves
  • Masonic ties
  • White Church hats

What about Louisiana tourist destinations?

  • Louisiana jewelry
  • Louisiana souvenirs
  • Casual hats

  • In souvenirs, you can find plenty for Louisiana on our site, also pewter souvenirs for San Antonio, Texas and them pendants and earrings that fill needs for many other States. Use the search on the site to locate individual themes.

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Jewelry and Accessories for Summer Fashion
Accessorizing the Summer Season

The trends this summer include vibrant color, black and white combinations, and a renewed interest in the Bohemian look of the sixties. Items peaking are:

Next Newsletter: New Summer Items
Next newsletter will concentrate of summer fashion items. Last newsletter we emphasized the importance of social media for gaining more of an online presence. We particularly highlighted Google+. For some free advertising, this is an important venue. First set up a personal Google+ page, then you can set up a business Google+ page. The easiest and most important place to rank is local search. So after setting up your google+ business page, go to and set up a page about your business. The google+ business page you already set up lets you include a longer description and more categories under business places. All this is free and can help more people find you even if you don't have a website.
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Jewelry and Accessories that Sell in the Summer