Fine Tuning Inventory to Meet the Needs of Summertime Shoppers
March, 2013

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School soon gets out, vacations start, outdoor events abound--summer is here and we need to adjust to the changes to create sales in the fashion industry. Some terrific events that drive sales have helped in the last few weeks -- prom, Easter, and Mother's Day. There are opportunities ahead also, but they take more creativity.

Summer is the peak season for casual hats. Also, white dress hats are in demand for summer weddings and church conventions and workshops. Speaking of weddings, this need for jewelry and accessories never ends. Summer is also a great occasion for spring jewelry to match new outfits and a time when niche markets blossom. Let's look at what we can do now to generate business.

Michael Gietl
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Casual Hats Peak in Summer
Summer Heat Brings a Boom in Casual Hat Demand

Is there any product in the fashion industry that sees a bigger summertime surge than casual hats? For us in South Louisiana it starts with festivals and the major ones that come early are Jazz Fest in New Orleans, Festival International in Lafayette, and the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. Festival hats that sell best are the traditional styles of rush straw safari hats, wide brim gamblers, and pinch front hats.

These hats are durable, hold up in any kind of weather, and have chin cords so festival fans don't lose them on a windy day. Best of all, they are inexpensive so when the sun blares, consumers can easily afford some sun protection that also has a suave look.

But some revelers are willing to trade the sun protection of wide brims for a trendy look and these consumers are buying fedora. New fedoras this season include a toyo design with a domed button on one side suitable for both guys and gals and a fedora in a lacey look for women. Both come in basic colors of white, tan, and black. But there is another family of fedora hats that are popular every year for festivals and vacationers--they are the stingy brim fedoras in straw. These hats are so important for festivals and tourist destinations that retailers are not happy when we run out.

What kind of hats do the fashionable ladies like? Wide brims are still best-both standard four inch brims and super wide brims up to seven inches. Toyo, straw, and ribbon hats are all good in this category.

Who can sell these summer hats? Almost any location. There are styles that work best for boutiques and other styles for convenience store. Garden shops, boat launches, lawn mower shops, camp ground stores, tourist destinations, grocery stores, and festival vendors can sell some styles. Boutiques and accessory stores can sell another. Look to casual hats to pick up the slack for some items that fall off in summer.

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White Dress Hats
Be the Only Game in Town for Needed White Dress Hats

What if an item was not just wanted, but also desperately needed? What if you were the only shop that had it? Many retailers with inventory in white dress hats will find themselves in that situation this summer.

Weddings, especially outdoor weddings often need white dress hats. Many church congregations have conventions or workshops that require ladies to wear a white hat on a certain day. Theses situations are not options or whims, they are needs. At Accessory Wholesale, we see these needs every summer and try to prepare with some depth in dressy white hats. Actually, this year we added a category for just that-Dress Hats in White.

So if this fits into your marketing plan and suits your customer base, take advantage of having access to the inventory. Many wholesalers of church hats and dress hats want to be out of summer inventory when Mother's Day is over. But you still have access to a variety of nice designs including organza, satin braid, sinamay, and the classic Milan straw look of polypropylene. If nothing more, stock a few white dress hats so customers will know you are a resource for bridal headwear and church hats for special occasions.

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Bridal Jewelry and Accessories
Bridal Jewelry and Accessories are Timeless

We can look at prom season and say it is nearly over, but bridal is another story. We think of spring weddings and June as bridal month, but statistics in recent years show that both July and August have more weddings than June does. The real answer is there is no bridal season. It is a timeless event and bridal jewelry and accessories sell year round. Even if the main focus of your business isn't bridal, it never hurts to have an area dedicated to this market because it is a need and it is endless.

On our site, you can find bridal jewelry in rhinestone, crystal, and glass or synthetic pearl. You can also find wedding accessories that include tiaras, evening bags, bridal gloves, fascinators, and hats. But in this newsletter we are going to concentrate on the hottest thing this year in bridal and formal jewelry-iridescent rhinestone and crystals. Throughout prom season, shops continually bought
iridescent jewelry to meet the demand and satisfy their customers. Now the demand for iridescent jewelry continues for bridal. In the 28 years of Accessory Wholesale's history, I have never seen any color but clear dominate prom and bridal business until the surge of iridescent rhinestone this year.

Bracelets are especially doing well in both iridescent rhinestone and crystal. Large earrings in iridescent stones are in demand and also iridescent sets. But bracelets are perhaps the best because a percentage of prom girls and brides-to-be are opting for earrings and bracelets instead of necklace sets. If your market is prom and bridal jewelry, you may already be aware of this, but if it is not your main focus, including iridescent rhinestone and crystal jewelry may surprise you when you see how your customers react to it. So make sure you add some iridescent jewelry to your selection of bridal and formal accessories.

Next Newsletter Looks at Summer Jewelry and Accessories
Before we close, last newsletter we said we would share some ideas on drawing customers to your shop or website. Anyone that has a website may have noticed how the search engine algorithms have been shuffling the results. It seems harder than ever to maintain your position in the search results.

Other businesses that are strictly brick and mortar may not worry about search results. But they would still like to increase the number of people coming through the door. Here is an idea to help both categories.

The SEO industry (search engine optimization) is emphasizing social media as an important feature going forward. This includes Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ may be the most important of all. To have a Google+ business page, you must first have a Google+ personal page. Once you have it, you can post new arrivals, sales, and any event that comes up. You can also promote local search, which helps your store to come up near the top when people search for items in your area. This is a big benefit for brick and mortar stores even if they don't have a website because a large number of instore sales begin with online searches. More on this next newsletter.

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Fine Tuning Inventory to Meet the Needs of Summertime Shoppers