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March, 2013

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Easter is nearly here. How is March going? If your answer is short of splendid, don't feel bad. On the other hand, if your month was booming, pat yourself on the back. A number of obstacles effected March business including unusual cold weather, an early Easter, and an economy that is still fragile. But small business has the tenacious spirit that never gives up. And some great opportunities are ahead of us in the next 30 days.

But first, we are investigating some free and easy ways for you to draw customers to your store or website. In addition, we are setting up a platform where you can discuss what is going on in the retail fashion business or you can just get a feel for the retail terrain by viewing the posts of other retailers. Our newsletter on products and trends goes out once a month. In between newsletters, we will cover these strategies for building traffic.

But now, we are ready to enter April and there are some strong retail events that can ring the cash register--prom, pageant, bridal, spring fashion, and just around the corner Mother's Day and Kentucky Derby.

Michael Gietl
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Prom Jewelry
The Retail Event Too Big to Miss

If you are thinking we have really hammered away at prom the last few newsletters, there's a reason. This huge retail event has helped our customers get the train back on the tracks for nearly 30 years. It cures the post-Christmas lull with a flurry of demand for accessories to outfit the big night.

Prom is a jewelry event and even more. Yes glitzy jewelry is a must for prom night and more and more prom girls are going to wide bracelets and large earrings. And this year demand is for iridescent rhinestones more than ever before. Bothe the categories for crystal jewelry and rhinestone jewelry have these bracelets in traditional designs as well as innovative looks.

Dramatic earrings to complete the set are also in these categories. When prom girls pick necklace sets to accessorize their dress, they prefer delicate designs, but all that changes with bracelet earring combinations. Here dramatic is the look they want. If you are a veteran retailer in prom accessories, you are already aware of this.

The delicate necklace sets mentioned are also a necessary part of the selection of prom jewelry. The good news is these sets also attract brides-to-be shopping for bridal jewelry. Prom and bridal jewelry are not accessories bought on a whim, but needed items that will be bought somewhere. We want these customers to buy these items in your shop.

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Prom Jewelry and Accessories
Accessorizing your Prom and Bridal Customers

Prom girls and brides-to-be need more than jewelry and you can be the source for the complete look. Here are a few categories to think about:

  • Evening Bags: clutches are especially popular and both brides and prom girls like wristlets
  • * Fascinators: hard to find and still popular for bridal, prom, and bachelorette parties
  • * Tiaras: the largest market for tiaras is bridal, but prom and pageant are also major events for these hair ornaments. If you don't supply them, where are they going to find them?
  • * Formal gloves: you have access to a large range of lengths, colors, and styles. Show samples and order quantities for bridal parties as needed.
  • * Pearl Jewelry: especially for bridal, pearl jewelry is hard to beat for elegance. Finding styles in affordable faux pearl necklace sets, earrings, and bracelets is not easy. You be the source.
  • * Bridal Hats: as we get into summer, the supply of white summer dress hats evaporates, but you still have access to this headwear. So when bridal hats aren't available anywhere else, they are available from you.

Think about these categories that can make you the place where prom girls and brides-to-be can accessorize with a complete and coordinated look for the special occasion.

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Mother's Day
Brooches, Mother's Day Jewelry, and More

Mother's Day is a little more than a month away. This is big. Is there a more emotionally packed word in the English language than "Mom"? I doubt it. In the remake of 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe, a posse is bringing him to prison in handcuffs and one of them makes a bad remark about his Mother. He pushes him off his horse, down a step ravine and says, "Even bad guys love their Mama". This scene captures the universal love for Mom in a radical way.

This deep feeling is why we want Mother's Day items available early because nearly everyone will miss a meal to have the money to get something for Mom on that day. Here's another list that highlights some of the most popular and meaningful items for Mothers Day:

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Spring Dress Hats
Mother's Day, Church, and Derby Hats

The dress hats you stock for Mother's Day will also appeal to customers attending Kentucky Derby parties or needing headwear for formal summer events from teas to bridal. After Easter, the availability of ladies dress hats thins out, but demand continues with major hat events like Mother's Day and Kentucky Derby. Church hats are also still in demand and hard to find. Many congregations attend conventions and workshops where white church hats are required on a certain day. Our goal is to have inventory for you all summer so you can capture these markets when competition is out of stock.

Two categories contain this dressy headwear--Dress Hats and Dress Hats in White. All the most popular materials and styles re here--organza, saint braid, sinamay, and the Milan straw look of traditional polypropylene. You know your customer base and you know whether this is important to your summer sales. If so, take advantage of the supply available to you to meet demand. If not, you know where you can get the merchandise if opportunities arise.

Next Newsletter: Spring Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
Next newsletter is in March and consumers will be thinking spring. We will look at new jewelry and accessories for the season. Prom and bridal will be in full swing and Easter will be approaching so get ready for those events now.

Author: Michael Gietl

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