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February, 2013

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We are in the months of the year that are normally the best for fashion accessory businesses. Mardi Gras and Valentines Day are behind us so how do we plan for the upcoming major events? Two of the major events facing us are huge--prom and bridal. So this newsletter will focus on wholesale prom jewelry and wholesale bridal jewelry as well as new dress hats for spring.

The economy still seems to lack vim and vigor, but with the best time of the year here for small fashion businesses were not going to let that get in the way of appealing to our customers with products that are in demand right now. Let's start with dress hats.

Michael Gietl
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Ladies Dress Hats for Spring 2013
Spring Selection of Church Hats, Derby Hats, and Headwear for Outdoor Events

From now until Mother's Day is the peak season for ladies dress hats. Easter, Kentucky Derby, and then Mother's Day are the biggest days. This year we have an early Easter, March 31, so that means there is no time to waste in getting ready. New arrivals in sinamay and organza hats are on the site. Widebrims especially have a fashionable and elegant look that will appeal to your customers as church hats as well as for Easter and the events that follow.

This year we added a new category to our hat selection--dress hats in white. This category features only white ladies dress hats. Weddings and many church events call for white ladies dress hats. We always have calls in mid-summer from shops that need a large quantity of white dress hats for congregations going to conventions. Many have a certain day during the event that white hats have to be worn. This category aims to have white hats available year round for these needs.

In addition to all the other spring activities calling for hats, there the major derbies including the Kentucky Derby--one of the biggest hat events of the year. Many people are decorating untrimmed hats for the event and the number of Kentucky Derby parties around the country is growing. Those going are supposed to wear a hat for the occasion and this gives you another market for ladies dress hats.

Veterans in the hat business know the highest demand is starting now. They also know the fair retail prices of hats. When helping customers, I realize that new retailers in the headwear business often find the wholesale prices shocking, especially those that have never shopped ladies dress hats for themselves. Don't be afraid of the wholesale prices on the site. You want to be able to markup the hats 100% (double) and if you search for dress hats, you will see your price is fair. Consider ladies dress hats as part of your business because like prom, this is a business that returns every year.

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Prom Jewelry and Accessories
Prom Girls Want Unique Prom Jewelry and Accessories

Is there anything that impacts spring sales for fashion retailers more than prom? Last year prom made the headlines with a huge jump in the average spending-up 34% in a single year according to USA Today. Much of the spending goes to small businesses in the community.

For one thing, small business can provide unique jewelry and accessories and the USA article points out that a main concern of prom girls is being unique. A quote in the article says, "The bar is higher for what it takes to get attention, and therefore, (teens) really need to have something exclusive, original, unique to them in order to get attention to from other people." While the article may be thinking about exclusive boutiques, it also gives an average price for jewelry of $32. That probably doesn't fit into the exclusive boutique price range, so the place to get prom jewelry that is both unique and affordable is from you, the small fashion business.

To meet the demand you will find a number of new rhinestone sets on the site with wholesale prices between $5 and $7. This lets you offer very affordable prom jewelry even after your markup. Gold and silver plating are available. The selection includes iridescent rhinestone sets that seem to be very popular this year. Also clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are abundant because this is always the perennial favorite.

Don't forget the bracelets. Both rhinestone and crystal bracelets are popular with this age group in petite designs to dramatic, depending on the personality. Stock now because prom girls are already shopping.

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Bridal Jewelry
Looking Special with Bridal Jewelry and Accessories

While prom girls want to look special, in bridal it is even more important. Wedding pictures capture the moment for generations to come so brides want the perfect look in jewelry and accessories. Still the escalating prices of weddings lock brides into a budget.

Small business offers an affordable solution as well as personal help that brides often want for such an important day. Rhinestone jewelry highlighted above is often the bride's choice in jewelry. But another very popular choice is faux pearl jewelry. Nothing matches pearl for elegance.

Bridal jewelry ranges from simple hand-knotted strands of faux pearl to elegance with sparkle when pearl teams with rhinestone as in the image shown. Some sets have a choice of white or ivory pearl to match gowns. When rhinestone or any metal findings are included in the jewelry, white has silver plated settings and ivory gold plated.

Important bridal accessories include tiaras, bridal hair ornaments, evening bags, and bridal gloves. You can find all these accessories on the site in elegant looks and offer them to your clientele at prices that will fit into the bride's budget. A wide range of formal gloves is especially hard to find, but you have access to different styles and colors on the site.

Spring dress hats, prom jewelry and accessories, and bridal jewelry and accessories are all important for fashion businesses for the near future. If this fits into the focus of your shop, make the most of the season and stock now.

Next Newsletter: Spring Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
Next newsletter is in March and consumers will be thinking spring. We will look at new jewelry and accessories for the season. Prom and bridal will be in full swing and Easter will be approaching so get ready for those events now.
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