Mardi Gras Masks, Prom and New Spring Hats
January, 2013

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We're in the time of year when fashion businesses have plenty to get excited about. Mardi Gras is a couple of weeks away. So is Valentines Day. Prom is on its way. Bridal and pageant season is cranking up and ladies are looking for spring dress hats for church as well other spring time events like Mothers Day and Kentucky Derby.

Maybe the economy is still dinged up a little, but we are beginning the best time of the year for fashion businesses so we want to take advantage of it. Mardi Gras is very close so let's begin with Venetian style mask. This exciting item will continue into spring for proms, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, masquerade balls and fund raisers.

Michael Gietl
Venetian style mask 84
Venetian Style Masks
Masks with Innovation that Never Ends

Venetian style masks, unheard of a few years ago, have captured consumers' attention in a big way. Google searches for "Venetian masks" reaches 60,000 per month with another 50,000 for the term in the singular. Innovation is the driving force that has these masks continuing to grow in popularity. Laser cut steel masks are one of the latest developments. See the image above.

These masks have intricate cutouts making a filigree pattern that would be priced out of reach without modern technology. Most are cut, enameled, often decorated with crystals, and sometimes specially boxed with clear plastic tops. Wholesale prices are not cheap, but look a the item on line and you will see there is plenty of room for your mark-up. Think of these when making a selection of Venetian style masks.

Don't leave out the more traditional Venetian style masks. These are also constantly coming out with new designs. Ladies Venetian masks topped with large ostrich plumes have proven a winner for the last few years. A new version, VM209 with matte color arrived this week. We expect it to generate strong sales, but we also think the ones that have proven winners over the last few years (VM35, VM72, and VM11) will continue to be leaders.

In the past, I have advised businesses that have never carried this item to start by using them for decoration. Then you will get your customers reaction with just a small investment. Anyone uncertain about the mask business can call me at 504-736-0357 and I will be happy to share information on the products and whether they will fit into your marketing plan.

crystal necklace set 84
Crystal Jewelry
Gorgeous Jewelry for Prom, Balls, and Evening Events

Something new in crystal necklace sets arrived recently-designs with gorgeous multicolor crystals, butterflies, blossoms, and dramatic size. We thought they were breath-taking and something different from anything we have seen in the past. It might sound corny, but it's true--we couldn't wait to share them with you.

The sets use multicolor crystals along with some high quality acrylic stones to create the garden themes with breath-taking glimmer. The same afternoon we got them on the site, businesses started buying them. Wholesale prices range from $18.00 to $39.00 so they are selecting no more than one or two in a style, but that's enough to make a display of spring jewelry pop. This is the gorgeous unique stuff we have been waiting for and looking for over the last few seasons. Brights are in on the fashion palette and this is the brights that will fill the jewelry case.

Valentines Day is also very close and some of the dramatic crystal sets with Valentines designs are under that category. One set and a link to Valentines jewelry are in the side bar.

Another area of crystal jewelry that is doing very well is crystal earrings. Shops preparing for prom are stocking these earrings because prom girls that don't want necklace sets often choose dramatic earrings. Crystal earrings stand out and have styles to fit every personality--everything from modern to vintage inspired. Include crystal earrings in your selection of prom jewelry for prom girls that want dramatic earrings instead of sets. Prom is a time that helps the fashion industry overcome the post-Christmas lull.

rhinestone necklace set 84
Rhinestone Jewelry
Traditional Prom and Bridal Jewelry

Speaking of post-Christmas lulls, Our jewelry buyer has worked with manufacturers anxious to move inventory after Christmas and has picked up some wonderful rhinestone sets at excellent prices that fit right into the taste of prom girls. Very affordable wholesale prices lets you offer appealing rhinestone sets at bargain prices that still leaves plenty of room for your margin.

Delicate sets seem to be popular for prom. Rhinestones that make up the sets come in a number of stone sizes. The lower the number, the smaller the stones. These smaller stones make up some of these sets, creating a delicate look.

Styles include chokers, and cascades forming Y necklaces plus some sets with color choices for girls that want to match jewelry color to gowns.

Rhinestone bracelets are also a popular accessory with this age group. The traditional multi-row rhinestone stretch bracelet seems timeless. Coming in different widths, these bracelets usually have silver or gold plated settings and some widths offer iridescent rhinestones as well as clear. Also, look at bracelets under crystal jewelry for more dramatic styles. Prom is our "get-well" opportunity that helps pay the bills. We need to have the right merchandise to meet these customers' needs. Year by year prom business can grow for you and for us.

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Retail sales heat up these first five months of the year and we want to take advantage of every opportunity. The events come in bunches so there is demand for a variety of merchandise. As new arrivals in spring hats, crystal and rhinestone jewelry, and fashion jewelry that keeps your customers trendy arrives, we will keep you posted. Beyond that, there are ideas we will share that help bring customers to your store or your site.
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Mardi Gras Masks, Prom and New Spring Hats

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