Get Ready for Opportunities that Follow Christmas
December, 2012

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New Arrivals


Christmas is nearly here so planning what is next is urgent. Two big celebrations are approaching--New Years and Mardi Gras--and both are important to retail sales. For New Years we must react now. Capturing this business gives us a springboard into 2013.

In addition, retail sales seem to be soft for Christmas, which effected many small businesses. Even the majors, the big competitor of small business for Christmas, are showing weakness in sale volume. They concentrate heavily on Christmas sales and make little preparation for New Years. So, bingo! A big opportunity for savvy small business.

The same inventory carries through for Mardi Gras. In 2013, Mardi Gras comes early--February 9. So immediately after New Years, customers shopping for Carnival will be looking for the same items you were selling for New Years Eve. .

Before we get started, a word of congratulations to all you small businesses. You have shown the creativity to survive against every obstacle. Many high-paid CEOs could not do what you have done over the last few years. Be proud of yourself. Now let's look at what works for these celebrations.

Michael Gietl
Rhinestone set 83
Rhinestone Jewelry
The Glitzy Fashion Accessories

New Years Eve balls, parties, and dining out call for glitzy jewelry. Mardi Gras balls need the same thing. These are events when extravagance sells as well elegance. But either way, it needs to sparkle. Both rhinestone sets and crystal jewelry fill the demand. Elegant collars, lavish bibs and necklace sets, sparkling bracelets, and dazzling earrings-it all has the glamour these occasions need.

Rhinestone sets offer collars with the elegance of the one shown as well as slavish necklace sets, and sets with colored stones when needed. Even more styles, often with bolder looks, are under crystal jewelry.

Bracelets really add pizzazz to an outfit with multiple line rhinestone bracelets ranking with the best sellers. Find even bolder designs under crystal bracelets.

The there are those lavish earrings. When a necklace set doesn't go with the gown, your customers are usually shopping for earrings. And when earrings provide all the glitz for an outfit, your clientele most often wants a dramatic look. Both rhinestone and crystal earrings provide the look.

Does it all have to sell out by Mardi Gras? Not at all! Think of what is still coming--prom, pageant, bridal, dance competition, and you probably are thinking of some events I am overlooking.

Venetian mask 83
Masks for New Years and Mardi Gras
Venetian, Masquerade, and Feather Masks

The amazing growth in the popularity of masks has provided greater demand than supply--something that is always good for business. Especially Venetian masks have mushroomed in demand. These masks are truly works of art. Actually, in Venice, the artists had their own guild. Look at the maple leaf mask shown. Isn't this an amazing work of art? Artists in Venice inspire the designs. Browse the category to find the unique designs that will galvanize your customers' attention.

Feather masks are also outstanding. Especially popular is FM80, a mask on a stick that florists love for making centerpieces. The same mask is available with elastic bands as FM83. The major selling point of feather masks is vibrant color in stunning designs at prices well below Venetian masks.

A separate category called masquerade masks offers attractive looks, mainly eye masks that have a low price. These are the overwhelming favorite when the person providing a party also provides masks. Proms, house parties, quinceaneras, and sweet sixteens are all markets for masquerade masks.

We always advise shop owners that are leery about the mask business to use them for decoration. That way you will get a quick idea about your customers' interest. If interest is there, definitely get involved.

novelty hat 83
Novelty Hats
Crazy Hats for Festive Occasions

The novelty hat business is magical. Why? Because customers can't walk by a display of these fun hats without trying them on. This item is important for both New Years and Mardi Gras. Actually, very few retail locations have a selection of novelty hats, so you can have all the fun in town with this item.

For novelty hats that will sell all year, go to the subcategory named "Novelty Hats" under the hat category. Go to Mardi Gras and select the subcategory, "Mardi Gras Crazy Hats" for purple, gold, and green popular during Carnival.

Everything from birthday parties to festivals is an occasion for this fun product so it is not over after Fat Tuesday.

Next Newsletter: New Arrivals and Proven Winners for the Start of the Year
The next newsletter will cover fresh items for 2013 as well as items with a proven track record for building sales at the beginning of the year. Until then, remember the celebrations that will generate immediate sales.
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Get Ready for Opportunities that Follow Christmas

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