Christmas Gift Items to Lift Sales for Small Business
October, 2012

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Black Friday is around the corner and it is crucial to stock for Christmas to reap some of the rewards of holiday business. Two categories of holiday shopping make small business especially important to consumers. First are niche markets. For example, church hats are a popular gift for Mom at Christmas, but what consumer familiar with that market would go to a major retailer? Retailing is full of similar specialty items that consumers look to small business to find.

The second area is unique small gifts for friends, exchanging at the office, or stocking stuffers. The giver doesn't want the receiver to see their gift at one of the major discounters. Small business is where shoppers find unique gifts that receiver will treasure.

In addition, there are those items that are useful and often nicely packaged so they just naturally make a ready made gift. Small business can search these items out and offer value to shoppers rather than cheesy items in fancy wrap. So let's get started because there is no time to waste. We will begin with getting the customers into the Christmas spirit

Michael Gietl
Christmas pin #59
Christmas Jewelry and Accessories
Getting the Customers into the Christmas Spirit

When it comes to getting customers in the Christmas spirit, we can take a page out the book the majors use. They have the music playing and decorations up and the shelves have wrapping paper and Christmas tree decorations. A customer can't avoid felling the Christmas spirit. So we can take their lead with music and decorations, but our merchandise is jewelry, gifts, and accessories. So we need inventory to make a Holiday statement

Scarves and ties in Christmas themes provide accessories for men and women that are useful, full of spirit, and most likely unique for your store so you don't have competition. Add some Christmas jewelry, group the items together and the spirit will leap out at your customers.

church hat 80
Touching Hearts with Gifts in Themes
Offer Shoppers Themed Gifts Specific to the Receiver

Church Hats
For Moms that love church hats, this gift is a perennial winner. Pick winter church hats for immediate use or spring hats that can be worn all summer.

Men's Ties
How often do you hear-it's hard to buy for men? Well if they wear suits, you can supply ties with themes in their favorite things. Themes range from sports and occupations to patriotism and inspirational.

Fleur-de-lis Jewelry and Accessories
This jewelry and accessories has strong appeal in Louisiana and places where the fleur-de-lis is a city symbol or school mascot. Find everything from scarves and ties to jewelry. Handbags will soon be back in stock also.

Wall Masks
Every year this item sells around Christmas, probably because it is so specialized and hard to find. Don't forget, Mardi Gras follows soon after.

purse hooks
Unique Small Gifts
Provide Quality in Small Gifts

Purse Hooks
Why did it take so long for this useful item show up on the market? Purse hooks hold the handbag up off the floor and safely nearby-very sanitary and much safer-plus they have themes which can appeal to the heart.

Scarves do a marvelous job of accessorizing apparel in a classy way. The oblong polyester scarves seem timeless. We carried these scarves for more than 25 years and the demand has never died. They add color, themes, and a classy look.

Stretch Rings
Actually, fashion jewelry offers plenty of meaningful gifts for Christmas. Gemstone jewelry provides gifts with perceived intrinsic value and fashion bracelets are forever popular. But we mentioned stretch rings because this fashion jewelry stretches to fit most sizes and the item is a hot new product that is getting lots of attention.

scarf set 81
Ready-made Gifts and Soaring Accessories
Useful Gifts Ready-made and Hot-selling Accessories

Hat Scarf Sets
These accessories continue to sell at Christmas year after year not only because they are so useful in color weather, but also because innovation keeps the item fresh. This Christmas gift usually comes packaged as a unit so your customers can pick it up for a quick gift solution.

Pewter Pens
Nicely packaged in black velvet boxes with white satin linings, these sculptured pewter writing pens have dozens of themes including one with the carved words, "Best friends" that is always popular. Also, find school themes for teacher gifts.

Rhinestone Jewelry for the Holidays
Offer your customers gorgeous rhinestone jewelry sets that they may need for themselves with New Years following Christmas. The rhinestone jewelry also makes a wonderful gift with eye-catching sparkle that can be worn a week later for New Years Eve.

The demand for these hair ornaments has mushroomed since the royal wedding. Fascinators can have you shop on the cutting edge of fashion with half the population in a frenzy to find them and the other half still discovering them.

Next Newsletter: Getting Ready for New Years
Competition with the majors can make small business challenging. But your creativity and ability to adjust quickly is something they can't match. The above list is designed to point out Christmas items where you excel. Expand the list with your own imagination because you know your local market better than any major retailer can possibly know it.

The next newsletter prepares us for New Years. That holiday follows so quickly after Christmas that most retailers are not ready to capitalize on the season. So we will point out proven winners in merchandise customers need while many of the majors are missing the boat as they try to get rid of left over Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Gift Items to Lift Sales for Small Business

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