Give Your Store a Fall Make-Over with These Fashion Accessories
September, 2012

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Well, summer is behind us and many fashion businesses are rejoicing as we begin the best stretch for business that builds up to Christmas and continues with event after event all the way through May. Fall means new wardrobes and matching accessories. For many just adding accessories updates the fall wardrobe at a more affordable cost. A surprise of bright colors on the fall palette makes updates even more important.

Then there is the need for fall dress hats for church and homecoming. Along with homecoming comes a demand for sports jewelry for all those that have a passion for football. Next Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas add the icing to the cake. This newsletter will look at generating sales from these special events and touch on accessories to update fall wardrobes. Whew!!! That's a lot. We can't cover it all, but let's get started on what's most important now.

Michael Gietl
Halloween Jewelry and Accessories
Make your Shop the Halloween Source for Accessories

Maybe you haven't noticed how little Halloween jewelry and accessories are in the stores. Manufacturers are backing away from this market because of the fragile economy. They believe that sell-through for large runs of Halloween jewelry will be more challenging because of the economy.

Fortunately, for you, there will still be plenty of demand and you have a source for Halloween jewelry and accessories when many in the industry do not. First, let's look at the quality fashion jewelry for Halloween that "Best" makes. The cute pumpkin pendant that doubles as a pin shown here is an example. Stamped from a thin sheet of steel with three dimensional relief, this Halloween jewelry oozes with quality. The process stamps plates to seal the backs with an exact fit and then the jewelry is silver plated and polished to deliver the look of sterling silver at much lower prices.

Other pieces in the line have epoxy work in bright Halloween colors that make a classy statement for the session thanks to the quality of the jewelry. Bracelets include glass pumpkin bracelets with lampwork beads. All of this is Halloween jewelry a shop owner would be proud to show in a high fashion boutique, yet prices are reasonable enough that any accessory store can carry them.

Add some chokers for this line so women working in offices can combine chokers and pendants for tailored looks that bring the spirit of the season to the office.

Some shops may want a fun look at "impulse jewelry" prices. Find this also in the Halloween section on the site with resin pins and 3-D earrings. Then add some Halloween ties for guys working in the office and some scarves for a classy way that women can broadcast the spirit with accessories. Bring it together in your store to tell a story and you will have an attention grabber that will stand above the competition.

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Masks and Novelty Hats
Fun Stuff for the Halloween Season

Spending for Halloween has exploded over the last 6 years-growing from a little over 3 billion to almost 7 billion according to the National Retail Federation. So here's a couple more ideas that will help you take advantage of the boom. First, let's look at masks. According to the statistics by the NRF, more than two thirds of consumers plan to celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities. That will include a lot of parties and most will be masked parties. The site has a wide selection of masks that include inexpensive masquerade masks, fabulous feather masks at very affordable prices, and Venetian style masks that have really ballooned in popularity.

This segment of the mask business has grown from obscure to a rage in a few short years. Movies, reality shows, and celebrities have all contributed to making Venetian masks popular. The art originated in Venice and found inspiration in the Commedia dell' Arte, slapstick comedy theatre from the Renaissance. Many of the masks are based on characters of the Commedia dell' Arte. Venetian inspired masks have a lot of class because of their history as well as the art tht goes into them. Even if you don't want to add masks to your retail merchandise, you can really spiff up your Halloween selection by decorating with them. Actually, you can create a great theme throughout your whole sore by decorating with masks.

On the other hand, if you have clientele that will be attending parties, offering masks can make you unique in your community. Venetian masks are the most popular choice for individuals shopping for a mask for themselves. They want to look exceptional. For those that are buying for larger groups, masquerade and feather masks offer more affordable price points.

Now one more unique idea for Halloween--have all the staff wear novelty hats. Go to this category on the web site and you will have a lot of fun. Put some in your shop and your customers will enjoy the same fun. Nobody can pass up this display without trying them on. The witch hat found under Halloween jewelry is certainly one of the best for Halloween. There are about 80 to choose from under Novelty Has so there is something for every personality.

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Ladies Dress Hats for Fall
Elegance in Fall Dress Hat for Church & Homecoming

As regular as clockwork, dress hats sell for church and homecoming every fall. This season the felt hats have the elegance that will please your customers from conservative headwear to asymmetrical brims inspired by the forties when Lauren Bacall lit up the silver screen. The hat shown is in this mode.

Still coming are cloches that bring back the sassy look of the roaring twenties and satin braid that provides church hats that are not limited to seasons. This fall's satin braids are an exceptional value with wholesale prices under $30.

Shop the ladies dress hats now for suave designs in wool felt and come back weekly to see the new arrivals. Styles seem to sell out faster than normal this fall, which may mean that there is low supply in the market. Low supply translates to more sales for you.

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Polyester Oblong Scarves
The Timeless Scarves that Fly Under the Radar

This timeless accessory is like Rodney Dangerfield--it don't get any respect. We have carried these scarves for more than 20 years. Other styles trend up and then disappear, but polyester oblong scarves just continue to sell on a steady pace year after year.

They have such a sophisticated look that adds colors or themes to an ensemble and they are easy to wear. Animal prints, florals, pets, and fun themes for school teachers or other occupations are all part of the selection. Go to any of the holidays or special events categories on the site like Christmas and Halloween detailed above and you will find these scarves in those categories also.

You will find them in niche markets like music, fleur-de-lis, and religious scarves. Often these scarves provide themes that can't be found anywhere else. Plus they deliver color to an outfit at times when jewelry manufacturers avoid color because of risk of sell-through. Yet, for some reason beyond comprehension, manufacturers are abandoning these scarves fro more trendy and fashionable looks. Those types of scarves rise and fall, leaving retailers and wholesalers with inventory that no one wants. Meanwhile the humble polyester oblongs continue to chug right along as a steady item in accessories.

You can find this accessory mainly under scarves on the site, but they are also located under music, fleur-de-lis, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Breast Cancer Awareness. For a small investment, you can have an attractive selection available that can change with the seasons.

Next Newsletter Will Expand On Fall Jewelry & Accessories plus Special Occasions
Looking forward there is a line-up of reasons for consumers to shop and that translates to better business for retailers. This newsletter covered some of those markets, but there are plenty more. They actually extend all the way through the spring and into May with Mother's Day and graduation. Next newsletter will cover more of the important areas leading up to the Christmas season. Remember Halloween is really growing so try to maximize sales with a display that will attract attention.
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Give Your Store a Fall Make-Over with These Fashion Accessories

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