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August, 2012

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Kids are going back to school and the summer is almost over. That delights a large number of retailers in the fashion industry. Summer is usually a slower time for most fashion businesses and this summer was an even greater challenge. Retail figures reported an upturn in July mainly based on improved auto and technology sales. The same month saw the small business optimism index decline, but we are not going to get into the debate over the economy. Our sole interest is generating sales for the next month that will take us into September when retail sales seem to pick up every year as regular as clockwork.

So this month we are going to concentrate on what customers need more than what they would like to have. So let's look at some needs and basics in fashion jewelry and accessories.

Michael Gietl
new reading glasses
Reading Glasses
Readers are an Absolute Need for Many over Forty

Think about reading glasses as an accessory in your shop. This is an absolute need for many over forty and I can't think of a location where readers won't sell. I wear them myself and have for years. This is an item that even the discounters get a big mark-up on. So it can be very profitable for you.

Most of your customers that need readers are like me--they can't read a menu, a map, directions on the package, or descriptions without reading glasses. So sale of this accessory isn't limited to fashion and gift shops. Even restaurants, fishing tackle shops, garden shops, and convenience stores can sell this item.

Think about readers on both ends of the quality scale. I used the cheap readers for years. The wholesale on these glasses starts at $2.50. You can beat the major discounters and pharmacy prices by retailing for $6.95 and you are getting close to a three times mark-up. The quality is the same as the readers in most of these majors.

Of course, the cheaper reading glasses are not as durable as the higher end. So after my last pair of readers that wholesale for $2.50 broke, I decided to move up to the best quality, which wholesales at $9.50. I chose SG233. The feel and weight spell quality and the look is stylish. I showed them to my wife and now she is upgrading. Why do I mention this?

Because you can ring up some very nice sales with reading glasses. They don't all have to be sales on the lower end of the reader spectrum. Some customers will move up to better quality. These are customers you can keep for life because where else are they going to find the top quality readers? My own experience is these are the ones I will always want now. So think about adding readers to your shop and include the lower end to capture customers with price and the higher end for quality reading glasses they will love. Reading glasses really are a necessity.

choker 79
Chokers and Chains
The Needed Fashion Jewelry

Chokers and chains are not just a fashion statement. Chokers especially are an item needed for anyone that wants to wear a pendant, yet this fashion jewelry is almost impossible to find. For that reason, we have lots of customers that place nice orders with us on only chokers. Some of these are making their own pendants or selling pendants that are different from ours, but they can't find chokers.

We have an exceptional line of pendants that goes along with the chokers, but lots of your customers have pendants in their jewelry box that they can't wear because they don't have a choker. There are 45 different chokers on the site right now, and the number goes up when the ones that are out of stock come back in. Many of them are available in gold or silver plating and some have different lengths. When you put it all together, there are more than a 100 different ones. In addition, there are a number of chains. Create a display of chokers in your shop that makes a statement and when customers see how changing chokers can change the look of fashion jewelry, you will be making multiple sales.

hematite necklace #35
Hematite Jewelry
The Jewelry to which Many Attribute a Healing Quality

Does hematite jewelry have a healing power? I have never read any definitive proof that hematite jewelry can relieve pain, but there are a high number of consumers that are certain that it does. Some retailers that are buying from us got into the hematite jewelry business because of their own experience of pain relief.

Before hematite became the rage for pain relief, copper bracelets were in high demand for relief from arthritis. My Mom was one of those convinced that a copper bracelet eased her pain. Today many are equally sure that hematite jewelry gives them pain relief so for them it is more than a fashion item--it is a necessity.

Hematite necklaces and bracelets sell best. Most necklaces are 18 inches long, which don't fit larger necks so include some extenders in your inventory. The hematite extender allows another 3 inches of length. We had them specially made so this gives you an advantage over competition and also provides an item that can be profitable for you.

Put together a display of hematite jewelry in your shop and satisfy your senior customers that are looking for it. But the jewelry also appeals to younger customers because they like the choker look in jewelry with pendants. This seems to be timeless with the younger market.

Next Newsletter: New Jewelry and Accessories for Fall
Filling needs goes beyond the items we covered in this newsletter. Bridal jewelry and accessories are must-have items. Homecoming hats and jewelry are a must. With football season starting, sports jewelry for local high schools and colleges reaches a feverish pitch that makes the item close to a must. Give some thought to "must-have" items and use these in the summer months to add to sales. Find some of these in the sidebar links above. The good news for all of us is the busy time for fashion jewelry and accessories are getting near, and it usually brings us nine months of good business.
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