Fashion Accessories That Grab Customer's Attention
July 19, 2012

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Congratulations! We've made it half way through the summer in a year with a challenging economy. In this newsletter, we are going to talk about ideas that are stirring small business and developing success even in an imperfect economy. Let's call it "back to basics". We have read and heard a ton of ideas based on the internet, social media, mobile advertising, and every other imaginable use of modern marketing the mind can drum up. But there are only 10 spots on the first page of Google and we don't have time to wait until we get there.

The new ideas are old ideas. recently drove this point home with a series of articles under the title, Small Businesses Go Old School. Have we forgotten the stuff that works? Have we forgotten basic products and retailing techniques that provided the backbone for merchandising for decades? This newsletter is going to highlight items that draw customers and hold their attention. The next newsletter is going to cover basics that customers need.

There's a second idea in the article that is just as important. The article is titled Attitude is Everything. It originally came from, but apparently is no longer online. Nevertheless, it started, "Forget gloomy economic predictions and depressing statistics. Small business success goes back to a very simple concept. Attitude is everything. A positive attitude and persistence will lead to success." Even if we don't have the rest of the article, that's enough to fire up our engines. With enough drive and enough attitudes, we can overcome setbacks. So let's start with those products that draw and hold customers.

Michael Gietl
gemstone jewelry 78
Gemstone Jewelry
Jewelry Where Every Piece is Unique

Whether it's in your shop or in front of your shop at a street fair or sidewalk sale, drawing a crowd is a sure way to build an even bigger crowd. People can't ignore a booth or shop packed with customers.

The products we are looking for are ones that grab consumers' attention and hold them like glue. First, the product needs to make a statement. A small sampling won't do it. No, we need to make an impact with a display that looks overwhelming. Wait a minute. Won't that cost a fortune? Not necessarily.

So how do we make the display look overwhelming without breaking the bank? Look at the showcases in Dillard's and Macys. They group merchandise into little stories.

Here's what I am talking about. One product I like for drawing and holding customers is
gemstone jewelry. It is full of unique natural distinctions. Designs are endless; you get every color imaginable; and all the banding, inclusions, and color variations are engrossing even before you begin to tell the stories of the stones. So imagine a display of six pieces of coral and then a space and another display of eight turquoise items. Continue with an amethyst display next to yellow gemstones like dyed crystal quartz. These colors are combined in Pantone's summer palette. Aventurine and rose quartz are another combination from the palette. The end result is merchandising like the department stores. The show cases look full, but if you count the pieces, it's not that many.

Also, the perceived value of semi precious jewelry builds sales. Your customers are already familiar with many of these semi precious stones like tiger's eye, amethyst, and rose quartz. They feel the jewelry has intrinsic value. The gemstones they don't know opens up another opportunity for stories.

Finally, gemstone jewelry is timeless. Sometimes it will be hot in fashion and other times a steady item, but it will always be there.

pendant 78
Pendants, Matching Earrings, and Chokers
Quality Fashion Jewelry with Endless Designs and Themes

Imagine fashion jewelry with superb quality, endless designs and themes, and practically no competition. That's exactly what we're talking about with the pendant, earring, and choker line from "Best Brand".

They have a signature process that is simply to labor intense for other manufacturers to follow. Some pieces are castings, but most are stampings that use a thin sheet of steel, which is molded into a dimensionally raised design with detail that is unbelievable. Next, a sheet of steel seals the back with a perfect fit and then the jewelry is plated, polished, and sometimes epoxied to deliver exceptional fashion jewelry in pendants and matching earrings.

The fashion designs are a cut above with inlays, geometrics, animal prints, classic designs, and Native American inspirations, but it is the theme jewelry that customers just can't pass up. Imagine cases full of highly polished pendants in every imaginable theme. Customers can't resist browsing all these exceptional themes in high quality fashion jewelry and that's the glue were talking about that holds shoppers. Especially at outdoor events or indoor swap meets, this builds a crowd and generates sales.

Next comes the fun for customers. They love to be creative and the line has over 50 styles of chokers and chains so customers can mix and match to build their own look. Now add matching earrings (which most of the pendants have) and your customers have everything to keep them enthralled. For most, it will be the first time they ever saw this line and it will captivate them.

But before you take the big plunge, make a smaller purchase and group it together to tell a story in your shop or at a show because you want to be sure that this is the fashion jewelry for your audience before making a larger investment.

bracelet 78
A Taste of Vintage in Costume Jewelry
People Love Nostalgia

Here's an idea that works best at swap meets, street fairs, or flea markets. It's something we haven't highlighted before. Think of those selling events you have attended before. Did you notice how vintage and collectibles draw consumers? People love to browse through items that stir memories. That's why antique stores pop up all over the place. But this idea is more specialized. Think about an eighties display.

It's easier to find eighties merchandise than items from earlier decades. Also, your audience is bigger because the eighties include a wider age group than say, the sixties. Begin by creating the mood. Get some old magazines from a used book store or antique shop and use the advertising pictures in your display to give customers the feel.

Where do you find the stuff for the booth? Begin on our web site, but remember, they obviously don't make the stuff anymore so most of it has only a small amount remaining. Under costume jewelry closeouts you will find rings from the eighties, nugget bracelets, Philippine wood sets, Lucite earrings, and a number of other eighties items. This idea is pretty exclusive because most retailers can't find the merchandise to sell.

If this idea sounds like one that will work, grab some of the items while we have inventory. Of course, this isn't for everyone and that's good because there's not enough to go around. We have more items from this era, which we will put up as soon as we can find time.

Next Newsletter: Basic Items People Need
Hope these ideas give a boost to your business. If you are feeling a summertime lull, think of special retail events in your area like street fairs, swap meets, and outdoor shopping events. This can be advertising as well as sales opportunities. We will follow up this newsletter with another on things people need. Hang in there; we are almost through the summer.
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Fashion Accessories That Grab Customer's Attention

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