Proven Ideas to Keep Summer Fashion Sales Humming
June 21, 2012

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For many fashion businesses the summer months challenge our skills to generate sales. Granted, tourist locations thrive in these months, but other businesses often need creative ideas to get the consumers to come out in the sultry heat.

Well, a review of our sales statistics as a wholesaler can give us a bigger picture of what sells for retailers across the country. Three items stand out this summer and these same items show steady summer sales over the last several years, so this is the place to start when want to know what sells in the summer heat.

Michael Gietl
hematite jewelry 76
Hematite Jewelry
Jewelry with Appeal for All Age Groups

One item that not only remains steady during the summer, but actually picks up, is hematite jewelry. Why? There are at least four reasons I can think of. First, lots of outdoor summer activities take place in the summer and this item is super-good for outdoor events. Go to a flea market, festival, swap meet, or fair and you are likely to see a display of hematite jewelry. If not, jump on that opportunity and you be the one with the display.

Second, hematite is profitable--very profitable. Most hematite necklaces wholesale on the site for $1.50 and a common retail for this jewelry is around $5.00. What other kind of jewelry provides that much margin and still looks cheap?

Third, hematite jewelry not only has appealing designs, but also a wide variety of themes. Themes pull heart strings or reinforce self-images so they have a sales appeal beyond the beauty of the stone. It can be macho like an arrowhead or American Eagle head for guys or a loveable theme like dolphins, penguins, or teddy bears for gals. Hematite can also be inspirational with crosses, angels, and rosaries. The sales appeal is endless.

Fourth, hematite has eye-appeal with a glassy steel gray color that glistens with a flawless shine. The feel is cold like gemstone jewelry. At these prices, can it be real? Hematite is a very common mineral used in making steel. The lapidary industry uses what is called a streak test to help identify stones and minerals. They scratch the stone on unglazed porcelain and the color of the streak helps with identification. Mined hematite leaves a rust or red streak while processed hematite leaves a gray streak. So they are not identical, but very close with nearly the same chemical make up, magnetic qualities, and cold feel.

Fifth, hematite is an iron oxide product. Like other minerals, namely copper, many people attribute a healing quality to the jewelry. Also, like other minerals, there is no scientific proof for this, but many are certain it works. My Mom wore a copper bracelet for years and was certain it relieved a great deal of pain form arthritis. This translates into hematite jewelry selling to a full spectrum of age groups--the young that like the theme pendants and seniors that believe it helps relieve pain.

Bottom line is hematite jewelry sells steady and picks up in sales every summer. So think about a selection of hematite for your shop and give it strong consideration if you are doing any outdoor events.

cowgirl hat 75
Casual Hats
Summer is Peak Season for Casual Hats

If there is one accessory that does more than anything else for our business in summer, it is hats--especially casual hats. Hats generate more dollars than any other accessory during the sultry months of summer. Cowboy hats, wide brims, and inexpensive straws are the main players.

For the last several years, cowboy hats generate the most sales when the summer is over. So let's start there. China has produced most cowboy hats priced for impulse sales over the last several years and China is seeing a 17% annual increase in wage inflation, not to mention all the other factors involved in pricing that are going up. So the major challenge in cowboy hats has been keeping a good look at a reasonable price.

I think you will like the options available in the newly tailored line that keeps wholesale prices in check so your sales can continue unhampered. One addition is straw hats made in Mexico that have the expensive cowboy hat look at wholesale prices under $10.00. The hats use lightweight bleached straw and have shapes you expect to see at rodeos and country music dancehalls. Find everything from a cattleman crease with high vented crown to the wider brims a planter's hat in this selection and all have reasonable prices to help you appeal to your customers.

If you like durable straw cowboy hats with a distressed look--hats treated to give a well worn appearance-then lindu straws that are shaped and treated fill the bill. These hats can really stand the elements and they have a rugged appearance that transmits a Wild West personality.

For cowgirls, this seasons cowgirl hats are right on with fashion colors that match the leading summer colors of Pantone's fashion color palette. All those vibrant colors are there--lime, orange, yellow, and bright fuchsia. Who would believe that cowgirl hats would be so fashionable this season?

Wide brims are also back this summer with a high fashion look women can't resist. These hats are also seeing affordable wholesale pricing that will help you generate sales. Click on the link in the sidebar to see widebrims as well as inexpensive straws that re big for festivals and outdoor events. These three categories of has will comprise more than 70% of the sales so concentrate on these hats to build your summer revenue.

gemstone jewelry 76
Gemstone Jewelry
The Beauty of Nature's Unique Designs

If you think gemstone jewelry has been around awhile and has run its course, revisit it and you will change your mind. First, we are in the summer months and this is the time of the year for color. But where's the color? Manufacturers are playing safe. They feel the economy is challenging and they only want to manufacturer the safe items in plated metals that sell year round.

So where are you going to find colors like aqua, turquoise, fuchsia, orange, and lime that re on this summer's palette. Find every color on the palette in gemstone jewelry. You not only get color, but unique designs with inclusions and banding that only nature can deliver. Plus customers recognize the intrinsic value of semi precious jewelry. Because the gemstone is genuine, they can feel the colder than room temperature feeling of the stones. Bracelets, necklace sets, earrings, pendants-it is all available in gemstone jewelry.

We see gemstone jewelry sales increasing in these summer months. Add some to your jewelry selection because semi precious jewelry is timeless. These are accessories that will always have a market.

Next Newsletter: More Accessories that Sell for Summer
There are more areas of jewelry and accessories that are important for summer sales, but this newsletter is already getting too long, so we will follow it up with another newsletter soon to complete the list. Also, some customers have enjoyed success with participating in outdoor events whether a local church fair, street fair, or even a sidewalk sale in front of your business. It is hard to find more creative people than the business person, so let your ideas flow for positive results.
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Proven Ideas to Keep Summer Fashion Sales Humming

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