Jewelry & Accessories for the Challenge of Summer
May 18, 2012

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Kids are getting out of school, summer is here and this is the season for tourist destinations. What about businesses that are not tourist destinations? Many small businesses away from the tourist action find summer to be a challenging time of year, so let's look at ideas that seem to generate sales when summer heat is draining consumers' energy.

Three areas work every summer for retailers--needed accessories, outdoor events, and vacation related. The needed accessory that dominates is bridal, especially with June brides coming up. Also, outdoor events are flourishing, maybe even a street fair right in front of your shop. Then there is all the jewelry and accessories that go with vacations and enjoying the outdoors. Here are the areas we see as important based on 27 years of history in the business.

Michael Gietl
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Bridal Jewelry & Accessories
Accessorizing Summer Weddings

Regardless of whether jewelry trends are up or down, retailers can always count of bridal business to help pay the bills. Most brides play it conservative when accessorizing for the big day. This is the dream day of a lifetime and they don't want anything outlandish in the wedding album that even future generations will be enjoying.

The runaway best sellers for bridal necklaces are
rhinestone sets and pearl sets in classic and simple designs. Both have elegance at very affordable prices. Actually, rhinestone jewelry has never been more affordable than it is today. In the eighties, manufacturing for most rhinestone jewelry was in Providence, Rhode Island and cost was several times higher than what it is today. You can not only draw customers to your shop with a nice selection of rhinestone jewelry, but you can also help brides on a budget by providing wedding day jewelry at very affordable prices.

In bridal jewelry, perhaps nothing has the elegance of pearl. This makes faux pearl jewelry a top seller for weddings as well. "Faux" simply means synthetic. The frequent use of the word on the internet is so customers won't think they are getting genuine pearl jewelry at ridiculously low prices.

Colors are usually white or ivory. Almost always, white has silver-plated findings and ivory has gold plating. (The "findings" are the metal components in the jewelry). Faux pearl for wedding day jewelry seems to cycle up and down in popularity. Right now it is on the rise--a fact that pictures in bridal magazines support.

Bridal accessories are also an area where you can help the bride. Some important accessories are tiaras, formal gloves, evening bags, and a new arrival--fascinators. There is a category for each of these items on the website.

Are fascinators popular with today's brides? Glance through the latest issue of Brides Magazine and you will be shocked at the number of fascinators showing up on brides in the images. Recently bridal fascinators became very affordable, so add some to your wedding accessories for brides that want a touch of the royal wedding look in their own wedding day. Think about dedicating an area of your shop to bridal jewelry and accessories because for brides this is not an option. No, it is a must-have business that you can count on for sales every summer.

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Accessories for Festivals and Street Fairs
Vendors Items for Outdoor Events

Festivals, street fairs, church picnics, swap meets--they are all outdoors in the baking sun. What could be more important than hats? And the type of hats to carry depends on the event. Things are often more fashionable in a street fair downtown and more casual at a festival. The classy ladies hat is wide brims. Super wide brims-hats with 7 inch brims or more, have enjoyed popularity over the last three summers. This is a high fashion hat with that classy Kentucky Derby look.

But widebrims are just as popular with 4 and 5 inch brims. New additions to these floppy ladies hats this season are very reasonably priced ribbon hats. Many wholesaling at $6.00 offer durable headwear that is packable--great for vacations. Theses hats have colors and even multicolor for a fun summer look.

For events and customers that are more into the personality a hat adds rather than sun protection, fedoras are important. The stingy brim fedora is getting plenty of promotion from celebrities and all the magazines next to the grocery store checkout. Straw fedoras do especially well at outdoor events. Keep fedoras in mind especially if the crowd expected includes lots of younger shoppers.

Cowboy hats--the American icon--sell at nearly every outdoor event. For guys, it's an image--that rugged country look. For gals, it can be a fashion statement. Yes, cowboy hats making a fashion statement. Hard to believe? Well look at Pantone's fashion palette for summer and then look at the color selection in cowgirl hats in fashion colors found on the site. The colors of the palette are in the color selection.

Finally, the hats for outdoor festivals like Jazz Fest are rugged straws like safari hats and lifeguards in lindu straw. These practical hats are cheap and durable. They have large brims for sun protection and usually chin cords so the hats don't blow away on windy days. If your event is on the casual side, these hats are important. Think hats for outdoor events.

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Hematite and Gemstone Jewelry
Jewelry for Outdoor Events

Two categories of jewelry have made their mark as proven winners for sales at outdoor events--hematite and gemstone jewelry. Hematite comes in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. It has that steel gray color and cool feel. Hematite is an iron oxide derivative and many consumers consider it as a remedy for pains such as arthritis. The cute themes attract a younger audience and the alleged healing power appeals to older shoppers. Regardless, hematite has sales appeal at outdoor events and low wholesale cost lets you make a nice profit.

Gemstone is the other category with selling power at outdoor events.
Semi precious jewelry has a perceived value. Customers know gemstones such as tiger's eye, rose quartz, turquoise, amethyst, and coral. Many others like carnelian and agate have interesting inclusions or banding that will intrigue your buying audience. Nature can also provide color to coordinate with like the navy blue of sodalite or green of aventurine. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants are available for a well-rounded display.

Gemstone worked into fashion designs is also an important part of the selection. While the wholesale price of simple semi precious necklaces and bracelets can be surprisingly cheap, the fashion designs make more of a statement and are a little more costly. But for outdoor events like downtown street fairs where merchandise is a little more boutique-like, these fashion gemstone sets are important.

Summer can be challenging for businesses away from the vacation destinations, but the categories covered in this newsletter have proven their worth over time.

Next Newsletter: The Power of Themes in Jewelry and Accessories
For many small businesses, summer takes a lot of creativity. Many tourist and beach areas seem to be flourishing, but businesses away from these locations may be experiencing lulls.

Imaginative merchandising and products with a proven track record help to keep the cash register ringing. Think about engaging in some of the events that draw a crowd in your area and this can get your products and business name before the buying public. Our newsletters will continue to share every idea that we have seen work in our 27-year history. Your success is our success.

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