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May 2012

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How time flies! That worn out phrase describes perfectly the fast pace of this year. It's May already and unique challenges face the retailer this month because it's a transitional month. What does that mean? This is the month that closes the dressy occasions of spring and starts the casual accessories of summer.

That's not bad news. It's good news because everything sells-dressy hats for The Kentucky Derby and Mother's Day; casual hats for festivals, vacations, and outdoor events. Dressy jewelry for pageants, festival queens, and the last of the proms; casual jewelry for spring fashion that is hitting the floor. So let's explore the most important items for May.

Michael Gietl
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Festivals, Outdoor Events, and Casual Hats
Hats--A Market that Grows Quietly

Jazz Fest in New Orleans, Festival Internationale in Lafayette, The Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge--there are festivals going on everywhere and they are not all in Louisiana. Wherever there are festivals or any other outdoor events from racing to baseball, golf, and fishing, hats are in demand. And let's not leave out vacations, the beach, and working in the yard.

Casual hats are hitting the peak time of the year for sales. I know that you, the reading audience, are running businesses as diverse as bridal shops, beauty shops, and outdoor vendors, but there is something in hats for everyone.

First, what about those active outdoor events? Everything from festivals to fishing--not to mention beaches, outdoor workers, and vacationers. Durable straw hats are the answer here. Safari hats and lifeguards with large brims as well as outbacks, fedoras, and gamblers--mostly in durable lindu straw.

These hats protect from the sun and hold up to the elements. Best of all they have wholesale prices that let you retail at a price that makes the headwear an impulse buy. This is the basic hats that can sell in locations as diverse as beach shops, convenience stores, garden shops, and fishing tackle shops. Possibilities are endless for durable straw hats.

Next there are wide brims-- so important, especially for women that want sun protection with a fashionable flair. The super widebrims with a 7-inch brim are still hot in fashion, but this season a number of attractive ribbon widebrims are available at wholesale prices below $7.00.

What are ribbon hats? These are widebrims made with narrow bands of grosgrain fabric continuously sewn to create the hat. Their popularity has really been ratcheting up the last few seasons. Finally, fedoras are important especially for a younger audience. Straw fedoras are best for festivals and other outdoor events in the heat of the summer, but nearly any fedora is selling with today's demand.

The casual hat category on the site has a wide range of styles and price points to fit nearly any business so you have the choices to fit your operation and customer base. Take advantage of the heat and outdoor activities of summer by including casual hats in your merchandise. This is an area that has high demand, but less competition than most other accessories.

cowgirl hat 75
Cowboy Hats
Perennial Number One Seller in Headwear

OK, what is going to be the top selling category of hats at the end of the season? If the statistics of the last several years hold true again, it will be cowboy hats. We work hard at stocking steady items as well as new designs in this category because it is so important to summer business. This year we have some terrific surprises. First in price--cowboy hats have been creeping up in price every year to the point that most were over $10.00 wholesale.

A diligent search for new styles and manufacturers has produced some happy surprises for retailers. We have located the popular distressed cowboy hats for guys as well as cowgirl hats in fashion colors for the gals at wholesale prices under $9.00. In addition the authentic straw cowboy hats for country dance halls and rodeos have a handsome look at wholesale pricing between $7.00 and $8.50.

But sales appeal is more important than price, and this season the styles are there to galvanize your customers' attention. Not only the authentic straw western hats and cowgirl hats in vivid fashion colors, but there are handsomely shaped gamblers and wide brim planters to spice up your selection. We used to say cowboy hats sell everywhere except in the Northeast, but even the New England states are buying cowboy hats now. So give this summer headwear some serious thought.

dress hat 75
Dress Hats
Hats for Derbies, Galas, Mother's Day, and Church

Is this the last hurrah for spring dress hats? Not by a long shot! No, May is a great month for ladies dress hats and at the end of the month most of your competition will be out of inventory. Great for you, because then you will be the only game in town.

Mother's Day is the second biggest day for hats after Easter. In addition, The Kentucky Derby rivals the Easter Day parade for the biggest dress hat event of the year. Most of your competition will plan to be out of stock when these events are over and likewise their suppliers will be out. But veterans in the hat business know that there is plenty more opportunity going through the summer.

One important market is church hats for summer conventions. White hats are important here because many congregations require white dress hats for certain gatherings. Also, black hats are sometimes needed for funerals and wide brim hats for teas, luncheons, and outdoor weddings. May is a wonderful month for women's dress hats, but you don't want to be out at the end of the month because there is plenty more opportunity coming and when competition is out, you own the market.

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There is more going on in May than we can cover in this newsletter so follow the links on the sidebar for the dressy jewelry needed if you still have proms going on as well as bridal jewelry that is big this month. Also novelty hats for festivals and vacation destinations. The pearl selection can also make elegant Mother's Day gifts along with the Mother's Day jewelry category. Have a great May!
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