Prom, Bridal, and New Accessories in Demand
March 2012

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New Arrivals
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Ladies Dress Hats


With Easter fast approaching, what is our game plan now? Well, ladies dress hats will continue to be important all the way to Mother's Day and even after that as church hats. Actually, the Kentucky Derby is a huge day for ladies dress hats. Casual hats will steadily increase in demand with festivals, vacations, and outdoor activities increasing.

But if your shop doesn't do hats, there is prom. Yes, perhaps the biggest bonanza of the year for many retailers so we want to be ready. In addition, bridal business sees a nice increase in the spring--another opportunity for formal accessories. Put this together with new spring fashion and we have plenty of activity for retailers. Let's look at some of the important items we need right now.

Michael Gietl
fascinators 74
Dressy Headwear for Prom, Bridal, and Evening Events

Want a fresh item that is selling like wild fire? Fascinators even took us by surprise this spring. Prom, bridal, and accessorizing eveningwear are all calling for fascinators. We can also expect to see this exciting headwear at upcoming derbies and gala events. The royal wedding really sparked sales and the trend is catching on with all ages.

New arrivals include sinamay fascinators with a miniature top hat being the cutest of all. The miniature hat attaches to a satin covered headband and sinamay flowers and leaves decorate the top hat along with airy marabou feathers. Other sinamay styles include one with lavish feathers and another with bows complemented by dot netting.

With all the hoopla over fascinators, they are certain to be a major accessory for prom season. Bridal is also using fascinators, especially in white and ivory colors. At The Kentucky Derby expect them to steal the show. The good news for you is supply is short and demand is high. .

It is hard to find wholesale fascinators and when you do the price is often prohibitive. So take advantage of a hot market with low supply while you can. Eventually everyone will catch on and, like always, manufacturers will flood the market. But now the market is hungry for this headwear and fascinators are scarce. So get onboard.

prom jewelry 74
Prom Jewelry and Accessories
The Buying Frenzy for Glitzy Jewelry

How retailers love prom season! From coast to coast prom girls are buying prom gowns and accessories at a feverish pitch and fashion retailers can enjoy some good days to help pay the bills. Prom jewelry is usually delicate and often trendy. Rhinestone necklace sets are a favorite and trendy designs like Y necklaces are fast sellers.

Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings offer brilliance that catches the eye of the prom girls. This is the lion's share of the sales and should be a major part of your display. Also include some sets in gold plating because some outfits call for gold accessories. With gold over $1,600 an ounce finding gold plated jewelry is not always easy but the site offers some attractive sets including trendy looks like layered rhinestone that the prom customers will like. Have variety so the girls can accessorize their dresses to suit their personalities in unique jewelry some else won't be wearing.

What about gowns that don't accommodate a necklace? Earrings are the answer and here jewelry gets dramatic. We're talking rhinestone shoulder dusters, crystal chandeliers, or crystal drops that make a statement. There are plenty of fresh choices of prom earrings on the site this season located in three categories-rhinestone earrings, crystal earrings, and chandelier earrings.

Don't forget, this age group loves bracelets. Both rhinestone and crystal bracelets sell for prom. What do they like? Multiple bangles, bold cuffs, simple rhinestone stretch bracelets, and chunky crystal bracelets. Much of your selection for prom will also work for bridal so you are playing to two audiences-and bridal continues all year.

bridal jewelry 74
Bridal Jewelry and Accessories
Elegance in Formal Jewelry and Accessories

The delicate rhinestone sets covered in prom jewelry are also a favorite of brides-to-be. You can widen the selection by adding faux pearl sets that never disappoint when it comes to elegance. When a bride wants jewelry that makes more of a statement, faux pearl is the item because bolder size does not sacrifice elegance when pearls are used..

Also pearl colors, white or ivory, do not distract from the wedding gown. Normally white pearls have silver plated findings and settings and ivory has gold plated. Chokers, simple pearl strands, or faux pearl and rhinestone combinations are timeless favorites for prospective brides.

Actually, elegant faux pearl and rhinestone combinations always rank near the top in sales statistics so brides are drawn to them even more than to sets made entirely of faux pearl.

Like prom jewelry, a selection of faux pearl and rhinestone earrings is also important for brides that opt for earrings only. However, in bridal the dramatic size is toned down quite a bit even when bridal magazines are showing jewelry that makes a statement. Most brides want to play safe on this dream day of a lifetime.

Also review other areas of the site for bridal accessories and wedding party gifts. See evening bags, tiaras, formal gloves, and
wedding favors. One often-neglected item that is essential for the bridal couple is wedding favors or bridal party gifts. Find unique sculptured writing pens, nicely packaged for a ready-made gift under wedding favors. These pens have themes for a personal touch or choose a pen sculptured with the words, "best friends", for a meaningful gift. For men, ties in themes can also add a personal touch. The three areas covered above are important for the survival of many businesses every spring. If these categories fit your shop, take advantage of the demand that you can count on being there every spring.

Next Newsletter: Introducing Casual Hats and Jewelry for Summer
Next newsletter will arrive in time to catch two accessories ready to boom for summer. We will highlight new styles for this season and provide ideas for increasing sales of these accessories. For now, take advantage of the spring boanaza that includes prom and bridal.
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Prom, Bridal, and New Accessories in Demand

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