Spring Feeding Frenzy in Dress Hats and Glitzy Jewelry
February 2012

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Mardi Gras is over and the frenzied race to Easter is underway. First out of the gate is Easter bonnets-yes, dress hats and fascinators that see their biggest day of the year on Easter morning. But glitzy jewelry is equally as important with proms, bridal, pageant, dance competition, and so many other special events happening in the spring.

This bonanza for fashion businesses comes once a year. There is plenty of excitement in new products for theses events so let's get started so you can get your customer base enthused with the beauty of fresh items for spring.

Michael Gietl
Dress Hat #73
Ladies Dress Hats
Dress Hats Bring a Flurry of Buying every Spring

As soon as new inventory arrived in dress hats and fascinators, a frenzy of business began. Organzas draw the most attention in ladies dress hats. Organza is material with a sheen that is almost iridescent and originally was a silk product, but today organza hats use a synthetic.

This is our third year to include organza in our line of ladies dress hats and this year like the previous years, wholesale organza hats are selling at a feverish pitch. Styles include small turn downed brims and wide brims that angle down. The color selection is also outstanding so you can offer your clientele plenty of unique choices, guaranteeing the church ladies that they won't see someone else wearing their hat on Sunday morning.

Dress hats also include sinamays that made a statement at the royal wedding and polypropylene that gives the Milan straw look, creating traditional dress hats for church and special events. All these styles are good, but if you have a limited budget for dress hats right now, buy the organza hats first because they will be the first style to sell out. Then you can stock sinamays and polypropylene hats afterwards.

fascinator #73
New Excitement in Dressy Headwear

The other exciting item in dressy headwear is fascinators. What are they? Fascinators are a dressy hair ornament that uses lace, feathers, ribbon and crystals to create headwear smaller than a hat that clips in the hair or sometimes attaches to a headband. They can get very elaborate and they go in and out of fashion in cycles. Whenever high hairdos are in style, fascinators are almost certain to be in fashion because a height of hair doesn't accommodate hats. One famous picture from history shows Marie Antoinette wearing a fascinator with a lavish updo.

In a conversation with a leading British wholesaler a couple of years ago, the person told me fascinators are overtaking dress hats in Britain. The royal wedding proved the hat wholesaler right. Go to royal wedding images online and you will see at least as many fascinators as hats. The British are the leaders in hat fashions, so when a style booms in Britain, it will soon be in the US.

Because of the worldwide television converge of the royal wedding, the popularity of fascinators has grown by leaps and bounds and they are certain to be major in the upcoming prom season. They are also becoming a favorite for bridal and you can expect to see plenty of them this year at the Kentucky Derby. Be a fashion leader in your area by including fascinators in your millinery selection.

rhinestone necklace set #73
Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry
The Peak Season for Formal Jewelry is now

Spring not only brings a buying frenzy in dress hats, but also high demand for formal jewelry. The main driving force is prom. So this time of year we make every effort to increase our wholesale formal jewelry with traditional as well as contemporary styles of rhinestone and crystal jewelry. One addition is rhinestone sets with gold plated settings. Many gowns call for gold settings rather than silver. With the gold price well over $1700 an once, many manufacturers don't want to plate with gold.

Nevertheless, we pestered our manufacturers until they came up with some extraordinary
rhinestone sets with gold plated settings that can be a difference maker for you when you have competition. Offering both gold and silver plated settings means your customers don't have to go somewhere else searching for the right accessory for a prom dress.

Not every gown calls for necklaces so crystal and rhinestone earrings are also important in your formal jewelry selection. Our sales figures confirm that today's prom girls want earrings that make a statement when there is no necklace. Both long rhinestone and crystal earrings are selling for these needs and we have already had to restock these categories even though it is early in the season. Mix some statement earrings in your selection for prom.

While prom is huge, it is not the only need for formal jewelry in the spring. Bridal, pageant, and dance competition are also at peak demand. Then there are Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, debutante balls, and a host of other events that call for formal jewelry. This is the season so cater to the need by putting together a nice selection of formal jewelry. Arrange it one area that tells a story. The demand never ends, but right now we are nearing peak season.

Next Newsletter: Preparing for Easter and Casual Accessories that Follow
Items covered in this newsletter are having positive results for a large part of our customer base. Most will have you ahead of the curve with jewelry and accessories that are often hard to find. Take advantage of the spring months, which are the best months of the year for many of our customers and for us. Our next newsletter will cover more of the items that make spring so good.
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Spring Feeding Frenzy in Dress Hats and Glitzy Jewelry

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