4 Fashion Accessories for Immediate Sale
December 2011

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New Arrivals
Crystal Stretch Bracelet


Christmas, New Year's, bowl games, and Mardi Gras are coming back to back and each one has opportunities for immediate sales. In a fragile economy, we don't want to miss a beat. These accessories can give us a timely advantage over competition. But time is short so we need to review the accessories now so you can pick the ones that apply to your business and keep sales moving for Christmas and beyond.

Michael Gietl
Winter Hats and Scarf Sets
The Practical Fashion Accessories

The worst winter weather comes after Christmas so winter hats as well as scarves and scarf sets are a practical Christmas gift for last minute shoppers. What about inventory left over if a retailer is stocking late? No problem! This is the stuff shoppers will need in January and February. That takes the risk out of stocking these items late in the Christmas season.

Actually new products are still rolling in for us as a wholesaler. Recent arrivals include faux fur trapper hats in imitation tiger, wolf, and bear furs. Not only fashionable, but so practical with the most brutal cold weather still ahead of us.

New arrivals for men include knit scarves in 100% acrylic that have the look and feel of cashmere. These add a handsome accessory for warmth at an unbelievably reasonable price. This item arrived in limited quantity so if it's for your shop, jump on it now.

What item leads sales for the Christmas season? Sets with hats and scarves or hat, scarf, glove sets are continuing in popularity because they offer a ready-to-go gift that are so practical and yet has a reasonable price. The new sets this season were cable knit hat and scarf sets with a knit flower for decoration for women and a heavy scarf hat set with a pattern of snowflake designs for men. Give these accessories serious consideration for Christmas and the cold weather afterwards.

Holiday Jewelry
Glitz for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve follows a week after Christmas so women planning on a romantic evening out are shopping for that show stopping jewelry now. Holiday and formal jewelry is territory in which small business excels. No matter where ladies get their outfit for the big night, the jewelry selection is only superb in small business locations.

Rhinestone sets are always impact jewelry for News Year's Eve. For this night, sets that make a statement are in demand and to meet needs a new selection of colored rhinestones arrived-wonderful for matching gowns. But clear rhinestones will no doubt still be the favorite, especially the glamorous looks inspired by royal jewelry sparkling in silver plated settings. Think dramatic with statement necklaces dominating fashion trends and spilling over into formal jewelry.

For an even more dramatic statement include crystal necklace sets. What's the difference between rhinestone and crystals? Actually they are the same stones, but rhinestones come out of a machine set in chain that is cut and used to create designs. This concept started after World War II. The machine to create the chain was invented during the War. Before that rhinestone was handset stones, which we call crystal jewelry today.

Some of the really dramatic crystal jewelry sets use acrylic stones with smaller crystals in order to make an impact statement at affordable costs. Acrylics are synthetic stones using plastics that have really improved in quality over the last few years. Some have such sparkle that they almost pass for genuine crystals.

In addition, dramatic statements in crystal jewelry use fire polished crystal beading. These sets have that iridescence that flashes as the beads move-almost like opalescence. These large crystal beads are basically glass. Crystals are actually glass, while Swarovski includes lead in the process for extraordinary sparkle. Don't worry, this lead will not escape the finished crystal to cause any health concerns and has been exempted from lead content laws.

Mix these looks of glitzy jewelry into your holiday selection to capture the attention of women shopping for New Year's Eve. Make this a permanent part of your jewelry mix because wide selections of formal and glitzy jewelry are almost exclusively found in small business locations. This can set you aside from the majors and make you the go-to place for all the events coming up like bridal, prom, pageant, and balls.

Sports Jewelry
Capitalizing On the Bowl Games

Bowl selections have been made and the sports frenzy abounds for fans of teams involved. And the greatest frenzy is with the teams involved in the National Championship game-LSU and Alabama. The licensed jewelry for both teams can be found on the site and if your area includes fans of these teams, officially licensed jewelry will be an attention grabber.

Licensed items of college teams carry a unique number on the packaging of each piece, which indicates to retailers that it is officially approved and can be sold without infringing on rights. The manufacturer must buy the tags even before they make or sell the product to wholesalers and distributors, so they take a risk. But retailers can feel at ease with licensed products because they can advertise the products and display them in their shop knowing there is no infringement.

If these items apply to your location, get involved now because bowl games start soon and end with the championship game on January 9. But again, baseball follows starting as early as February and demand never goes away.

Mardi Gras Jewelry, Gifts, & Accessories
The Greatest Free Show on Earth Is Coming

If Mardi Gras has impact on your business, start planning and stocking now. Many businesses take down Christmas decorations right after New Years and go into a Mardi Gras theme. This is a wonderful help for the beginning of the year when other areas are sometimes slow.

Shops are already buying gifts, masks, beads, favors, and Mardi Gras jewelry. This celebration is growing by leaps and bounds into parts of the country that never celebrated it before. But what if it hasn't come to your area? We are surprised every year how the products under the Mardi Gras selection are selling to almost every area of the country.

Favors are used for Quinceaneras, Sweet Sixteens, and Mardi Gras weddings even outside the areas of Carnival celebration. Mardi Gras weddings are also a major source for masks, especially Venetian style masks. Mardi Gras dolls and other gifts provide interest in gift shops untouched by the celebration. For them this is a novelty their customers can enjoy and give as surprise gifts.

If any of these categories work for you, get started now because for many this is the bread and butter business after New Years. Mardi Gras Day is February 21 this year, but the Carnival season starts on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6 and most of the balls that need favors occur before Mardi Gras. So get ready early so customers know you are a source for their needs.

Next Newsletter: More about Mardi Gras Plus Glitz For Spring
Next newsletter will review new arrivals for Mardi Gras and detail some of the glitz for a whole line up of events that require glitzy and formal jewelry-starting with Mardi Gras balls and going through prom, bridal, pageant, and more. For many retailers and us the next four months are the best of the year because so many different categories are in high demand. This is our time to get well.
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4 Fashion Accessories for Immediate Sale

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