Fashion Jewelry and Accessories for Christmas 2011
November 2011

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The big box stores are stocked with holiday goods and playing Christmas music. Analysts are forecasting a 2.4% increase for same store ales this holiday season and everyone is positioning to get their share. Well, there are some sales areas that small local businesses own-areas where big box stores simply cannot compete. And so this newsletter is focusing on those items so retailers can maximize sales this winter.

Michael Gietl
Christmas Jewelry
Christmas Spirit with Quality Seasonal Jewelry

Christmas jewelry, especially classy Christmas jewelry at reasonable prices is something that seems to have gradually disappeared from the big box stores. What is going on? For one thing, the manufacturing for jewelry has moved overseas and factories are reluctant to produce items for a short season in an economy that is challenging. Even some specialists in Christmas jewelry are not producing.

Since Christmas jewelry has traditionally been part of the holiday spirit and a great stocking stuffer, this gives the small retailer a tremendous advantage. "Best Brand" produces one of the finest lines of quality Christmas jewelry and their product is very labor intense, making it difficult to produce the large volume big box stores want. So this line goes exclusively to smaller retailers.

Perhaps the finest part of the line is the pendants and most double as pins. Most pendants are stamped from thin sheets of steel and with raised relief and then plates are cut and soldered to the back for high quality jewelry that is hallow and lightweight. Silver plating, polishing, and often color with epoxy follows. The pendants start with PD. Take the number and change the PD to FS and put it in the search to find matching earrings.

Search through the Christmas jewelry selection and you will also find a large selection of classy pins as well as fun resin jewelry in pins and earrings. More than likely, you will own this market for the holidays with little competition from big box stores.

Winter Hats
Winter Headwear from Fun to Suave

The animal hats are one trendy item that arrived too fast on the market for many major retailers to react to. First came the knit animal hats featured in last months newsletter and now the plush animal hats are in. This fad caught on very fast and surprisingly appeals to a wide range of ages.

The knit animal hats sold out, but are back again, while the plush just got on-line and has good inventory at this time. Granted, this might not work for a bridal or formal wear shop, but most other retailers can get mileage from this fun headwear while the fad lasts.

In addition, the winter hats provide wonderful Christmas gifts that are also useful. Scarf, hat, glove sets are popular again spurred on by fresh designs that includes a nice set for men this year. Houndstooth is big as well sets in cable knit weave that keep ladies warm with a bulky scarf and stocking cap-both decorated with crocheted flowers.

Then there are simple hats by themselves like a knit tam with pompom that adds personality to any outfit for women. Or duckbills for men. Don't forget fedoras in wool felt that are still in high demand.

Winter Dress Hats
A Wonderful Gift for Mom

When it comes to church hats, consumers seldom trust big box stores. It's the local retailer that has the taste and selection to please church ladies. This business is almost exclusively for small business.

This season has both a nice selection of fresh designs and some dress hats we acquired on a one-time special purchase at great savings. The low wholesale prices are handed on to our business customers so they can offer dressy hats at the same prices they were a decade ago. Bargain prices for nice merchandise can really help business in a challenging economy.

Selection is still good in the dress hats. There is a wide variety of styles and colors, but not much depth, so the earlier you shop the better. Variety can be good for your shop because that gives your customers ample choices without the danger of two women showing up in the same hat. The dress hat business seems to have remained steady while many other areas of retail are slipping in slower economic times.

Niche Markets Only the Local Retailer Knows
Jewelry and Accessories Special to Your Area

Niche markets are the specialty of local businesses. Major retailers just can't get their finger on the pulse of local events. What are we talking about? Take fleur-de-lis jewelry in Louisiana for example. The fleur-de-lis is the symbol of New Orleans and is also on the flag of Acadiana. Even in the tourist line, fleur-de-lis jewelry made little impact until Hurricane Katrina. Then it became the rallying point of the City and has never let up. Most major retailers took more than a year to catch on. This is the advantage of niche markets for local business.

Right now we are in the exciting time of college football. Fans get obsessed with following their team. The LSU vs. Alabama game was billed the game of the century. Licensed jewelry for both teams can be found under sports jewelry on the site and this is a great niche market for local businesses in Louisiana and Alabama because both are still in the hunt for the championship game.

Next Newsletter: Christmas & New Years
Next Newsletter we will look at last minute Christmas items and concentrate on New Years from both the glamorous and fun point of view. Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a successful holiday season.
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Fashion Jewelry and Accessories for Christmas 2011

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