Excitement in Accessories for the Holidays 2011
October 2011

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New Arrivals


Halloween is a few days away and after that, Christmas is on customers' minds and jewelry is always a big seller. So the time for preparation is now and new products are rolling in to help you have a successful season. We are concentration on items with irresistible appeal to help you grab customers' attention.

At the same time, we know you need a good margin to provide the profit to pay the bills and make being in business worth all the effort. So we concentrate on items that have very little competition or items with discount pricing that makes you look inexpensive even after you take full mark-up. Analysts are predicting a 2.5% increase in some store sales this Christmas. They are talking about publicly traded companies, but this should also translate to better retail sales for you. Let's get started with items for Christmas.

Michael Gietl
Holiday Jewelry
The Jewelry for Small Business with Minimal Big Box Competition

Lack of major competition-that's what makes this area of jewelry a bonanza for small business--not to mention the high demand with holidays coming up. To meet the challenge we have a bundle of new products in rhinestone jewelry sets, rhinestone earrings, crystal jewelry, and chandelier earrings. Each product was carefully chosen with customer appeal and competitive price in mind.

Dramatic earrings are especially in demand this fall and winter-sometimes providing the jewelry statement without a necklace. Find new glitzy earrings in all three categories-- rhinestone earrings, crystal earrings, and chandeliers. The jewelry is not only gorgeous for the holidays, but prices of rhinestones and crystals have steadily declined over the last two decades so now they are more affordable than ever.

Rhinestone necklace sets range from moderate size to dramatic. Ball jewelry for the holidays always enjoys dramatic statements, but even bridal jewelry is trending towards bolder statements according to feedback from our bridal shop customers. Dramatic size does not mean sacrificing elegance. Some of the new styles have that lavish look of European royalty-styles inspired by creations of the finest design houses for royal families.

Why concentrate on holiday jewelry? Think about the minimal selection offered by department stores or major retailers. This is a small business item that not only delivers holiday jewelry, but also has the variety of unique designs so someone else doesn't show up at the same party wearing the jewelry your customer has on. And sell through-that's no problem because right after the holidays these is a line up of events calling for glitzy jewelry and you will be ready. Give serious thought to making formal jewelry a permanent part of your jewelry selection.

Winter Hats
Animal Hats Burst into Popularity as a Brand New Item

Winter hats are a winner every year leading up to the holidays. One reason is they're practical accessories for keeping warm as well as often great Christmas gifts. This season animal hats popped up in the market with little forewarning. Just as quickly, they mushroomed in popularity. Why? Probably because they are cuddly cute as well as entirely new.

The first shipment is knit animal hats with faces of cats, koalas, penguins, and panda bears. They have fleece linings for warmth with a ribbed knit construction. Embroidery adds features and some use button eyes and knit add-ons to create raised dimensions for a 3-D effect. Start with these because they are cute and cuddly, but not over the edge. Anyone will feel comfortable wearing them. Coming soon are animal hats in fabric like stuffed animals in eight styles including bears, tigers, and more. Theses require more courage to wear, but young customers will certainly buy them.

Pashmina scarves are a second winter accessory that is classy enough to make meaningful Christmas gifts, not to mention how good your customers will look accessorizing themselves with them. How exclusive are these? Pashminas originally came from the Cashmere valley. The Chyangra goat from a high altitude in the Himalayas provided the very soft wool. It was an undercoat that had to be separated from the coarser hair. Successful breeding of the goats in Mongolia provides the source for Chinese Pashminas. The scarves are marked 70% pashmina and 30% silk. How they can be so cheap is beyond me.

Solid colors were a big hit during the last two years and now there are fabulous prints that will take your customers' breath. Show them the scarves and let them feel the softness and sales are almost automatic. What a wonderful Christmas gift or accessory for your customers use.

Finally, every Christmas for the past few years sets of scarves, hats, and gloves have been a big hit. This year sales in these products have already started. Fleece sets are the least expensive and most popular. This is a Christmas gift that is ready to go and very practical. Soon to arrive is hat scarf sets for men and a new knit design for ladies with fabric flowers adding decoration, plus more 3 piece plaid sets that were very popular last year. Stock some now and keep your eye open for new arrivals.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been continually growing in popularity and this fall trends have propelled them into a major accessory. Fashion magazines and the runways have been flouting the look for the past few seasons. Most are metal or metal and crystal designs using darker platings with some being silver-plated. The style is definitely bold and unconventional-something very new in fashion jewelry.

What is like it and where is the inspiration? We have talked in past newsletters about The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. This is classy designs from the best jewelry houses from the 1930s to the 1960s. This same era had a rebellious counterpart called mid century modern. Jewelry was mainly metal in unconventional designs. The art was handmade with a crude appearance much like tribal jewelry. Perhaps inspiration for today's statement necklaces looks back on this era.

Accessories Magazine previews every upcoming season by attending all the major fashion shows and taking thousands of pictures. The pictures are divided into the five most important fashion stories for the season. They suggest accessories for each story. Three of the five stories call for the kind of jewelry highlighted here. Granted, this look is not for everyone, but with all the promotion the industry has given it, you have to give some consideration so statement necklaces.

The easiest place to start is with statement jewelry that incorporates gemstone. Follow this link for gemstone jewelry and you will see new designs that incorporate turquoise in bold necklaces. This is a double winner because turquoise as well as statement necklaces are in style.

Next Newsletter: More on New Arrivals for Christmas
A steady stream of new items to help you succeed for Christmas is rolling in and next newsletter will be a fresh update. In the meantime, if something strikes you as important that we have not hit, we appreciate hearing from you.
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Excitement in Accessories for the Holidays 2011

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