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August 2011

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Labor Day is nearly here and that puts summer behind us. Most fashion retailers can now look for a nice increase in business that normally lasts for an 8 or 9 month period. What's driving business right now? Fall fashion is rolling out; Halloween gains interest as it has grows into a major retail event; church ladies are looking for fall dress hats and homecoming wants the same thing. Oh, and don't forget early Christmas shopping and glitz for New Years.

So we have plenty to get excited about for the next few months and there's more to look forward to even after that. Our main interest at this time is what makes the cash registers ring today. So let's concentrate on what consumers are ready to buy right now.

Michael Gietl
Fall Dress Hats
Headwear for Church and Homecoming

Fall dress hats--this is guaranteed sales every year as we go into fall. Felts are the traditional material for ladies fall dress hats and some have arrived. It is hard to get enough inventory in this headwear and hats that just arrived will be gone soon. So shop them now and keep tuned in to Fall Dress Hats because there is an excellent selection still on its way, which will arrive in four shipments over the next four weeks.

Church ladies are your biggest market for ladies fall dress hats and if you have been catering to these customers, you know they want elegance and are aware of the price of nice church hats.

Last season saw the introduction of velvet hats. Some styles have firm body and are just as flattering as felts, but at a lower price. One particularly attractive design returns from last year with a high crown that angles to one side. Lavish decoration of satin ruffles and velvet loops will catch the attention of your customers searching for elegance in church hats.

Another huge market for ladies fall dress hats is homecoming. This celebration started with colleges that are still debating who was first, and spread to high schools. The main event is a football game with the court appearing in suits and dress hats. This creates a huge event for ladies dress hats that goes from coast to coast. It also sends members of the court scrambling to find elegant fall dress hats.

What to do--give some serious thought to stocking fall dress hats so you can get a share of this annual bonanza in retail that is almost guaranteed.

Fall Fashion Jewelry
Causal and Dressy Jewelry for Fall

Changes of seasons are wonderful for fashion retailers because each new season brings new designs that hit the runways and fashion magazines. The showcases of boutiques and upscale department stores build excitement with these new trends and that spills over to customers shopping with you. This is the next best thing to expiration dates on food.

So what do we need this season? Let's start with casual jewelry. Each season
Accessories Magazine covers the fashion shows and groups jewelry and accessories into predominant stories that dominate the trends. A trend report will be available soon that gives detail, but for now we will be brief.

One of the stories, Survival Mode, captures several tangents of fall's trends. The magazine describes the trend as, "Part grunge, part gypsy, the free-spirited nomad is tough, yet feminine". It plays right into innovations of the statement necklaces-bold, rugged designs using burnished metals and sometimes large glass components. This dramatic look certainly fulfills the idea of statement necklaces and fresh designs continue the trend with innovation.

Semi precious stone jewelry also continues, especially in rugged designs using stones in earthy colors and often in natural shapes. Polished slabs of agate as well as nugget and chip jewelry provide the Survival Mode look.

Perhaps you have noticed feather jewelry making an entry into fashion. Experience tells us this trend is usually short lived and left over inventory is hard to move. Well feather designs in metal jewelry provide the look with necklaces, earrings, or bracelets that stay in fashion and sell through.

Animal prints definitely fit into the theme and there is plenty to pick from including pendants, earrings, necklace sets, and bracelets. Leopard, tiger, zebra, and giraffe-it all works with this theme. When choosing bracelets, wide cuffs are the "in" look, not only in animal prints, but also in metals, especially burnished metals.

This is a starting point in causal jewelry, but don't forget dressy jewelry because there are plenty of fall events that call for glitz. Include fall fashion jewelry because jewelry and accessories are cheaper than apparel and customers often want to update a wardrobe by applying fresh accessories for the season.

The Fastest Growing Retail Event

Finally, a quick review of Halloween. The growing popularity of this event will shock most with retail figures of 2010 exceeding 5.8 billion and 2011 predicted to go higher according to The National Retail Federtion. The next surprise is adult costumes fetched more money than kids costumes, so parties for the grown-ups have really mushroomed.

Let's start with your fashion customer that wants to show some spirit by adding Halloween jewelry or accessories. This fun stuff is getting harder to find so that is good for you. Why? Because you can provide cute jewelry and scarves to put your customers in the spirit without having a lot of competition. For classy Halloween jewelry that will have your customers looking great for work, choose Halloween pendants that combine with chokers for a tailored look that will be tasteful career wear. To find matching earrings use the search with the same code number, but change the PD to FS. Find Chokers under Fashion Jewelry in the menu.

Resins create a fun look for casual wear. Pins are most popular, but earrings are also good. Add a Halloween scarf and your customers can celebrate the event with a really classy look.

Finally, with all the interest adults are showing in Halloween parties, masks are really big. Masquerade masks offer an inexpensive choice, but Venetian style masks capturing the attention of consumers. This art rooted in Venice and dating back to the Renaissance was little known a few years ago, but today celebrities and the media have made Venetian masks a highly sought after item for masking events like Halloween. If you feel Venetian masks do not fit into your merchandising theme, add some just for decoration and I am sure your customers will be asking to buy them.

Next Newsletter: The Build Up to the Holidays
Next newsletter will be late in September and the retail engines will be churning with Halloween getting close and Holiday sales beginning. We will cover everything making waves including exciting new additions to ladies fall dress hats. So tune in for the latest ideas and fresh inventory to help make the rest of the year a success.
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