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July 2011

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We are in the heat of the summer, which is Christmas for beach locations and tourist destinations, but it can be the doldrums for nearly everyone else in fashion retail. We are less than honest if we don't acknowledge all the headwinds we are fighting--a fragile economy, high unemployment rate, debt ceiling negotiations, and European debt crisis.

Need a shoot of good news? Well, in spite of all this, the American consumer is extremely resilient. Here's a shocker! The Investors Business Daily tracks 197 Industry sub-groups. Guess what is number one on the list for today's issue, July 15, 2011-retail and wholesale jewelry. Who would have guessed? Now that we feel better, let's roll up our sleeves and look at the categories that are doing best this summer.

Michael Gietl
Stylish Casual Headwear for Summer Sun Protection

No doubt about what is leading sales this summer when we look at the wholesale statistics on what is shipping. Hats run away with the lead, lapping every other category.

Why? First hats have far less competition than jewelry, handbags, and many other categories under fashion accessories. Second, hats are increasing in popularity with consumers in a subtle way. The growth of hat sales is taking place under the radar and many retailers miss this growing market that has little competition. Third, hats require space and not everyone can handle them. In the wholesale industry, high rents like in New York City, make profiting in hats often impossible. Retailers have the same problem if cost per square foot is a premium because hats take space-far more space than jewelry takes.

So now, what hats are stealing the show this summer? When it comes to casual hats, four categories are 80% of the headwear sales-wide brims, fedoras, cowboy hats, and inexpensive straws.

Widebrims have seen sales increases each summer for the last four years. Not only are sales increasing, but so are the brim sizes. This year 7 inch brims are common. This fashionable look got a big kick-off with the Kentucky Derby and has never looked back. The favorite colors are black, white, and natural and the materials of choice are toyo and straw, especially raffia straw. Wide brims are big for vacationing and will ring the cash register, so have them in your summer millinery selection.

Fedoras are selling mainly to younger customers because celebrities have led the way sporting every imaginable fedora style. This has a huge impact on the young and has sent fedora sales to new heights. Straws are great for the summer and solid colors in cotton or polyester are easy to wear. But you don't need to be too tame with fedoras. Sequin fedoras with plenty of shine and sequin floral prints and animal prints are selling as well as toned-down fedoras. So mix it up with this headwear that is important if your customer base is younger.

Cowboy hats are the American icon that seems will continue forever. Back again in a big way this summer, cowboy hats are great for nearly all ages. Whether the beach or outside work, this rugged look in headwear continues to dominate with its instant personality that identifies with the individualism of The Wild West. Remember when the trend really spiked more than 5 years ago with J-Lo and Brittany Spears both appearing in rolled straw cowboy hats? Many wholesalers missed the boat when the thought the trend had run its course. But sales never slowed and today you still need cowboy hats as part of your headwear selection.

Durable straws that are inexpensive fill the need of sun protection. These hats that can take a beating in the weather are huge sellers for vacationers that don't want to spend a lot of money for headwear that keeps the sun from beating down on them. Fishermen, gardeners, festival fans, and outdoor workers also go for these straw hats. Most are lindu straws in safari, lifeguard, gambler, and pinch front shapes. This remains the popular choice of inexpensive hats for sun protection. If you have these four hats in your selection of headwear, you will get 80% or more of the hat business.

Pendants and Matching Earrings
The High Reorder Fashion Jewelry of the Summer

Pendants and matching earrings, a big summer time seller--OK, before you back out of this story, categorizing it as a bunch of hogwash, let me give you some insight into our own ordering pattern. One quality manufacturer of fashion jewelry for the most part, produces all the pendants, matching earrings, and chokers on our website. Altogether, there are about 35 manufacturers for the products on the website, but this one manufacturer gets the most reorders, often one a week.

While this line doesn't work for some retailers, many others find the unique designs, intricate detail, and high quality workmanship draws customers and rings the cash register over and over. What is so special about this pendant and earring line created by "Best Brand"? Let's begin with the quality

Most pieces in the line start with a thin sheet of metal that is stamped with three-dimensional relief. Then a back is cut and soldered in place and the jewelry is plated, sometimes two-toned or epoxied for color, and polished. The finished product is lightweight much like the puffy sterling silver pendants. In addition, it is loaded with detail that customers find amazing.

The line includes both fashion designs like geometrics and inlays as well as themes. Theme jewelry does especially well in the summer months. The range of themes is so extensive that nearly every location can find something that is appropriate. And nearly every event has well crafted pendants and earrings that are special to their theme whether baseball, rodeos, motorcycle racing, gardening shows, or beach locations. This is extremely important when a fragile economy has customers reluctant to buy. Why? Because themes go straight to the heart and attract customers with what is dear to them. What is the reaction of a woman that loves her Yorkie when she sees a high quality Yorkshire pendant? Some of these things are just irresistible.

The jewelry becomes tailored when you add the pendants to chokers and this is a great look for career wear. Actually tailored jewelry is as timeless as pearls-never going out of stock. So when fashion jewelry turns to minimal looks like in the mid 90s, this line continues to sell and did sell all through the downturn in fashion jewelry that plagued the nineties.

Finally, the chokers in this line are extensive. Where else are you going to find a selection of nearly 60 different designs in chokers with the number increasing even more when you count the designs that have different lengths and plating in silver or gold. That puts the number over 100. Then add another 15 chains and you have endless ways to wear the pendants. Change pendants or change the choker and the fashion jewelry provides a new look. A final word about the chokers. This is a basic that will sell to your customer even if they don't buy pendants because it is hard to find them and they may have pendants at home already that they can't wear because no choker. Many customers buy the chokers from us because the make their own pendants and need chokers to go with them in order to sell them. So keep this line in mind for steady sales. Start slow and introduce the fashion jewelry to your customer base to see if this can be gold for you.

Gemstone Jewelry
Semi Precious Jewelry Marches on

This newsletter is already getting too long so we will quickly mention gemstone jewelry as a category ushered in with the classic styles in jewelry. The movement started as a flight to quality and meaning motivated by the Twin Tower Tragedy. While other components of this movement have faded in popularity, gemstone jewelry continues as category that constantly sells, motivated by innovation, which is a necessary ingredient to keep a trend alive. Turquoise is the most popular of the semi precious stones used in making gemstone jewelry. Next newsletter will go into more depth because this is one of those categories of jewelry with a history of steady sales.

Next Newsletter: Steady Items with a History of Constant Sales With the unfortunate situation of so many people out of work in a fragile economy, we want to take advantage of everything that can build sales and help is the categories of accessories that have a proven history of sales. These are categories we will explore in the next newsletter.

Next Newsletter: Accessories that Sell in the Heat of the Summer
Next newsletter comes in July, in the heat of the summer. So we will focus on the items that sell in the heat, based on the statistics gathered over the last 26 years. We will rely on the experience gained over that time to present the merchandise and ideas that succeeded when the heat has many wanting to stay home in the air conditioning.

In addition, a new service begins in July. Many have asked us to notify them when new products arrive in categories they are interested in. Anyone that wants to receive emails on new arrivals in their main interests can select the categories and when new products arrive, emails and some pictures will be sent to those that sign up.

To select categories, put your email in the newsletter box on the site and click "go". An email will be sent to you. Click "update your profile". A list of categories will come up and you can select the categories you are mainly interested in. Click "save profile changes" and we will keep you updated on new arrivals in those products. If you need help, call and ask for Mike. Until next newsletter, good luck with sales.

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Fashion Accessories That Keep Selling In The Heat Of The Summer

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