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Here's an idea to help June sales while also providing a huge benefit for your clientele. It would be an understatement to say the economy is soft. Yet according to http://www.costofwedding.com/ the average wedding in the US is $24,066-quite a bite for a young couple in this economy.

So what can you do? The wedding accessories that nearly every bride needs are wedding day jewelry, tiaras, bridal gloves, and evening bags. In addition, they have the expense of gifts for the wedding party and often bridesmaid jewelry. All of this you can provide at very reasonable prices, which benefits you by improving summer sale figures and benefits your customers by saving them money for the special day. So let's take a tour of wedding accessories and see an elegant selection that you can group together in your shop to tell a story that will make you a destination for prospective brides.

Michael Gietl
Wedding Day Jewelry
The Key Bridal Accessory

Sales statistics indicate the most important bridal accessory is wedding day jewelry. Brides want the look perfect for the walk down the aisle that wedding pictures will capture for all posterity. The most popular choice is rhinestone jewelry, mainly in delicate designs.

Granted, bridal magazines venture into trendy looks with dramatic size and multiple strand necklaces, but brides generally opt for traditional looks of simple one-row designs, Y necklaces, and small cascades. Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings provide the utmost in brilliance and this is the brides' primary choice.

Combinations of rhinestone with faux pearl jewelry rate high as well with pearl bringing unrivaled elegance to the design. Delicate is the key here also. Scalloped designs add simple chokers alternating faux pearl beading with rhinestone present simplicity with elegance that can't go wrong.

For brides that want a more dramatic statement in jewelry, faux pearl provides the look without sacrificing elegance. Multiple row chokers are a prime example. Faux pearl in 3 or 4 row chokers delivers a dramatic look while maintaining all the elegance desired for bridal.

Beyond necklace sets, bridal bracelets in rhinestone or faux pearl are also growing in importance. The bracelets not only accessorize the bridal party, but are also an excellent bridesmaid gift. Multiple rows of rhinestone create a dazzling look that makes an outstanding gift. The selection of rhinestone jewelry for bridal also works for prom and nearly every formal event so make a statement by grouping it in one location and putting your store on the map as a destination for customers needing formal accessories.

Elegance in Bridal Hair Ornaments

The royal wedding recently played out on television, reviving interest in the luxury of wedding accessories, especially tiaras. Perhaps the most famous design in wedding tiaras was worn by Princess Di, the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, which is part of the royal collection. The tiara combines diamonds and pearls and was created in 1913 for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rhinestone and faux pearl captures the look today at affordable prices. Actually, tiaras in this combination are the most popular for bridal. Faux pearl always adds elegance to jewelry and tiaras that combine this elegance with the sparkle of rhinestone are a natural for the wedding day.

But tiaras in all clear rhinestone, especially in silver plated settings, also get plenty of attention from brides. Low profiles are preferred, usually two inches and under.

Faux pearl beading is the first choice in tiaras that will combine with veils. These tiaras are usually hand-made, shape to the head, and can be pinned in place. Depending on the gown, white faux pearls are usually the bride's preference.

Glance through a bridal magazine and it becomes obvious that today's brides are also fond of headbands, especially in rhinestone or pearl. Combs and barrettes also serve as hair accessories for the wedding day. Finding the right tiara or hair accessories may be the hardest part of accessorizing the bride, so include a selection in your shop. Many of the hair accessories also work for other formal events, especially prom.

Wedding Accessories
Bridal Hats, Evening Bags, and Wedding Gloves

Each wedding calls for different accessories, depending on the setting and preferences of the wedding party. Bridal hats are especially important for outdoor weddings and take on even more popularity after the Royal Wedding captured the attention of the world. This inspired bridesmaid luncheons and teas with hats required.

Widebrims are the most elegant. White hats with traditional round crowns and 5 inch brims that alternate polypropylene and horsehair deliver the utmost in elegance for these formal occasions. Those that watched the wedding also had to notice Britain's fondness for fascinators. These hair ornaments, often worn to one side of the head, use feathers, lace, satin, and crystals to create artistic designs that flatter the wearer. Fascinators are taking Britain by storm, but are not easy to find in other parts of the world. Be unique by including fascinators in your selection of formal headwear.

Gloves are optional, but really add elegance to the wedding day. Satin gloves are most popular and have different lengths: wrist length, under the elbow (8 button), over the elbow (12 button), or opera length (16 button). Bridal satin used in formal gloves includes spandex in the blend so has some stretch. Satin has a sheen while the second most popular glove, matte, has a duller finish. The gown determines which to use. Other gloves for bridal include lace and embroidered designs that combine with satin. Some of these are fingers-in and others fingerless, which is a practical choice for eating cake and placing the ring. One hard to find item that can bring customers to your shop is children's gloves used for ring bearers and flower girls.

Finally, evening bags provide an accessory for the bridal party as well as bridesmaid gifts. Watch any red carpet event and it becomes obvious that evening clutches are the runaway most popular bag for formal events. Elongated clutches return to the 1960s, reviving the elegance of the silver screen with classic actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, and Grace Kelly.

Satin delivers the most classic look in bridal bags with white the most appropriate color, but silver also ranks high. Highlights of rhinestone or pleated flaps bring a tasteful touch of elegance to the bags. Faux patent leather ranks second to satin in popularity. Besides clutches, wristlets or soft satin bags make excellent additions to your evening bag collection that will attract the attention of brides. Bridal business is year round, so make a statement in your shop by grouping the accessories together to tell a story. Once you establish your shop as a destination for formal accessories, you can reap the benefit of a steady business that is not determined by seasons.

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