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May 2011

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Cowboy Hats

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How does today's business compare to last year or the year before? Better or worse? The answer is very subjective unless we have a yardstick to measure by based on concrete statistics. Accessories Magazine gives us the yardstick with their Annual Census Report based on statistics from major department stores and retail locations that feature accessories.

Their conclusion is "The US recovery may be inching up, but the accessories industry is rebounding in stride". Accessory sales dipped 3% in 2009 followed by a brisk 8% increase in 2010-well ahead of women's apparel sales that fell 5% in 2009 followed by a modest 3% increase in 2010. The 2011 forecast for costume jewelry calls for another 5% increase with hats sales also going up.

So feel better about your store's potential in one of the busiest times of the year for fashion accessories. Let's look at some of the accessories that are important right now.

Michael Gietl
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The Big Weekend for Hat Sales
The Derby, Mother's Day, and Jazz Fest

Wow! What a lineup for hats! Especially those fabulous dress hats. Mother's Day calls for the utmost in elegance in headwear and The Kentucky Derby wants high fashion as well as elegance. One dress hat that delivers stunning sophistication at affordable prices is organza hats. Sales were brisk this spring, so only one style remains in stock, but it is gorgeous and comes in white and ivory-both excellent colors.

Both the affordable price and the gorgeous look delivered with organza make the hats popular. Organza is semi-transparent with an airy look for summer. It has a sheen and retains shape, requiring little care. Add some of these fabulous dress hats to your millinery selection while supply is available because the ladies love this look that would sell all summer if only we had more inventory.

Sinamays are a favorite for The Kentucky Derby. Even the Queen wore one to the Derby in 2007. Wide rolled down brims and an open weave combine comfort in the heat as well as striking elegance. Sinamay hats fit every personality from shorter downturned brims for the conservative shopper to cavaliers for a sassy look the fashion conscious appreciate.

Finally, polypropylene hats are the traditional headwear women associate with church hats and Mother's Day. The look returns year after year driven by innovations of design that keep it always fresh. A sewn-and-braid construction uses fine rows of weaved material to achieve a Milan straw look. Colors are vibrant and trims create stunning results in these hats that also show up at the Kentucky Derby. Stock hats now for the big weekend and don't worry about inventory left over because after Mother's Day, church hats are still in big demand and supply is very low so you may be the only choice in town.

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Casual Hats
Widebrims, Fedoras, and Cowboy Hats Steal the Show at Festivals

Jazz Fest is going on in New Orleans right now and the hats that vendors are buying and rebuying tell a story about what consumers like this summer. This is a fun event that is very casual and straw hats are carrying the day. What kind of straws? Cowboy hats, fedoras, golf hats, and safari hats. Add to this widebrims in toyo and you have an excellent mix for hat sales at festivals. The same mix works also for shops selling tourists and people working outdoors.

The excitement this season centers on widebrims-especially super widebrims. These hats have a high fashion look suitable for a day at the beach as well as hat day at the track. Actually, any outdoor event is an opportunity for this headwear-teas, garden parties, outdoor weddings, and whatever the imagination can conjure up.

Plain rugged hats for everything from festivals to fishing favor cowboy hats and safari hats. Cowboy hats sell best with distressed straw (coloration that delivers the well worn look) that can be shaped. These hats deliver personality in durable headwear that withstands the weather. They continue to lead the casual hat category and are too important to ignore.

Fedoras are hitting new highs in popularity this summer thanks to celebrities favoring the headwear. The style especially attracts the younger market, so if that is your trade fedoras will be important to you. Straw fedoras are the ones selling well at the Jazz Fest and will be a leading seller through the heat of summer.

Finally, safari hats in durable straw are dependable sellers for Jazz Fest or any casual event outdoors. They are inexpensive and have a wide, turned down brim that protects from the sun. This hat is a reliable seller whether vacationing, fishing, or working in the yard. Consider headwear because we are seeing a nice spike in hat sales this spring and summer and this can give you an advantage over competition.

rhinestone jewelry 64
Rhinestone Jewelry
Prom & Bridal Jewelry for Spring

If prom hasn't happened yet in your area, you want to be shopping destination for this event. As regular as clockwork, prom season generates huge retail sales across the country every spring. May sees the last of the proms for this year, but bridal season is also in full swing. Rhinestone jewelry provides the necklaces earrings, and bracelets for both.

Prom and bridal traditionally like delicate sets in clear rhinestones with silver plated settings. Chokers and delicate necklace sets that fit close to the neck dominate the market year after year. But a look through bridal magazines this year, magazines like Brides, reveals that fashion trends towards larger necklace sets is creeping into bridal jewelry and can actually look very elegant.

While prom jewelry centers mainly on rhinestone and crystal jewelry, bridal also includes faux pearl that provides elegant choker sets. White faux pearl usually has silver plated settings and goes with white dresses while ivory of off-white has gold plated settings and accessorizes ivory gowns. Group prom and bridal jewelry together in your shop to make a statement that will have customers recognizing you as the "go-to" destination for formal accessories.

Next Newsletter: The Right Accessories for June Bridal Business
Dress hats followed by statement necklaces attracted the most attention in our last newsletter. Next newsletter will cover June bridal business. Many businesses see a lull in the heat of the summer, but bridal business give a needed boost to retailers. Good luck with sales in May.
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