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March 2011

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We are at the time of the year when everything is going on in the fashion industry, so we have to take advantage of it. Hats are in their prime time-dress hats, casual hats and trendy hats. Rhinestone jewelry is important with prom, pageant, bridal, and dance competition. Spring apparel is calling for casual jewelry to accessorize it. Masks continue to sell for masquerade proms and other balls and fundraisers. Retailers are also preparing for Easter, Kentucky Derby, and Mother's Day. Spring is great for promoting fashion business. Let's look at three categories that can boost sales in your shop.

Michael Gietl
Statement Necklaces
Dramatic Jewelry that is Uptrending

You may have noticed bold statement necklaces gracing the runways over the last couple of seasons. You may have also thought the look was over the edge for your customers. Well, fashion shows, celebrities, and fashion magazines have promoted the look to the point where the shock is gone and your fashion conscious customers will be looking for dramatic size.

Accessories Magazine's Annual Census Report says that the statement necklace remained strong in 2010 and will continue as important fashion jewelry in 2011 "with mixed-media ropes and pendant styles". The report continues, "Statement necklaces for 2011 will be tribal in nature".

This season statement necklaces provide these looks and more. Mixed-media ropes will have you thinking, we have seen plenty of multi-strand long swinging necklaces over the last few years. But this season has innovations and innovations keep a trend alive. One addition is fire polished faceted beading added to the strands of beading and chain. This quality component radiates color and often iridescence with crystal-like additions to the designs that are not too dressy for daywear.

But when dressy is called for, faux pearls deliver the dramatic statement, sometimes mixed with large faceted acrylic stones that provide a crystal look. The necklaces flow with a long bold statement that terminates in a tassel, adding even more length. This is fashion jewelry with all the elegance needed for church or after five events.

Plated metals are big in statement necklaces, especially styles with hand-made appearance so typical of tribal jewelry. This growing trend in fashion jewelry can't be ignored this season, so include some statement necklaces to satisfy your fashion forward customers.

Spring Hats
Dressy and Casual Hats are in their Peak Season

Hats are super important right now. The biggest days of the year for ladies dress hats are fast approaching with Easter, Mother's Day, and the Kentucky Derby. Review the nice selection of polypropylene dress hats that are new arrivals. These hats are always a favorite for church hats with the fine straw look of Milan straws. Breath-taking designs have lavish trim that will turn heads on Sunday morning.

Also available are untrimmed hats for the milliners that create their own designs. This season offers uncommon shapes that will let the artistic minded create striking designs different enough to wow their customers. Toques, bubble toques, lampshades, and more will create surprisingly fresh headwear. But don't forget the more traditional super widebrim untrimmed hats that are so elegant for outdoor weddings, bridesmaids, garden parties, and teas. The wide brim with alternating polypropylene and horsehair exudes sophistication that will charm your customers.

Super wide brims in casual hats are also having a stellar year. Whether for beach, resort wear, or casual daywear, these hats are creating a stir. Each season sees the brims growing in size, with seven inch brims not uncommon this season. What would derby day be without this look? Include these indispensible hats in your millinery selection because sales in this style continue to increase year after year.

Rhinestone Jewelry
Get Ready for Prom

What a gift prom is to the fashion retailer! Every spring sees an avalanche of buying for this formal teen event that is once in a lifetime for high school seniors. Take advantage of this annual bonanza by grouping a selection of rhinestone jewelry together in one location of your store so it tells a story.

Prom girls normally like simpler designs in
rhinestone jewelry, especially trendy looks like Y necklaces and illusion sets. Nothing outsells clear rhinestones in silver plated settings. Sets with hearts, pendants, and fringe designs are also popular. Colors in prom dresses may sometimes dictate gold plated settings, so have some sets available in this look so you don't miss sales. Remember bridal and pageant are going on at the same time so you can appeal to multiple markets.

Depending on the neckline and the prom girls' preferences, some are opting for rhinestone or crystal earrings rather than necklace sets. When earrings take the place of necklace sets, dramatic size is usually the choice. Styles are found under crystal jewelry and rhinestone jewelry. The distinction is rhinestone comes out of the machine in chain with the stones already set while crystal jewelry has hand set stones that are either prong set or glued in.

Cascades, hoops, and linear drops are almost timeless in rhinestone earrings that most often have clear rhinestones in silver plated settings. Crystal earrings offer more dramatic size, color, and variety of design. You don't need depth in these prom earrings, but plenty of variety. That way a prom girl has plenty of choices and it will not be a design another prom girl will show up wearing.

Group prom jewelry together in your store to tell a story with impact to fill the needs of prom girls. A nice selection and helpful advice on the right accessories for an outfit will have this age group recommending you to friends, which means more customers coming through the door. Prom is a huge boost for fashion retailers every spring and being the go-to destination for accessories can mean business for years to come.

Next Newsletter: Trends in Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
The next newsletter highlights the trends and colors in fashion jewelry and accessories for spring and summer. I think the parade of fresh designs and vibrant colors will provide excitement for you and your customer base. As retail begins to see improving figures, fresh ideas in jewelry and accessories will contribute to building sales. So I'm looking forward to next month when the introduction of new styles will invigorate casual fashion throughout the summer.
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Jewelry and accessories that build spring sales

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