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February 2011

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With March around the corner, consumers are thinking spring and that translates into keen interest in spring dress hats. This is a positive for retailers that undergo plenty of uncertainties in the fashion industry, but one thing they can count on year in and year out is brisk sales in dress hats for church and derby day.

Each year designs seem to reach new heights of elegance and retailers wonder how can they top this? Somehow millinery design continues to trump the previous year's design and this year is no exception. Get ready for some breath-taking millinery work as we explore the new creations for spring 2011.

Michael Gietl
organza hat 62
Organza Hats: Affordable and Fabulous Dressy Headwear
Light and Airy Spring Hats for Ladies

Organza is a light and airy synthetic fabric with sheen similar to silk. It has a semi-transparency and milliners have a growing interest in organza for making hats because results are so summery. This season, the exciting organza hats make a bigger splash than ever in our dressy headwear selection and customers are grabbing them up and doing reorders.

While a few organza hats have smaller brims for a more conservative statement, most are wide brims and combine with ruffles for a very feminine expression in headwear. One style has a wide rolled down brim and will strike anyone with the elegance that takes a person back to the silver screen days of the sixties.

You want to make organzas part of your church and derby day hat selection this spring because looks are fabulous and organzas carry the lowest price points in the entire selection of dress hats for spring.

Satin braid hat 62
Satin Braid Dress Hats
The Cadillac of Dressy Headwear

Satin braids are new to our dressy headwear that fills the needs for derby and church hats. These high-end hats use narrow bands of ribbon continually sewn to create exquisite shapes, and then lavish decoration adds the final touch. The body has a sheen from the satin components and when you add the hats to your millinery selection, customers will immediately gravitate towards this headwear, recognizing the hats as a standout.

Yes, the price points exceed all other styles of dress hats in the line, but retailers familiar with satin braids will recognize that for this quality, the price is still a bargain.

Before we leave dress hats, let's review sinamays. These summer hats have been extremely popular over the last few years and are all over the internet and television when they are showing the hats worn for The Run for the Roses. Many of us remember Queen Elizabeth's visit to the Kentucky Derby and pictures of her in a sinamay hat.

Sinamays range from small brims that can be classic and conservative to wider brims that can be debonair like sinamay cavaliers. The dress hats have an excellent range of color choices and the lightweight headwear with open weave style serves as exceptional summer dress hats for everything from teas and garden parties to bridesmaids, derby hats, and Sunday dress-up for church.

Provide customers with a nice mix of millinery to choose from and keep an eye on the dress hat category over the next few weeks because new styles are still on the way including polypropylene hats that provide a Milan straw look. Trimmed hats in this category will have fresh designs to create excitement and untrimmed polypropylenes will provide new shapes.

Super Wide Brim Summer Hat #62
Casual Hats in Wide Brims
Super Wide Brim Summer Hat

In casual hats, the most exciting new design is a super wide brim with just enough flop to be sassy. This is the hat shown and the body is a sewn-and-braid toyo that comes in white, black, or natural. The brim has a 7 inch width and the band is a chain of toyo loops in matching color. What a statement this wide brim makes with super-fashionable style that looks like it jest stepped off the runway. This hat has everything a person wants for derby day, so be sure to stock this headwear for customers that want to experience a red carpet feeling that magically accompanies the hat.

Wide brims have been high in popularity over the last few years and designers are making the most of it with new interpretations and a wealth of colors and patterns. Even with all those options, simplicity of design in neutral colors like natural, white, and black are the consumers' number one choice. One new addition this season is a very traditional swinger with a round crown, a four inch brim with some bounce, and a sheer scarf providing band and bow. The swinger hat is sewn-and-braid toyo with nylon blended in to add a crushable element.

However, not everything in wide brims is neutral colors. One style includes a vibrant fuchsia in its color choices and another has aqua and pink in a series of two-tone blended colors. The most important thing is to include a variety of widebrims in your summer hat selection because they are major as derby hats and continue all summer long as the most fashionable hat for the beach or vacations.

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Examining the sales records at Accessory Wholesale shows that historically, the months from January to April have been the best for overall sales year after year. Three reasons for that are Mardi Gras, spring hats, and prom. While everyone doesn't get the benefit of Mardi Gras, spring hats and prom are universal and they are a huge gift to fashion retail businesses. These three items are the subjects of the first three newsletter of the year with prom coming in the next newsletter. Hopefully these items along with spring fashion can get your business on solid footing as we go forward in 2011. Contact us with any questions or ideas and we will do our best to get you an answer or add our insight on the ideas.
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