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January 2011

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It's a new year! How can we improve business? The media says the economy is gradually improving and Christmas sales were slightly up, at least for the big box stores. Well, now we are going into the time of year when small business shines because only small business can fine tune for the events coming up.

It starts with Mardi Gras that is growing to include more of the US and this newsletter will focus on this niche market that small business owns. Many items included in Mardi Gras have year-round popularity. Favors and beads are enjoying popularity for Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, birthday parties, and other festive events. Beads are also popular in spring break destinations and at sporting events.

Today we see more Mardi Gras weddings and proms. Both use masks. Fundraisers and balls throughout the year are turning to Venetian style masks. So these items that hard to find at the wholesale level can benefit your business at different times of the year in addition to Mardi Gras. And, in many cases, you may be the only one to know a source so have no competition. Let's review the items hot this year.

Michael Gietl
Venetian mask 61
Venetian Style Mask
Masks with History, Culture, and Art

Venetian masks are something special in the mask category. They have history that dates back to the Renaissance with many of the designs based on characters from the Italian theatre called Commedia dell'arte. Today Venice continues the mask making as an art, producing gorgeous Venetian masks that see at prices of several hundred dollars.

Venetian style masks find inspiration in the art of Venice, producing the look at more affordable prices. These masks are mainly made in China, often using paper mache, the favorite medium of Venice. Actually, many of the masks offered in this category are also found in the inventory of Venice mask vendors.

A few years ago, hardly anyone was familiar with Venetian masks. Today, reality shows on TV and retailers are making Venetian masks a household word. Mardi Gras is incorporating gorgeous designs into the celebration and shops are selling them to revelers and tourists that often take them home and display the masks as wall hangings.

Of all the Mardi Gras merchandise, Venetian masks have probably the widest application. Home décor, florists, gift shops, fundraisers, and event planners can all make use of these products. Bridal shops can add some as decoration, letting customers know they are accessible for masked weddings that are growing in popularity. Shops that supply Sweet Sixteens ad Quinceaneras can retail them and any gift shop can add them to their inventory.

So as the new year begins, if you need an item that is too stunning to resist, consider adding Venetian masks.

Mardi Gras Jewelry
Fun Jewelry Specially Designed for Carnival Season

In South Louisiana after the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6th), Mardi Gras music begins playing on the radio and consumers are in the market for Mardi Gras jewelry to join in the spirit. It's Mardi Gras Time!

Mardi Gras pins are most popular and the themes that do best are crowns, jesters, and masks. Not only do women wear the jewelry, but it is also popular as favors and gifts at Mardi Gras balls. Royalty hands out gifts as well as each of the Krewe members that attend a ball.

But you don't have to be in South Louisiana to retail Mardi Gras jewelry because every year the celebration spreads to new locations and may be playing in your area this season. Besides, Mardi Gras jewelry is also coveted for parties and events using a Mardi Gras theme. As the fun of Mardi Gras mushrooms, an opportunity opens up for you.

To get the most out of Mardi Gras when you are outside the area of celebration, make a statement by grouping some Mardi Gras jewelry and gifts together with decoration to make a statement. You may be the only business in your area to have it and the surprise may be that more customers are interested than you thought and events for Mardi Gras jewelry and gifts go beyond the Carnival season. So start slowly by dedicating an area to Mardi Gras that will make a statement, but limit your cost until you see how well it does in your area. This is successful for many retailers around the country that are not in the area of celebration and perhaps it will work for you.

Mardi Gras Favors and Gifts
Mardi Gras Items that Work Anywhere

Mardi Gras gifts and favors can fit into your Carnival season display with no risk. The jester dolls and magnets that make wonderful favors will sell anywhere because so many events besides Mardi Gras call for them. Any gift shop can stock these items and if someone needs favors for a wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, or birthday party, you have multiple sales.

Accessory Wholesale knows this works year-round because gift shops and organizations are ordering this merchandise every month-and they are ordering it mainly for the above-mentioned events. Shop the magnet and favor category as well as the Mardi Gras dolls and you will see unique items that will sell in your location.

The favors and Mardi Gras dolls also have a uniqueness that will make you different when customers are looking for gifts as well as favors for anything like a small birthday party or children's tea party. Put Mardi Gras merchandise together in one location to make a story that can boost business at a time of the year when many are slow.

Valentine's Day Jewelry & Accessories
A Major Gift Giving Day of the Year

Get ready for Valentine's Day because this is a major day of the year for gift giving. How major? Well the biggest day of the year for flowers is Mother's Day; the biggest day for candy is Easter; and the biggest day for cards is Christmas. The second biggest day for all the above is Valentine's Day.

For limited budgets, fashion jewelry can make the statement of caring that can mean a lot to the person that receives it. More often, Valentine's jewelry or accessories are an add-on gift to go with dining out, flowers, or candy. These gifts are there after the candy and flowers are gone as a remembrance of the romantic feelings.

Heart pins are popular year after year to make this statement. This season there are new ones so your faithful customers can choose from fresh Valentine heart pins. The Valentine's jewelry and accessories category also has vintage style heart bracelets, necklaces, and Valentine scarves that are new additions. Act now if yur are going to take advantage of Valentine gifts and again, tell a story by combining your Valentine jewelry and gifts in one area.

Next Newsletter: Get Ready for Prom and Spring Hats
Next newsletter will look at two more strong areas of business that belong almost exclusively to small business-we're talking about business that you and I thrive on the big box companies hardly touch. These two categories can be huge for our sales in the early part of the year so we want to cash in. Until then-Happy Mardi Gras!
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Jewelry and gifts that sell for Mardi Gras & Valentine's Day

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