Jewelry, Winter Hats, Scarves and Gloves Will be Favorite Purchases this Christmas Season
October 2010

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Christmas is coming and retailers are anxious to know what to plan for. What will the customersí mood be? Will they spend? What items will sell best? These are the important questions we will address in this newsletter.

A survey by the National Retail Federation’s survey provides part of the answer. The survey, polling 8,765 consumers, reports a slight increase in the planned spending of shoppers with most of the budget going for family gifts. Practical gifts are still in, but this year will also see more purchases of discretionary goods, especially jewelry, as well as shoppers taking advantage of sales to buy for themselves. Forty-two percent of women say they will begin shopping by late October.

So now is the time to prepare. We need some exciting gifts to select from as well as knockout jewelry that can serve as gifts or personal accessories for the shoppers. After all, on top of Christmas shopping needs there are plenty of holiday events that customers need to be decked out for. So letís get started with a look at practical gifts.

Michael Gietl
Hat adn scarf set 58
Winter Hats, Scarves, and Gloves
Accessories for Practical Gifts

Hat & scarf gift sets or hat, gloves, scarf gift sets--what could be more practical with cold weather on its way? Well these ready to go Christmas gifts are more than practical. They are attractive gifts that are affordable and have a proven track record of popularity.

The basics are all fleece hat, glove, and scarf sets or the same with faux fur trim. These have an excellent color selection and come packaged together for sales impact. The fleece hat, glove, scarf sets are affordably priced so your customers that need quick gifts can find an instant answer and get change back from a twenty dollar bill.

The success of these sets has inspired manufacturers to increase the number of design available. New this year are cadet hat and scarf sets in basic black or in a variety of plaids. The popularity of the sets combines with uptrending plaids for gifts that are trendy as well as practical.

The scarf, hat, gloves sets are extremely popular and almost always run out well before Christmas, but another winter headwear item that has strong appeal, especially if you have younger trade, is the slouchy tams. This cute look will go through the winter and shoppers will probably buy these more for themselves than for gift items. One innovation this season is a super warm knit tam with a double layer that can be worn one way with a latticework pattern showing or turned inside out for a tight weave knit pattern.

The list of popular hats goes on with fedoras, cabbies, and ivy caps. These styles have a strong appeal for younger shoppers. And don't forget dress hats that are a great gift for Mom.

rhinestone necklace set 58
Holiday Jewelry
Glitz for the Holidays

So many special events including New Years Eve occur during the holidays that call for glitzy jewelry. Consumers buy rhinestone and crystal jewelry to accessorize their holiday outfits as well as practical gifts for someone needing a special set for New Years Eve. New styles add fresh designs to both rhinestone and crystal jewelry.

New Years Eve and Christmas parties call for sets that make more of a statement than the delicate rhinestone popular for bridal and prom. Bib necklaces are popular in
rhinestone jewelry as well as sets with color that can compliment an outfit. Clear rhinestones in silver plating provide the maximum sparkle, outselling everything else. This season there are three-piece sets that include bracelets for unbelievably low wholesale prices.

Depending on necklines and trims, some outfits don't need necklaces. Dramatic rhinestone earrings provide all the sparkling jewelry these outfits need, so include some rhinestone earrings that make a statement in your selection. And don't forget the ever-popular rhinestone bracelets that also double as nice Christmas gifts.

crystal necklace set 58
Crystal Jewelry
Crystal jewelry is not only great holiday accessories and Christmas gifts; it is uptrending in fashion. Have you noticed how so many bracelets, earrings, and sets are finding inspiration in the glamorous Golden Age of Costume Jewelry-those fabulous years in the industry from the 1930s to the 1960s?

The era loved lavish use of crystals, bold designs, and sculptured enameled metals. Garden and nature themes were big. Well enjoy the look one more time because it not only delivers holiday glitz, it is also very much the trend.

This Christmas Crystal bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets are important for gifts as well as holiday accessories that customers will need for their own holiday outfits. The glitzy jewelry is always important around the holidays and the good news is there is no rush for sell through because, like that battery bunny, the demand goes on and on after the holidays.

gemstone necklace 58
Gemstone Jewelry
Casual Accessories with Perceived Value

Finally, casual jewelry that makes great Christmas gifts. Nothing is nudging out gemstone jewelry in this category and that is great because semi precious jewelry has a perceived value that makes worthy Christmas presents.

Check out every category in gemstone jewelry when you're putting together a Christmas selection because everything works for the season. Pictured are gemstone necklaces. They make a striking statement with semi precious stones and have wholesale prices that let retailers make a wide profit margin. Bracelets make wonderful Christmas gifts and gemstone fashion jewelry gives retailers the look seen in upscale department store showcases.

Gemstone has the perceived value that makes great gifts in casual accessories. Again, with gemstone so strong in jewelry trends, there is no pressure for sell through because consumer demand continues.

Next Newsletter: Last Minute Updates for Christmas and New Years
Next newsletter looks at last minute developments that will be important in the final stretch of Christmas sales. In addition, we will highlight the most important items to have for New Years. What interested readers the most in last newsletter? Dress hats were number one followed by rhinestone jewelry. Both are niche markets with limited competition and plenty of demand--the right ingredients for success. Good luck to everyone on Christmas season retailing.
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Jewelry, Winter Hats, Scarves and Gloves Will be Favorite Purchases this Christmas Season

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