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August 2010

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Ever notice how easy it is to imagine the worst when business takes a dip? Well, Accessory Wholesale has 25 years of experience that shows the same seasonal curve year after year. August is generally the slowest month of the year and September sees a very nice pick up in sales. No matter how many times we go through it, there is still some uneasiness in slow times.

But now the good new! By the time you get this newsletter, we are almost to September and August doesn't come again for another year. Feel better? Good, now let's look at some fashion jewelry items that are going to be important for fall.

Michael Gietl
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Statement Jewelry
Fabulous Jewelry Borrowing Vintage Design

Let's begin with fashion jewelry that is too fabulous to ignore. Wee have been talking in recent newsletters about fashion jewelry inspirations coming from The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. The look continues to pop up from fashion magazines to boutiques and upscale department stores, even though there is little mention about its inspiration.

The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry extended from the 1930s to the 1960s-years that included the hard times of The Great Depression and World War II. The jewelry designs in these harsh years rose to lift women's spirits. Unemployment in the 30s was far more severe than today's rate and they lacked the safety net we have today. Against these odds, legendary jewelry houses arose with fabulous designs including large crystals, magnificent cocktail rings, stunning crystal brooches, bracelets as fabulous as the royal jewels, and enameled metal designs creating garden and nature themes. Well, the fabulous jewelry is back and that guarantees excitement for fall.

First, think of the
oversized cocktail rings that are appealing to all ages. These glamorous rings define a key element of costume jewelry. Size and sparkle says they are blatantly fake and the wearer magically enters a fantasy world. Only costume jewelry can deliver these stunning looks at affordable prices and the inspiration comes from the fabulous work of artists from that great era in fashion jewelry. Oh, and one more point-Accessories Magazine says these rings with stretch bands that fit any finger are the sleeper item of the year.

The jewelry piece that really defines The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry is the brooch and the era's inspiration on today's brooches is huge. A glance through the crystal brooch selection on our site looks like another chapter reviewing The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. Every great costume jewelry house of the Golden Age had numerous designs of brooches and brooch and earring sets sparkling with crystals and intriguing with enameled dimensionally shaped metals. Catch customers' attention by doing a display story that arranges together jewelry inspired by the era. Be sure to include some fabulous brooches because popularity is eternal for this element of fashion jewelry.

Bracelets are a major part of fashion jewelry sales this year and dramatic crystal bracelets inspired by the Golden Age are a must in your fashion jewelry selection. This jewelry is truly versatile going from day to evening and into holiday. These crystal masterpieces with a vintage look also fit into any formal affair and prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Fabulous dangling crystal earrings find inspiration in this classic era and are too gorgeous to be overlooked. Want sparkle, design, and color? Here's where you find it in devastating looks that turn heads. Earrings and statement necklaces run nose to nose as the most important fashion jewelry item of 2009 according to Accessories Magazine's Annual Census Report. Crystal earrings are part of that important category and they make a dramatic statement that can stand alone without a necklace.

Finally, the statement necklace--so important in today's fashion jewelry market. Everything from bibs to oversize faux gems fit into this category. Sparkling crystals and rhinestones can make a bold statement or serve to pave' a theme like flower blossoms. To really get a feel for the era, thumb through books on The Golden Era. A few good ones are Costume Jewelers-The Golden Age of Design by Joanne Dubbs Ball, Juliana Jewelry by Ann Pittman, and Jewels of Passion by Sherri Duncan. Amazon carries all of them. Just imagine the interest you will stir if you group a selection of this fabulous jewelry together that will give customers a magical ride back to the Golden Age.

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Gemstone Jewelry Providing Color
Let Nature Accessorize Fall Colors with Gemstone Jewelry

If your customers are shopping with you for an uplifting experience, the colors in this falls palette will certainly add to the uplift. Nothing dull or somber in the palette this season. Pantone's Fall 2010 palette includes lipstick red, an aqua they call lagoon, a goldenrod named golden glow, and a bright purple called purple orchid. Tell me these colors won't uplift your customers. There's also neutrals like a light olive, oyster grey, and rose dust to compliment them.

Now we are going to build another display story by grouping gemstone jewelry that will deliver the palette using nature. Why gemstone jewelry? Because fashion jewelry with semi precious components remains one of the strongest categories in fashion trends. Have any doubts? Go to an upscale department store or high fashion boutique and look at their showcases. Glance through some fashion magazines and see their jewelry selection.

Fashion jewelry with gemstone components remains very strong because it seems to have an intrinsic value greater than synthetics. It also fits nicely into the natural scheme with so much emphasis on environment today. Best of all, nature uniquely creates each piece with intriguing patterns and natural color.

So follow the above Pantone link to see the color palette for fall, perhaps get some pieces of fabric to match, and set up a display with gemstone jewelry that compliments the colors with nature. Every color in the palette will have matching or complimenting color in semi precious jewelry. Bracelets are very good and the category, Gemstone Fashion Jewelry, will give you looks showing up in the upscale department store showcases. All of sudden fashion accessories for fall are getting more exciting, aren't they?

football pendant 56
Sports Jewelry
Football Builds Excitement & Generates Sales in Fashion Accessories

Now for that nationwide event that grabs everyone's attention in the fall--football. Yes, September is nearly here and the football frenzy will soon engulf the nation from coast to coast-even more so in small towns. If you live in Small Town America or ever have, you know better than anyone that not even Disney World competes with this Friday night show.

So now we're going to create a third display story-local interest. After all, who else in town is going to have a selection dedicated to local high school football? Include
football jewelry and if possible, jewelry with your school colors and school mascot. The school color bracelets, CB603 under the Sports Bracelets category, has several color combinations and wholesales for $2.50 each or $2.00 in quantities of 36. Other school color jewelry includes beaded lanyards and necklace sets.

Customers always like to interact with the jewelry design. You can provide the components to let them build sets with color and mascots by offering chokers, pendants, and loose beads. Choose chokers from Fashion Jewelry Chokers under Fashion Jewelry. You want chokers that can accommodate beads with a 4mm opening so they can slide on. Then pick your colors in beads from Loose Beads. Most school colors are there. If you need help, call and ask for Mike.

To add a mascot, choose the mascot from theme pendants and center it between the school color beads on the choker. (Type the mascot in the search on the site for fast results) Most pendants have matching earrings found using the search again and changing the "PD" to "FS". For example, a rams pendant is PD970, the matching earrings are FS970. Using the search on the site saves time in locating your mascot. The best method seems to be to offer the components and let customers build their own. This also avoids sticker shock because most components are very affordable, but combining lots of them can get pricey. So this way customers can build what they want at a price they want to pay.

Finally, you can find licensed collegiate jewelry under the sports jewelry. LSU is there with more to come soon. Alabama will soon be up and more SEC schools will follow. If you need licensed collegiate jewelry for other schools, let us know and we will see if we can do it.

Next Newsletter: Fall Accessories and Halloween
The summer is practically behind us and most businesses have months of smooth sailing ahead of them at this point. Of course beach locations and vacation destinations run on a different schedule, but Main Street type shops have fall fashion, Halloween, and the holidays coming up plus all kinds of shopping events the first four months of 2011. So stay tuned and we will keep you up to date on upcoming events that can ring cash registers.
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Exciting Fall Trends in Fashion Jewelry

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