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June 2010

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Gemstone Necklace Sets

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Retail sales reports for 2010 show choppy results, first surprisingly brisk, then down, and back up again. However, one thing remains constant and that is the emphasis on accessories-great news for accessory retailers.

Jewelry always leads this category and that's a win-win situation for those in the business because jewelry sells when business is good and it sells to update wardrobes when apparel is slow.

Jewelry also has that remarkable quality as an inexpensive "feel good" item that sells even when women are tightening their budgets--that little bit of self-pampering that doesn't cost much. So let's explore the styles of fashion jewelry that are ringing the cash register this summer.

Michael Gietl
turquoise bracelet 54
Gemstone Jewelry
Accessories from the Beauty of Nature That Keep Marching On

More important than anything in fashion jewelry this summer is designs with gemstone components. Wait a minute! Didn't we hear that last year? Most certainly, but nothing in fashion jewelry seems to budge gemstone out of first place. Visit an upscale department store and you will still see it dominating the showcases. Accessories Magazine agrees according to a daily emailed report named Directions Trend Finder that points out two hot trends in each issue. Turquoise was one of those hot trends in the May issue and agate is also getting plenty of attention in the fashion magazines.

The gemstone jewelry most in demand is necklace sets and bracelets. No surprise here because that is what is happening in all of fashion jewelry--bracelets plus necklaces in chunky looks or long styles. Turquoise is dominant, but also branch into surprising gemstone designs like zebra jasper, interesting agates, amethyst, and rutilated quartz. These less common gemstones are a major factor in keeping semi precious jewelry at the forefront of fashion. Trends can go on for a decade, but they begin to die without innovation. So keep customers constantly surprised with new designs and the introduction of unusual gemstone components. Be sure fashion jewelry with gemstone components is part of your mix for summer.

Tribal jewelry 54
Tribal Jewelry
Global Inspiration in Fashion Jewelry

OK, if Accessories Magazine's Directions pointed out turquoise as a hot trend in May, what did they say in June? Tribal Jewelry! Yes, one of the two big trends was tribal jewelry with inspiration from Africa, South America, Mexico, and the American Southwest. Looks are bold, chunky, and have a hand made appearance that includes hammered metals, leather components, and antique and pewter platings. Jewelry with colors inspired by these cultures and exotic skins and animals prints are also a player here.

Again, the sales are in necklace sets and bracelets. Bold hand-made looks characterize the jewelry, but the inspiration is not limited to one continent or culture. Unlike the category of pendants and earrings (covered next) that can create sophisticated tailored looks, tribal inspirations are not for the shy. The look is definitely high fashion and will appeal to your fashion conscious customers.

If you feel the bold designs are too daring for your customer base, cover the style with gemstone fashion jewelry, especially turquoise nugget sets that provide a primitive look and also fulfill the turquoise and gemstone trends.

pendant 54
Theme Jewelry
Pendants, Earrings, and Chokers Combined for Theme Jewelry

Some will think this is exciting because it hits the hot buttons of their customers, even when their trying to be disciplined and not spend. Others will say--"No, this is boring". But wait, before you dismiss theme jewelry in pendants and earrings, think about this. Fashion jewelry had a banner year in 2007 and down year in 2009. This year is up slightly from 2009 and most of fashion jewelry follows the curve. Not pendants, matching earrings, and chokers--these jewelry items were nearly even--better yet, the chokers that support the pendants are actually seeing an increase.

Here's a safe haven in a choppy economy. It is safe for two reasons--first, the themes pull heartstrings and sell because of customers' connection with the theme more than because it is a fashion statement. Summer is baseball season so baseball themes sell. Volleyball and beach themes sell. Tourists are looking for local themes and that could be a palm tree in South Carolina or alligator in Florida or Louisiana.

The theme could be something very dear to the customer or irresistible as a gift for someone else that is attached to the theme. This can be pets, horses, gardening, a sports mom, motorcycles, or almost anything else because the
theme pendants and earrings provide a wide and unusual selection.

What's the second reason this category excels? Pendants and matching earrings also have a fashion category that lets customers create tailored jewelry for career wear. I'm sure you have seen this look and admired it on someone else. The fashion statement can be modern like geometrics or tribal like Southwest styles. Mixing and matching with chokers can get a lot of mileage out of a few sets and different chokers, creating a different look for each day. This is creativity your customers participate in and they love to be a player in design.

The chokers the pendants go on might seem particularly boring, but too important to overlook. Remember, this is the category that increased in sales when everything else followed the retail curve or at best stayed level. We call this a steady item because it is a basic that someone needs in order to wear a pendant whether it is one you sell them or one they already have. You probably haven't thought much about this item, but it is hard to find.

The choker selection we have not only provides the item needed to wear pendants, but a large selection of variety so customers can get creative interchanging chokers and pendants for new exciting looks. They also need chokers for pendants already in their jewelry box. Besides, many wear the chokers as a simple tailored statement with no pendant. Give this fashion jewelry serious thought because we expect the next few years in pendant and matching earrings to continue with solid even sales regardless of ups and downs in the economy.

Next Newsletter: Hats and Accessories to Keep Customers Looking Good in the Heat
July and August are the hottest months of the year for many and what does more to alleviate the heat than hats? So next newsletter will update the hats and accessories doing best for this summer. Enjoy the 4th!
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