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March 2010


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Is cold weather gone, at last? Consumers are definitely ready to get out and find something new that says Spring is here. Nothing says it better than spring and summer hats that start popping up like spring flowers in stores. Yes, there is plenty of demand for spring hats and fortunately for you, the demand is far greater than the supply. Here's a peek at what's new for spring this year.

Michael Gietl

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Ladies Spring Dress Hats

Headwear for Church, Teas, Derbies, and Outdoor Weddings

This is your season to excel in this field because selection is better than ever while competition is diminishing. There's still time to get inventory in your shop for Easter and the frenzy for church hats continues till Mother's Day. Even then church hats continue to have demand and you have even less competition.

This season sees fabulous designs in the traditional polypropylene and sinamay hats that return every spring with innovations. This spring choices range from more conservative short down-turned brims to lampshade shapes and super wide brims. Pillboxes are back on the smaller end of ladies dress hats and wide brims in sinamay and polypropylene deliver the stunning statements with more lavish design. Color selections are also exciting with something for every suit and outfit.

The new millinery creations this season are organza dress hats. Organza is a sheer material that is semi- transparent and has a sheen. Designer creativity delivers some stunning designs in this material as well as composites that use organza crowns and sinamay brims. Most unusual is lace patterns with floral designs that are definitely spring.

Many of these same dress hats will be in demand for teas, luncheons, and outdoor weddings, not to mention derbies--the huge hat event every year. Super- widebrims always excel here and they are even more in demand since Ralph Lauren showcased them two seasons ago. Those spring fashion shows started a frenzy in widebrims that seems like it will never quit. This season find super- widebrims in untrimmed polypropylene that can be worn as is or decorated. Trimmed sinamay and polypropylene are ready to go for everything from church to derbies, and ribbon hats offer a very clean widebrim look that flatters with simplicity. Think more serious than ever about having hats in your line this season.

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Casual Ladies Hats

More Super-widebrims

Summer means all kinds of casual events--the beach, vacations, festivals, ball games, picnics, and more. These are hat events and super widebrims excel again. Only the cowboy hat beats out widebrim hats for summer (and we will cover cowboy hats next).

Ladies widebrim hats in straw are so classy that the demand is timeless. Count on these summer hats to be back every year. Toyo is also very popular and brings a wide selection of color. Toyo is very affordable and creates stunning designs, but it is a paper derivative and so often doesn't do well in the elements.

The last few years have seen more and more fabric hats with each spring providing more innovations. Satin ribbon hats alternate narrow bands of satin with mesh for a clean design that is very dressy. Grosgrain ribbon uses wider bands sewn together and creates a more causal looking hat. Both have the body to support 5 and 6 inch brims.

Widebrims are important, but not the only game in headwear. Kettles and upbrims provide a cute look in summer hats that often suits conservative customers better. Younger customers often pursue hats with personality rather the practicality of sun protection. Ivy caps, fedoras, and newsboys are big here because that is what the celebrities are wearing. So think about your customer base and then put together a headwear selection to match their taste because spring is just beginning and early indications show there's a huge demand for hats.

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Cowboy Hats

The American Icon in Headwear

John B Stetson gets credit for creating the first cowboy hat and the look is just too good to ever go away. Over the years cowboy hats slowly evolved to the looks we have today with pinch front a cattlemen designs the most popular. A few years ago, Brittany Spears and J- Lo wore straw roll-up cowboy hats and set off a craze for the hat. Ever since then, wholesalers have been announcing every year that it's over and every year they've been wrong. Our own calculations show that last summer 49% of hat sales were cowboy hats when we were six weeks into the summer. This year is starting out even stronger.

Unless you are in the Northeast (where cowboy hat sales are slower), this is the casual hat you need more than any other. Not only America, but the world seems to have some romantic connection to our Wild West and cowboy hats capture the personality. Natural straws, especially distressed designs (the well-worn look) lead cowboy hat sales. Everything from plain and rugged to fancy beaded bands sells here. Pinch front hats outsell cattleman slightly, but both are worth stocking.

When wholesalers and fashion forecasters started writing the obituary on cowboy hats, the first thing to become nearly extinct was cowboy hats in color--even though demand continued. Be sure to stock these, especially in white and black, because most likely, your competition doesn't have them and customers want them.

Fresh designs this season use mainly the distressed straw look with rugged designs in bands that add personality. We expect these to do very well, but don't rule out any designs form previous years because it is hard to find any cowboy hat in the selection that doesn't sell. Nearly every personality, group, or special event can find a cowboy hat that fits the need--rugged shapeable designs for every personality, sparkly hats for cheerleaders and marching bands, colors for events or company picnics. You know your clientele and if you have the customers for cowboy hats, include them because here is an item that seems like it will sell forever.

We apologize for falling behind on our newsletters. The surprising overload of orders on fleur-de-lis jewelry and Mardi Gras along with the normal flow of orders was a pleasant surprise, but caused us to fall behind on our newsletters. To catch up, our next newsletter will follow shortly covering rhinestone and glitzy jewelry as well as formal accessories. Many of you have proms approaching and need to stock these items now so do so now and we will try to get the next newsletter out on these items shortly.

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