A successful Christmas plan in fashion.

December 2009


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Crystal Jewelry


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Winter Dress Hats


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Christmas Jewelry


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Crystal Brooches


"Forecast: Worst Christmas since 1991." Don't get alarmed! That headline from BizReport was for last Christmas (2008). Retail sales for Christmas 2009 will not have the same sting because retailers are planning carefully and buying wisely. How does small business plot a safe and successful course? First, buyers are definitely going to be searching for practical gifts and they will want value. The shelves will most likely be a little barer than last Christmas as the major retailers stock carefully, remembering the steep discounts that were necessary to move Christmas inventory a year ago.

All of this could add up to a plus for small businesses because they can respond to needs quickly, restocking in a short period of time and filling the gap if shoppers find selection lean.

Another factor that can be positive is the hype this season about gift cards as the practical gift. On the surface, it looks like the big box companies are going to walk away with that business, but in reality all that changed last season with credit card companies selling gift cards good at any store--including yours.

Finally, the point about practical gift giving. Fashion accessories definitely fit into this profile and they do it by transmitting a thoughtfulness that gift cards just can't deliver. Find more tips on a successful Christmas season in Mary McGarry's recent blog for small business. Now let's take a look at those fashion accessories that fit into the "practical" mode.

Michael Gietl

hat scarf set 51

Winter Headwear that Fills Needs in the Cold Months

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves for Winter

Christmas gifts and accessories that provide warmth go hand and hand with a long history of thoughtful gift giving that is genuinely useful with January just around the corner. Winter hats fit into the picture, but the most popular gift is matched sets that include hats and scarves or three piece sets that also include gloves. This season has more options than ever with fleece trimmed in faux fur, chenille sets, or houndstooth and plaids in a variety of colors.

What about value? Take your standard mark up and you will look very reasonable, putting you in the sale price range that shoppers are looking for. Hat, scarf, glove sets are not only practical gifts at a value, but they also appeal to every age group.

But for winter headwear that is especially appealing to the younger market, include knit hats this Christmas. Nothing is getting more attention than the slouchy berets that enclose the hair much like a snood. This is a hot fashion look that the young market is zeroing in on and again, take your standard mark up and look sale priced.

Winter hats have even more styles to satisfy the fashion conscious customers that know how to create a look. Knits provide a newsboy hat with high crown that may better be classified as a slouchy jockey cap. Puffy cabby hats in wool felt add to the cute looks available for winter. Customers looking for dressier headwear will find cloches a great choice as a gift or personal buy with Christmas money received. Hats are quietly moving up as popular fashion accessories-a glance at the fashion runways reveals this uptrend. But at Christmas hats are also a useful accessory providing warmth. Even better, there is no December 25th deadline to meet with all that cold weather coming in January and February. So give hats serious consideration for your selection of practical gifts with value.

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Holiday Jewelry

The Glitzy Jewelry that Continues Right through Spring

Think of the pizzazz glitzy jewelry can add to your shop by filling your showcases for Christmas! Yes, it adds sparkle to the Christmas display, but it also fills a need with so many dress-up events surrounding The Holidays. In addition to all the special occasions surrounding Christmas, New Years is just a week away and that is only the beginning for glitzy jewelry. Mardi Gras balls, bridal, proms, pageant, dance competition, and a host of other events stretching all the way to May soon follow.

The good news is stock it now, sparkle up the shop now, but no pressure to sell by December 25th with a line-up of demands for rhinestone and crystal jewelry that goes through the Spring

Rhinestone and crystal jewelry are practical, are value priced, and are quietly creeping up to the top as a fashion statement in today's trends. The September newsletter detailed the growing importance of crystal jewelry as a reinvention of spectacular designs from The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. More designers and manufacturers are getting onboard this train that is picking up steam. This crystal jewelry is vintage inspired with crystals often sharing the spotlight with enamel work in sculptured designs that often reveal natural and garden themes.

Also the rhinestone jewelry that we always associate with evening wear has new designs that are always reinventing it. Wholesale prices have continually dropped in this sparkling jewelry, making it possible to offer lavish sets at affordable prices that will stun your customers. This style of jewelry seems timeless and we perceive it as something that was always there. Actually the invention of the machinery that makes the rhinestone chain occurred around World War II and rhinestone jewelry as we know it today made with the chain first appeared in the market after the War. Prices were very expensive and they have constantly dropped to today's surprising lows. So rhinestone jewelry is definitely in the class with great values. Include glitzy jewelry in Christmas inventory because strong demand continues all the way through spring.

fleur-de-lis jewelry51

Fleur-de-Lis Jewelry and Niche Markets

Small Retailers Fill the Niche Markets

Something big is happening in Louisiana this Christmas with consumers still wild about fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories. All of this started with the fleur-de-lis, which is the symbol of the city, rallying hope after Hurricane Katrina. Fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories are a niche market and small retailers own the niche market business.

In your area, there may be another niche that is on fire and much of this flies under the radar of major retailers. But it is important to the small retailer that often survives and even flourishes on niche markets. Those interests in your area could be centered on sports-the local high school football team or college. You could be the major supplier for your church with religious gifts or church hats. Any theme in your community that is causing excitement can be your ticket to success.

You are closer to your community than any major retailer can ever hope to be so pinpoint their wants and be the go-to source. Locate the themes that are special to them and group them together in your shop so they tell a story.

Locating the inventory can be work, but some categories on our site may help-- Sports Jewelry for sports and Religious Jewelry for church. Charm bracelets, Theme Pendants, and Theme Earrings cover almost any other imaginable theme. Even politics is covered under Americana and regional gifts under Louisiana, New Orleans, or Souvenirs. So dig for the hot interests in your area and go where the majors can't.

What is grabbing the attention of retailers? The last newsletter stirred most interest with dress hats and crystal jewelry received most interest in the newsletter before it. Every retail business is unique and key interests are going to be different. One word of encouragement for new businesses-don't feel that a big surge in business during the Christmas season is a must. January through May are loaded with one retail event after another starting with Mardi Gras and these months are all better than December for us. So the best is yet to come!

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A successful Christmas plan in fashion

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