Costume Jewelry Trends Reinvent Classics of the Golden Age
September 2009

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Has the retail fashion industry dodged the bullet? Consumer confidence is showing nice improvements and the mood for fall and holiday sales is more upbeat than it has been all year. Add to this the insight of Stephanie Franchetti in her Fall 2009 Fashion Forecast, published by Albright College, and we have some positive strategies to go along with rosier expectations for fall sales.

A key strategy is to answer the fragile economy with "a strong emphasis on sophistication" and that is exactly what we see developing in the fall trends of fashion jewelry. This newsletter focuses on fashion trends and these trends see a major current in fall fashion jewelry reinventing the glamorous designs that flourished in The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. The era was the 1930s to the 1960s and the jewelry was exciting stuff that lifted the spirits of a society emerged in the worries of The Great Depression. Let's get started on this impressive journey that will bring new life to fashion jewelry for fall and holiday.

Michael Gietl
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Costume Jewelry Trends Revive Golden Era
Classic Jewelry Reinvented

If this year's economic slowdown caused some jitters, imagine the mood at the beginning of The Great Depression. It was these disturbing times that ushered in the most gorgeous designs in costume jewelry--jewelry so fabulous that the era is named The Golden Age. Companies like Coro, Eisenberg, Trifari, Miriam Haskell and more were delivering fabulous designs from 1930s to the 60s that today's collectors eagerly pursue. The Costume Jewelry Trend Report for Fall 2009 provides details, but for now let's focus on the necklaces that are going to galvanize your customers' attention with breath-taking beauty that will sell right through the holiday season.

Garden motifs are popular in these designs that sparkle with crystal highlights providing classic jewelry for business attire as well as dazzle for evening wear. Plating with enameled highlights combine with crystals in asymmetrical necklaces that include flowers, butterflies, and other outdoor themes.

Still other necklace sets continue the asymmetrical style with faceted glass beading or spacious vining crystal designs. Fabulous earrings often accompany the sets. The vintage jewelry that inspires these looks has experienced growing interest among collectors over the last few years and now the hunger for fabulous design spills over into fall's costume jewelry trends. Add some breath-taking beauty to your fall accessories with this fashion jewelry that will fascinate your clientele.

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Crystal Brooches
Glamour and Sophistication in Fashion Jewelry

Crystal brooches really define the Golden Era of Costume Jewelry. This is a glance back at vintage designs that you are probably already familiar with because crystal brooches have been using this era for inspiration for quite a long time. But when you add this fashion jewelry to necklace sets, earrings, and bracelets in the same family, you create a story that is knockout. That is exactly the impact we want for this fall to grab the attention of customers.

Shoppers are hungry for a little something to raise their spirits without spending a fortune. Sure, they are paying down debt and putting something in savings, but they also want a little "picker-upper" as a small reward for themselves after working so hard. The glamour of this fashion jewelry delivers the feel-good experience at a very affordable price.

Crystal brooches not only deliver breath-taking beauty, but they also are very versatile. So many prominent women of the past have made brooches their statement pieces including Jackie Kennedy and Madeleine Albright. Brooches can make a statement with business attire; bring a scarf together with pizzazz; reinvent a hat, or add eye-catching ornamentation to a handbag. They make easy gifts that are greatly appreciated and the dazzle is very affordable. Costume jewelry trends this fall make brooches even more important and with Christmas coming, they are almost a must.

crystal earrings 49
Crystal Earrings
Earrings Bring Back Rich Luxury

When the economy came to a sudden slowdown, big time luxury did a nosedive. Handbags selling for thousands and watches selling even higher went on life support. But the rich look of crystal earrings along with the rest of jewelry inspired by The Golden Age began once again to catch women's attention, filling the void with breath-taking beauty. Remember, the first go around started with the beginning of The Great Depression. That is what initiated The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry that raised the bar with new designs that were gorgeous beyond imagination.

Is there anything more resilient than the human spirit? With all economic news looking bleak, women return to spectacular designs in fashion jewelry that enhances every look at a very affordable price. Fall fashion trends have crystal earrings retuning as lavish chandeliers as well as devastating vintage designs that show off color with sparkle. If it's elegant enough for Renaissance royalty, it fits into The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry.

Follow the upscale retailers with this fall fashion trend by grouping the pieces to tell a story. Notice how they group each showcase into a theme that makes the overall look carry impact? Do the same in your shop and be ahead of the curve in this fall fashion theme that is so classic that it never goes out of style.

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Halloween and elegance!!-Something seems out of whack with this picture. Next newsletter will show how it is possible for Halloween to be elegant. Upscale Halloween will open another avenue right alongside all the fun stuff. So tune in for ideas that help us build towards a successful fall and holiday season.
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Costume Jewelry Trends Reinvent Classics of the Golden Age

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