Fashion jewelry direction for improved sales
August 2009

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Fall Ladies Dress Hats


Congratulations on navigating your business through the tough summer months in a very tricky economy!! Well summer is nearly over and we can breathe a sigh of relief as we exit the emergency room and prepare for better times. Consumer confidence figures are improving faster than expected and the economy seems to be gaining steam.

Still consumers are not going to run out and max their credit cards in a splurge of buying just because fall is coming, but there is plenty of pent up desire for a little something new to lift the spirits. How do we respond? Stay in fashion accessories--accessories provide the "feel good" experience at affordable prices--just what the doctor ordered. We've been doing our homework and here's some direction we discovered that make a lot of sense.

Michael Gietl
gemstone necklace #48
The Year of the Necklace Set--Again!
The Top Item in Fashion Jewelry This Year

Accessories Magazine does an annual report on fashion accessories that compiles information from leading fashion retailers including the major department stores. The report for 2008 saw necklace sets pass bracelets as the most important costume jewelry item for department stores. The domination of statement necklaces continues this year and classic looks are at the center.

Innovations continue to drive the use of gemstones in costume jewelry with unusual semi precious stones worked into fresh designs. The introduction of unfamiliar agates, jasper, and quartz along with dyed and human enhanced semi precious stones deliver surprising new colors that keep the interest in gemstone jewelry at the forefront of fashion. The fall palette is rich with colors that are anything but somber and many of these colors find compliments and contrasts in the semi precious components of jewelry. The necklace set shown in rutilated quartz compliments at least three leading colors in the palette with coral working with at least three others. Next newsletter will have full coverage of the fall palette.

Fall necklace sets includes the long swinging looks with stations of beading spaced with chain, bold plated metal sets with a hand-made look, engraved jewelry with meaningful messages, and a variety of unique innovations highlighted in Mary McGarry's recent blog post.

Provide fresh looks in necklace sets because customers can enjoy a little something new for a small investment with fashion jewelry. Fall necklace sets are also a very affordable way to add fresh styling to apparel already in the closet. And you may have another advantage with many competitors uderstocked coming off a slow summer.

wide cuff bracelets #48
Bracelets Are a Close Second
Cuffs, Bangles, and Bold Bracelets

Yes, necklace sets are the first choice of consumers in fashion jewelry, but bracelets are not far behind. Everyone has to notice the exploding popularity of wide cuff bracelets and multiple bangles. Bracelets on both arms are not uncommon. The range has something for everyone including gemstone bracelets to match necklaces, plated metals in super wide cuffs, multiple simple plated bangles, or classy glass beading.

Looks are as simple as solid color or smooth plated cuffs or as involved as mixed match bangles or tribal designs. Again engraved messages can give bracelets an outward expression of inner feelings--words like friends, peace, smile, faith, hope, and love (find these under religious bracelets on the site).

Practically every category of jewelry offers bracelets. Faux pearl bracelets make wonderful gifts for the bridal party, rhinestone bracelets sparkle with evening wear, CZ bracelets have people wondering if it's real, and sports bracelets show support for the home team (more important than ever with football season here).

Best of all, bracelets are truly an inexpensive way to add something new that will lift the spirits. They make easy gifts or personal adornment for teens, tweens, moms, and daughters as well as a classy addition to a suit for business women. Freshen up your bracelet selection for irresistible impulse items that will ring the cash register.

Pashmina scarves #48
New Excitement in Scarves
Pashminas Even Catch on with the Stars

Consumers are getting a lot of fashion for their buck by skillfully accessorizing apparel to create a wealth of stylish looks by changing the accessories. Swapping a necklace set with a scarf provides a dramatically different look. Add to that the very affordable cost of scarves and you have a winner that will give totally different looks to a single piece of apparel for the upcoming season.

The search for exquisite scarves is just as intense as the quest for quality components that deliver classic jewelry. One of the finest discoveries is
Pashmina scarves that are quickly rising in popularity. Granted Pashminas are not new. Actually their quality attracted royalty and emperors as far back as the Roman Empire. The scarves originated in Kashmir and received their name from the Pashmina goats that live high in the Himalayas and originally yielded the wool that was spun and weaved into the scarves. The goats shed their coat in the spring with each goat providing 3 to 8 ounces of the super soft under fur used to make Pashminas.

Demand far outstripped supply so goat herds were started in Mongolia and other areas to meet demand. The name Pashmina is used liberally today referring to scarves with the qualities and soft feel of the original. Many countries are producing Pashminas including China with some Pashmina wool, some Pashmina and silk blend, some a Pashmina like blend, and still others synthetics like Viscose.

The major attraction of these scarves is the heavenly soft feel, appealing look, and ease in accessorizing with them. Include some scarves in your accessories along with fashion jewelry and show customers how they can create different fabulous looks with the same outfit by changing the accessories.

Next Newsletter: Fall & Holiday Trends
Good news for small business in fashion. Zagat did a survey of 7,596 shoppers in New York City that was reported by Accessories Magazine. Boutiques were the preferred destination of 52% of shoppers with department stores second at 27%. The bottom line is consumers chose small business with all their unique designs over the cookie cutter looks of the majors. Unique is important in this buying climate and this will be covered more intensely in our next newsletter on fall and holiday fashion trends.
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Fashion jewelry direction for improved sales

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