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June 2009

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From the majors to the small family operation, fashion businesses have recognized that accessories are the road to success in a slowing economy--but what accessories can we expect to turn a fast profit in the heat of the summer? Proven winners from past sales statistics plus some key insights into this summer's unique retail climate give us some powerful direction of where to head in the accessory business. Let's begin by looking at hats.

Michael Gietl
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Summer Heat & Hat Demand
Fashion & Climate Drive Hat Sales

OK-it's hotter than blazes outside and many don't want to leave the air conditioning. But those that do definitely need a hat for some relief from the beating sun. The good news for you is hats are in high demand and much of your competition is ill prepared with low supply. Even many wholesalers have low inventories because of the slow economy. So here's your first fast turn accessory for the summer. A hat order placed now can have inventory in your shop within a week-plenty of time to catch the Fourth of July business.

Now, what are the hats to stock? Your business image and customer base will shape your hat selection. Boutiques can sell classy wide brims while beach shops and convenience stores can sell inexpensive safari hats and lifeguards. This inexpensive hat niche has so many applications-fishing docks, hardware stores, garden shops, etc. This market wants durable hats that provide sun protection at a low price.

Boutiques need headwear with more fashion. Wide brims are the leading seller for these fashionable shops and the wider the brim the better. Super wide brims are enjoying their second season as a strong fashion statement. Designs fill needs for vacation wear as well as dressy looks for teas, garden parties, and outdoor weddings.

Shops with a high percentage of young buyers will find fedoras, newsboys, and ivy caps important for their customer base. MTV and celebrities are paving the way with so many stars showing teens and tweens how to look good wearing these hats. Fashion magazines and the runways are seconding the motion. This segment of headwear is a must for shops catering to younger customers.

When all is said and done and inventory is taken at the end of the summer, the hottest selling hats will no doubt be cowboy hats. This look has so much character and personality and what could be more ingrained into the American image. Country music certainly won't let these hats fall by the wayside and festivals and outdoor events have all ages trying on cowboy hats. Distressed straws that are shapeable lead sales, but color and all the specialty looks round out your selection. Actually color has high demand, especially white and black, while supply is hard to find.

If you have experience in hat sales, stock now to take advantage of high demand in a year when competition is low. If you are new to the game, experiment and find the niche that your customers like.

aviator sunglasses 46
Sunglasses for Summer
Sunglasses-The Fashion & Functional Accessory

Sunglasses--here's an accessory that sells to guys and gals alike with a growing importance that seems to many as necessary as shoes. Fashion and function provide the double edged attraction of sunglasses. Not always so in the past. The infatuation with sunglasses as a fashion statement started taking on real importance in the 60s and just kept growing from there. (Remember Jackie O and Sophia Loren?) If there is any doubt about the public's attraction for sunglasses as a fashion accessory, just look at the price they are paying for designer sunglasses today.

Good news for retailers is these small-investment accessories have big mark-up potential. Very stylish sunglasses wholesaling in the $2.50 to $3.50 price range look very reasonable at $10.95 and $12.95 retail prices. In addition to the benefit of high profit, sunglasses provide strong impulse items that sell easily especially on days with a glaring sun.

Aviators are the big winner this year in styles. Aviator sunglasses return as a top seller every year for guys, but now gals are also into these styles, especially over size aviators. Look at the celebrities and you will see entertainers showing how to look cool in aviators. Other styles selling well are plastic frames in color and sleek sports sunglasses for active lifestyles. Sunglasses can go a long way to help pay the bills in the hot months so give this business serious consideration.

See our full selection of wholesale sunglasses at our site.

shell jewelry email42
Summer Jewelry
Color & Themes for Summer Sales

Vibrant colors, summer themes, light-hearted materials like shell--it all add up to fun jewelry that is irresistible for the summer months. Is there any item like jewelry for impulse sales? Jewelry not only has a magnetic attraction, but fashion trends call for bold statements and color that only fashion jewelry can deliver.

Dyed shell provides the fun look as it galvanizes customers' attention with vibrant colors that retain their natural iridescence. What a look for vacation wear! And what a gift to bring home as a souvenir for a special friend! Who can pass by
shell jewelry without showing some interest in the natural wonders of the sea? And from there it is an impulsive decision that completes the sale.

Other materials in costume jewelry can also introduce vibrant color in summer themes for a fun look that is equally as tantalizing. Floral, garden, and sea life themes are popular this summer and are catching attention when served up in bold designs with bright colors. Mix in some necklace sets and bracelets that give customers an inexpensive way to refresh last summer's apparel, giving a summer 2009 look.

A final word on jewelry for this summer-- don't ignore gemstone jewelry. It is still leading all categories as the customers' favorite. The upscale department stores realize this. Just look at their showcases and you will see plenty of designs using semi precious components. Bracelets and necklace sets will give an outfit the desired color with jewelry that has a perceived intrinsic value. Best of all, gemstone jewelry is selling to all age groups.

Next Newsletter: Bargains and Basics
The next newsletter arrives in the heat of July with creative ideas to stimulate sales with bargains and basics. Some surprises will give imaginative ways to appeal to customers in an economy that sputters along. Help your customers feel good with a little splurge on themselves that doesn't make a big dent in the wallet.
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