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May 2009

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What direction is fashion jewelry taking and what do we need this summer to weather the recession? Accurate answers to these questions are more important than ever in times that allow little wiggle room for mistakes.

This newsletter concentrates on casual jewelry and the good news is the answer to what fashion jewelry is most important seems very clear with our statistics and Accessory Magazines annual census report in full agreement. Add to that, this is the same styles of fashion jewelry you see in the showcases of upscale department stores so we can feel confident we are on the right track. So here are the results.

Michael Gietl
rose quartz gemstone necklace 45
Classic Necklace Sets
Statement Necklaces Rise to the Top in Fashion

Last year Accessories Magazine's census reported major department stores found bracelets to be the hottest seller in fashion jewelry for 2007. Our own statistics showed bracelets to be excellent, but necklace sets to be the top sellers. The latest census report confirms that 2008 was the year of the statement necklace. This is the look you see in the showcases of upscale department stores and boutiques and the most important fashion jewelry for summer of 2009.

The top selling necklace sets are classic styles with quality components. If this sounds like a rerun of last year, you are close to right. When economic conditions are challenging, it's not the time for a 180 degree turn in fashion accessories. So expect continued demand for fashion jewelry in classic designs. Number one place goes to designs incorporating gemstone jewelry. Turquoise and coral are certainly important and perennial favorites like the soft pink of rose quartz or tiger's eye that accessories neutrals so well are back. But fashion loves the shock of newness and unusual jasper, agate, and quartz are bringing the fresh looks to fashion jewelry.

Actually, innovation is the life-blood of trends and this season updated designs accompany the beauty shock of new semi precious components to give gemstone jewelry that change. Long necklaces, multi- layers, and unusual pendants are a few of the innovations keeping gemstone fashion jewelry in high demand. Our own statistics show that gemstone jewelry is the run-away best seller in fashion necklaces. So if you are fine tuning your fashion jewelry selection for summer, don't overlook the importance of gemstone fashion jewelry.

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Fashion Necklaces
Bold, Long, and Vibrant Color

Yes, gemstone is number one, but it is not the whole story. Other winners for the summer include bold fashion jewelry, especially glass designs, long swinging chains mixed with other rope-like necklaces, vibrant color, and meaningful jewelry with engraved messages. All are good this summer and build on designs from last year. (Check out the Accessories Magazine Census Report for all the detail on 2008's top sellers.)

Bright color was a surprise last summer and returns again, this time with floral and garden themes as well as dyed shell to give us more natural components. The most popular styles have dramatic size with large pendants or dangling disks. Expect the garden themes to return again next summer inspired by the stunning looks of the Golden Age in Costume Jewelry.

cuff bracelet 45
Fashion Bracelets
A Close Second in Fashion Jewelry Popularity

While the statement necklace may occupy first place, bracelets are still excellent and far too important to ignore. Wide cuffs and bangles, especially worn in multiples are getting more than their share of attention in fashion magazines and on the runways. Mixed styles of bangles stacked up one or both arms is a common fashion statement, although perhaps a little overdone for business wear.

Everything that is good in necklaces is also good in bracelets. Gemstone bracelets are excellent with chunky beaded designs and multiple rows forming wide semi precious bracelets. The chunky look is also good with the saturated color of glass that has a quality the eye immediately recognizes.

Metal cuffs are hardly distinguishable from bracelets in precious metals. Many have etched designs or embossed themes like elephants. This is a forever look in fashion jewelry that never goes out of style.

Meaningful bracelets carry imprinted or engraved words. Most popular are religious messages including the virtues or scripture quotations. Also phrases with emotional impact are good like love, friendship, and family.

Vibrant color finds expression in the fun look of lucite bangles or dyed shell bracelets while enameled bangles deliver the color with more sophistication. Bracelets are a close second to necklaces in popularity and always good for summer sales so you don't want to miss out on this fashion jewelry that appeals to every age.

Next Newsletter: Summer Accessories Including Hats & Sunglasses
The next newsletter will concentrate on summer accessories that are easy sellers even in a slowing economy. We will highlight what is new and hot as well as some bargains that you can cash in on because some manufacturers need to move merchandise. The most important thing is to keep positive because moderately priced fashion accessories always continue to sell even in economic downturns.
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Follow the majors in fashion jewelry trends

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