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March 2009

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Good things are happening for retail businesses over the next few weeks and many of them come only once a year. So we don't want to miss out! Retailers in nearly every community that has a high school get positive impact from proms coming up. This is huge for many retailers offering jewelry, prom dresses, and flowers.

Other events are also peaking that call for dressy jewelry-bridal, pageant, dance competition, and Easter. With so much coming at once, we need to prepare with a dynamite selection of jewelry to fill these needs. For many retailers this is bigger than Christmas. So let's take a look at the dressy jewelry and accessories that are so important right now.

Michael Gietl
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Rhinestone Jewelry
The Favorite Choice in Prom Jewelry

Every prom season sees some daring rivals to rhinestone jewelry. This season is no exception with some long beaded necklaces, chunky chokers, and heavy link chain showing up with prom dresses in fashion magazines. Nevertheless, the safe bet is always classic rhinestone necklace sets that prove a winner year after year. Prom girls like delicate designs in rhinestone with classic Y necklaces, chokers, and cascades. Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are the overwhelming favorite for prom as well as bridal. This is rhinestone jewelry that never goes out of style.

Still some prom girls will be looking for accessories to match the color of a dress. Colors in prom dresses are all over the board. Prom lacks the clean palettes that set color directions for spring and fall seasons. Still some colors stand out and this season sees graphic black and white as well as floral prints are making an impact. Rhinestone with highlights of black stones and rhinestone in floral designs make a smooth match. Iridescent rhinestone jewelry can be a major problem solver for endless other colors because the iridescent stones pick up surrounding colors.

Prom business is worth the investment in inventory. DeBora Rachelle's website gives some heavy statistics for prom spending in 2005. The site claims that teens spend over $100 billion annually with $4 billion going to prom purchases. The average prom girl spends $65 on jewelry and accessories. In a slowing economy, this can e a real shot in the arm for retailers.

large crystal earrings 43
Prom Earrings
Never too Big!

The dress dictates the accessories and not every prom dress can be accessorized with rhinestone necklace sets. This is especially true with asymmetrical necklines popular today and glitzy ornamentation on the gown. The statement piece that impacts this look is dramatic earrings. Big rhinestone hoops, long linear drops, and dramatic statements in chandeliers and other bold designs are a growing trend. If you have watched any major pageants like Miss America on television, you know exactly what we mean. This trend towards dramatic earrings has spilled over into every dressy event including prom.

Large rhinestone earrings with clear stones in silver plated settings lead this category. However dramatic crystal earrings with color are not far behind. These looks are usually dangle earrings, highlighting large stones, with a vintage flair. They appeal to all age groups and will generate interest beyond prom jewelry. So feel comfortable about adding these dramatic earrings to your accessories because they have universal appeal and transcend seasons.

prom bag 43
Prom Bags
An Evening Bag Bonanza

Is there any better time to sell evening bags than prom season? Nearly every prom girl needs one. The stats cited above claim 4 million prom dresses were sold in 2005. Matching them with a prom bag means evening bag business is going to be brisk.

What colors and styles are selling? Silver is our best selling color and vibrant colors are making an impact especially for prom. According to Accessories Magazine, "metal-tone hues and bold color" are doing well industry wide. Two styles are seeing popularity increase steadily with each new season. First, clutches are extremely popular, showing up in all the major fashion magazines and on the red carpet. Clutches have extended into day wear, coining the phrase, "day-into-evening" clutches.

Second is small, special evening bags called minaudieres (unheard of a few seasons ago). These petite evening purses don't hold much, but have the adornment and feminine design that really attracts attention-perfect for prom girls.

Retail selection of evening bags is very limited in most communities so that gives you a big competitive edge when competing for the prom business. Provide a nice selection of colors with cute styles and you most likely will have a captive market for prom girls that want to coordinate their dresses with evening bags.

Next Newsletter: Spring Hats
Our next newsletter will follow shortly highlighting spring hats, which are a growing part of the accessory business. Each season sees headwear growing in importance in fashion. With Easter fast approaching, it is even more important so we will be sending this newsletter out soon.
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