Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends
February 2009

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Gemstone Bracelets

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Opportunities galore face us in the next 90 days that are extremely important to fashion retailers. Spring fashion rolls out; prom, pageant, bridal, and dance competition are in full swing; hats see their high point of the year-both casual and church hats; Easter and Mother's Day are coming; and weather provides a beautiful shopping climate.

Everyone is tired of being indoors to keep warm and tired of listening to doomsday reports on the television. The psychologist, Abraham Maslow's research discovered that "Man is a perpetually wanting animal" and that certainly applies to women's desire to shop at this time. Sales from the feel-good experience of having something new are further fortified by the needs of prom, bridal, and other events calling for dressy jewelry. So the table is set for a successful spring and we will insert an extra newsletter to cover all these important developments. Now let's get started with fashion jewelry trends for spring.

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Spring Necklace Sets
Classic Continues in Fashion Jewelry

Classic trends continue in apparel as well as the fashion accessories that make it special. These accessories actually play a bigger part as forecasters expect consumers to update outfits with fashion jewelry and accessories more than completely redoing the wardrobe. Major department stores and retailers are already dedicating more floor space to accessories in anticipation.

This makes fashion jewelry even more important to the small retailer and the right direction this season is the continued course of classic styles. Design again includes those special ingredients of gemstone, shell, wood, and glass-especially Murano style glass. This is not a rerun, but innovative designs using longer necklaces, uncommon gemstones, and fresh expressions in shell. These looks are already showing up in upscale department store showcases.

Fashion jewelry remains large and employs color. Vibrant color that was a surprise last summer makes an even bigger return this spring. Fun colors include flower and butterfly themes to add summer pizzazz to an outfit. Yellow is big this summer as well as the family of brights and citrus colors. Colors in apparel are more secondary than primary showing a Caribbean inspiration. Fashion jewelry in metal platings avoid color conflicts with gold plating on the rise and silver plating still remaining number one. Long chains worn in mixed designs are especially popular this summer. Keep costume jewelry classic and you are on the safe road to success.

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More Exciting Summer Jewelry
Bracelet Sales are Number One for Department Stores

The importance of bracelets is evident from Accessories Magazine's Annual Report on accessory sales. Bracelets were listed as number one seller for department stores in the 2007 report with 2008 figures not released yet. Extreme looks of fashion magazines show bracelets stacked up both arms--hardly the accessories to go with a business suit, but nevertheless emphasizing the popularity of bracelets.

Bangles and wide cuffs are both big in trends and multiple bangles are popular in plating, color, or crystals. Beaded bracelets are also excellent using classic components like gemstone and glass. Lucite returns bringing bold color statements with design simplicity. Color also finds expression in enameled bracelets while charm bracelets provide an easy way to add flower, butterfly, or sea life themes to summer outfits. Bracelets are too important to ignore so make them part of your fashion jewelry selection this summer whether you are appealing to casual wear or the prom market.

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Fashion Earrings
Dramatic Statements in Fashion Jewelry That Often Stand Alone

Notice all those asymmetrical necklines in apparel this spring? Earrings are important here because necklace sets often don't work. Big hoops continue their timeless march, but the earrings making a statement for spring are dangling designs in dramatic size--chandeliers, hoops with dangling coins, retro styles with crystals, and bold color are all important.

Still it is button earrings that are first choice for business suits and career wear. These understated earrings receive little fanfare, but are the mainstay of women's accessories. Plated finishes as well as colors provide the look that transcends fashion trends. Special or personalized touches are added with gemstone, inlays, or themes. Just because they are button earrings doesn't mean they have to be boring. Complete your spring fashion jewelry selection with a well-rounded choice of earrings.

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Elegant Fashion Jewelry with a Retro Flair

Spring fashion trends show an increased use of brooches in singles and multiples to accent apparel as well as hats or handbags. The trend goes deeper to a renewed interest in The Golden Years of Costume Jewelry when some of the most fabulous designs were created by names like Eisenberg, Trifari, Coro, and Marcel Boucher. Ebay watchers have seen this trend quietly growing for some time and now the fabulous designs are surfacing in fresh trends for the spring.

While concerns have flourished on the effects a slowing economy could have on fashion businesses, this jewelry introduces an interesting point. The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry is considered by most to be from the thirties to early sixties. Amazingly these years include The Great Depression and World War II. The greatest costume jewelry surfaced and sold in the worst economic conditions. How encouraging for today's retailers!

So keep your business plans and attitude on a positive level because historical facts show that moderately priced fashion jewelry and accessories are not impacted by the economy, but by fashion trends. And trends are very much in favor of fashion jewelry today.

Next Newsletter: Spring Has from Church Hats to Trendy Headwear
Next newsletter will follow in a couple of weeks covering the important area of hats for spring. The newsletter will cover colors, styles, and developing trends in headwear from church hats to the trendy hats selling to teens and tweens. This is a low competition business with growing demand. So get ready for an exciting spring!
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Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends

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