It's Mardi Gras Time!
January 2009

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Mardi Gras Accessories
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Lavish Ball Jewelry

Mardi Gras novelty hats
Mardi Gras novelty hats

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Crystal Earrings

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Mardi Gras Beads

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New Arrivals
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Cubic Zirconia Earrings


The Christmas tree comes down and the purple, gold, and green go up as Mardi Gras season begins. This season shops have more opportunity to sell Mardi Gras with Fat Tuesday falling on February 24th. You're not left out even if you are thinking it doesn't happen in my area or my shop is a different type of merchandise. So let's see what's selling and how you fit in.

Michael Gietl
Venetian style masks
Venetian Style Masks
Classy Masquerade Masks

Sales of Venetian style masks have been quietly growing over the last few years and today are our number one selling Mardi Gras item. The masks have a rich history dating back to the Commedia dell'Arte during the Renaissance. This style of theatre was the forerunner of slapstick, Vaudeville, and comedy in silent movies and early talkies.

Venice continues to master the art with skilled craftsman creating one of a kind pieces that are collectible works. Inspiration for many designs comes from the stock characters of the Commedia dell'Arte including long-nosed Zanni masks, hook-nosed Pulcinella masks, and patchwork Arlecchino masks. These are not only extremely popular for balls, Mardi Gras, and fundraisers, but have a growing following among younger consumers-and here is where Mardi Gras expands to the backyards of those that thought they were out of the loop.

The younger market loves reality shows and Paris Hilton gave a big boost to Venetian style masks with the finale of Best Friends Forever. While this may seem corny to many of us in older generations, this stuff makes a big impact on the young and is adding to the growing demand for Venetian style masks for Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, Debutante balls, and even proms. In addition, there are Venetian themed weddings on one end of the spectrum and birthday and bachelorette parties on the other end. Suddenly it becomes apparent that every retailer can be a player in this expanding business.

Mardi Gras pins#40
Mardi Gras Jewelry Lifts Spirits
Mardi Gras Pins are Almost Must-Have

Mardi Gras jewelry is so entwined in the traditions of Carnival that it is indispensible. Mardi Gras jewelry fills every need from crown pins for the royalty to call- out favors and table favors for ball attendees. But we can't forget the spirit created all season long by women wearing Mardi Gras jewelry to work, shopping, and dining out.

Pins are always the most popular jewelry and this season some new
Mardi Gras pins Make a dramatic statement with ceramic faces trimmed with poufs of marabou fathers and streamers of ribbons and beading-gorgeous pins with a hand made look. The best part for the retailer is the wide profit margin thanks to a wholesale price of $1.50. Mardi Gras colors are included, but brights are also mixed in the assortment-the tropical brights of Carnival in Rio.

Don't think Mardi Gras jewelry has a 6 week life span and then is stored for eleven months. In South Louisiana it is a souvenir year round that makes a wonderful gift to take back home. Beyond Louisiana orders come in all year and from every imaginable location for retailers that need comedy tragedy for theatre, Mardi Gras jewelry for fund raisers, or gifts for all the things happening in Mardi Gras themes mentioned under masks. So include Mardi Gras jewelry in your Carnival selection for added stability in sales.

Mardi Gras doll #41
Mardi Gras Dolls
The Mardi Gras Item for Favors, Souvenirs, and Collectors

Mardi Gras dolls either galvanize attention with stunning beauty or win hearts with sweet personality. Either way these dolls are an important part of your Mardi Gras selection that sell themselves. And this season we have far more new arrivals than we usually get, giving you a bigger selection to find the Mardi Gras dolls that will suit your customers' tastes and needs.

This season the selection includes gorgeous jesters backed with dramatic sprays of coque feathers, large sitting dolls with glass eyes and beautiful porcelain faces, and an array of smaller dolls to fill the needs as favors and easy to pack souvenirs. Include this essential part of Mardi Gras for an attention getter as well as irresistible Mardi Gras souvenirs.

Next Newsletter: Spring Fashion Trends
Spring brings plenty of activity that will bolster your sales including prom, bridal, pageant, spring casual fashion, and all the smaller events like dance competition. So next newsletter will begin preparing you for the best months of the year by providing a preview of trends and colors for the upcoming season.
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It's Mardi Gras Time!

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