Lavish Jewelry for the Holidays
December 19,2008

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Rhinestone Earrings

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Crystal Jewelry

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Chandelier Earrings

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With everyone on a busy schedule for the Holiday season, this newsletter will again be brief, but necessary because New Year's Eve customers will soon be in for glitzy Holiday jewelry. Also Mardi Gras follows on its heels with another once in a year opportunity. So here's the highlights.

Michael Gietl
rhinestone jewelry #40
Rhinestone Jewelry
Pizzazz for New Year's Eve

Rhinestone jewelry is the only area of fashion that has lower prices without cutting quality. How do they do it? Stay tuned because we are working on a rhinestone report that will answer the question.

But for now pizzazz is what your customers want for New Year's Eve and new designs will give it to them at prices they'll appreciate in a time when everyone is looking for sales. Yes, consumers want bargains, but they also demand quality and you can deliver better than the majors can.

Lavish rhinestone jewelry works for New Year's Eve and browsing the category will show plenty of sets that deliver ballroom dazzle for wholesale prices under $35.00--several under $20.00. And for the more sedate customer, there's sparkling elegance for under $10.00 wholesale.

That takes care of the bargain factor, but customers want the look and want it in quality. Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings still dominate rhinestone jewelry and probably always will. New selections show traditional elegance plus some daring pieces with a contemporary flair. For New Year's Eve and events that follow, traditional designs are the safe bet. Rhinestone jewelry itself is a safe bet because the first few months of 2009 are loaded with opportunities for rhinestone jewelry sales-Mardi Gras balls, prom, pageant, dance competition, and above all bridal. Be ready!

New leatherette evening bag
Evening Bags
The Hard to Find Accessory

New Year's Eve is a big event for evening bags, but like rhinestone jewelry, the market extends into the spring. This may be the single hardest accessory for a consumer to locate. Not if they come to your shop because you have access to all the colors and styles to please every age and nearly every personality.

Clutches and elongated bags have been riding a high crest the last few seasons and this will continue along with patent leather looks. In metallics, silver is best followed by gold with bronze slowing. The entrance of bright colors was a major development in 2008 and will continue with a wider selection to match party dresses as well as prom bridesmaid dresses. Retro designs also remain popular especially with classic running through every aspect of fashion.

With cautious customers we need items that have the best chance of sell through. Evening bags give you that with events after New Year's starting with Mardi Gras balls and continuing through bridal and the biggest opportunity of all-prom in the spring.

cubic zirconia jewery #40
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Have Them Guessing-Is it Real?

Cubic Zirconia jewelry is a category we have treated like a stepchild, but in a slowing economy it is extremely important. Why? Because the luxury buyer that went to the fine jewelry stores in brisk times may be your customer in a slowing economy for the same exquisite looks at a fraction of the price.

CZ jewelry works for New Year's Eve and continues to work year round. It can be bridal jewelry, prom jewelry, pageant jewelry, and evening wear. It can also go with a business suit, compliment church wear, or add a dress up touch for dining out. What a sell through item!

This category is growing and selling and the news media's steady diet of economic woes keep boosting the sales.

Next Newsletter-It's Mardi Gras Time!
Don't tune out because you think Mardi Gras is not for your area because next newsletter we will show you things you may have never thought about that will help January sales boom just like they do for Mardi Gras in South Louisiana. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Lavish Jewelry for the Holidays

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