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December 2008

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Wholesale Accessories that Make Practical Christmas Gifts
Hat, scarf, glove set
Hat, Scarf, Glove Sets

purse hooks
Purse Hooks

gemstone fashion jewelry
Gemstone Jewelry--The Customer's Favorite

fall church hats
Winter Church Hats

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holiday jewelry
Holiday Jewelry


Christmas is here and everything is hectic so this newsletter will be quick because your time is precious. This special edition falls between our regular newsletters to provide subscribers with information on two time-sensitive points.

First, we want our subscribers to be first to know about some special buys and mark-downs. Second, a recently completed detailed report points out the major areas of fashion jewelry impacting the market today as well as fashion trends that will carry you into the next season. Insights to how fashion jewelry trends develop and how forecasts are made are also included. So let's start there.

Michael Gietl
costume jewery #39
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Important to Today's Market
Plus How Trends Develop

Before a season even arrives the right fashion jewelry is displaying in wholesale showrooms and soon populates showcases from coast to coast. How does this magically happen every season? Answers to these fashion jewelry trend developments, trend forecasting, and the right jewelry for now and in the spring are detailed in a joint-effort report called Wholesale Fashion Jewelry - The Magic of Trends.

A great deal of research, statistics, and effort goes into this joint effort designed to help retailers make the right decisions for success in business. When you read it you may agree, disagree, or have insight we overlooked. Your input is important to us and other subscribers so there's a box at the bottom where you can add your own insight to the present and future state of fashion. Together we will help each other develop the best plan for success in 2009.

winter hats
Winter Hats
New Selection at Low Wholesale Prices

Each year we purchase a sight unseen selection of overruns in winter hats. The good news is retailers get some genuine bargains in stylish hats they can pass on to their customers. The bad news is many styles are very limited in quantity so the best items don't last long. We owe it to our faithful subscribers to give them first choice and most of the hats went online in the last 24 hours. So if you are in the headwear business, visit the selection. If they fit your clientele's taste, you have first pick.

pewter writing pens
Pewter Writing Pens
Writing Pens with Sculptured Themes

Anyone that really explores our site has seen sculptured pewter writing pens under wedding gifts for the last few years. They are attractive with carved designs that fit many themes and come boxed in black velvet boxes with white satin linings. Very impressive, but not exactly cheap. Well now the price is reduced by more than 40%. Why the sudden drop? The supplier is not going to continue the item and we bought the existing inventory at a reduced price that translates into a huge savings for you that you can pass on to your customers.

This is an item that transcends seasons-great as a Christmas gift, but equally valuable as bridesmaid's gift in the spring or graduation gifts. Actually, these gifts can make an impressive present for any occasion. And with the reduced wholesale prices- how affordable!

Next Newsletter--New Years and Mardi Gras
The next newsletter is coming soon with New Year's Eve jewelry and early Mardi Gras ideas. If you still need some practical gift items to help Christmas sales, see the pictures on the left. The best to you for your Christmas season.
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