The Economy and Jewelry Sales for Christmas
November 2008

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The Christmas season is here as we head into the final six weeks of 2008 and what a wild ride this has been with gas prices, financial market shake ups, presidential election year that traditionally slows business, and a media blitz of bad news that would make anyone believe it's The Great Depression.

Yes, most businesses including ours saw some slowdown with all this going on, but 25 years in the fashion industry helps us put it in perspective. The fragile economy keeps chugging along; trends are on our side for fashion jewelry sales; and overall this is a cakewalk compared to the mid-nineties. Find more on this in Wholesale Jewelry, Consumer Confidence, and a Media Blitz of Bad News.

The bottom line is things really aren't all that bad and economy has small impact on fashion jewelry and accessory businesses that are moderately priced. Statistics show that jewelry comes to its heyday this time of year and that's the focus of this newsletter.

Michael Gietl
Magnasite jewelry 38
Classic Fashion Jewelry Continues to Dominate
Gemstone Fashion Jewelry Becomes the Consumers' Favorite

If you have explored our site, one conclusion you have to make is it's an unusual collection of diverse categories. That can be a great benefit to you because each month we see categories rising while others slow and the next month a different pattern takes place. Things become predictable after years of input and we can pass on to you what is going to be hot now.

Well, what is always hot this time of year is jewelry--fashion jewelry, seasonal jewelry, and holiday jewelry. And trends trump economy when it comes to fashion jewelry sales so don't be afraid of this market.

Today's consumers don't want "cheap", they want value. So keep on course with classic jewelry designs that deliver wearable art with quality components. The strongest category right now is gemstone fashion jewelry. There's no let up in the consumers' love for interesting semi precious stones worked into fashion designs.

As seasons change colors--no problem--because the endless beauty of nature provides a color for every palette. Black looms big this fall and magnasite jewelry makes a striking contrast as shown above. The glassy black and white striping of banded onyx is also gorgeous with black.

Lavender is also on this fall's palette with a little deeper hue than we normally visualize. Amethyst is exceptional with this color (see the gemstone bracelet to the left).

The blues for fall are secondary colors lighter than deep rich tones expected. Amazonite and turquoise will be superb with these hues. (See Pantone's Fashion Color Report for fall's palette.)

Trends are bold size with chunky chokers and heavy beading in mid- length necklaces. But free-swinging long chains also continue with stations of gemstone beading adding the classic touch.

Christmas pendant 38
Christmas Seasonal Jewelry
Jewelry with the Magic to Bring Holiday Spirit

Have you noticed it is more difficult to find seasonal jewelry for Christmas this year? Many manufacturers are taking the cautious road and eliminating seasonal jewelry, which tightens up supply. That's a big advantage for you as competition shrinks while you still have a source for Christmas jewelry that ranges from high quality to fun jewelry for impulse sales.

In quality Christmas jewelry, I can't thin of anything that exceeds "Best Brand". I can understand the difficult process of dimensional stamping, sealing backs, enameling, plating, and polishing, but how this designer comes up with fabulous design after design is beyond my comprehension.

The superb Christmas pendants and matching earrings that are typical of "Best Brand" are in the Christmas jewelry selection, but also pay attention to the gorgeous Christmas bracelets they made with lampwork beads.

Now for the fun impulse jewelry with quick-sell pricing that includes lots of loveable resins. Put this Christmas jewelry next to the checkout because customers will buy it out of impulse and for the most part, get change out of a $5 bill. As competition shrinks, Christmas jewelry can give you a positive edge as well as add some profits to the till.

lavish rhinestone jewelry 38
Holiday Jewelry
The Season for Glitzy Jewelry

With six weeks left in the year it's definitely not too early to prepare the holiday jewelry selection. What fun this is because there's no limit on lavishness for the holidays. Rhinestone jewelry, of course, is most popular for adding pop to a holiday outfit and glitzy rhinestone jewelry is more affordable than ever. Rhinestone jewelry is one of the few categories of fashion jewelry that has come down in price. Many nice rhinestone necklace sets in moderate size wholesale below $10.00 with some lavish sets wholesaling below $20.00.

Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings provide the most dazzle and are the consumers' first choice. And don't forget rhinestone bracelets this year because bracelets in general are having a banner year. Also a trend that is showing up in pageants is dramatic rhinestone earrings without a necklace, so some customers may choose to go this route to add the holiday dazzle. New Years celebrations almost require a fabulous look so women going to balls or out to celebrate will find holiday jewelry more of a need than a whim.

Next Newsletter: A Special Report
Ever wonder how each new season jewelry and apparel magically fill showcases and racks from coast to coast with the right colors and styles. The merchandise is there before the season arrives and everything is on target. You will receive a brief newsletter in a couple of weeks with a link to a detailed report loaded with information on trend development, the best items now, and a forecast for spring. Business can be challenging and the report is designed to give you every advantage for success. Good luck to everyone for this holiday season!.
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The Economy and Jewelry Sales for Christmas

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