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October 2008

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All of us have heard enough bad news since the last newsletter to have us believing that we are smack in the middle of The Great Depression. So here's an idea for attitude adjustment-ignore the news-ignore the election year hype-and concentrate on the all the fun things that are about to happen. Need some more encouragement? First, the economy isn't nearly as bad as the news portrays. Second, even if we have a recession, historical data shows they are short lived. Third, recessions have minimal effect on fashion businesses in the moderate price range. Don't believe it? Read Fashion Jewelry, Fuel, and the Economy to lift your spirits. Now let's get on with the fun things about to happen.

Michael Gietl

Halloween Jewelry 37 Sales Opportunities Second only to Christmas

The end of October sees an event that generates more spending then any celebration outside of Christmas. So let's give our customers a taste of fun with the things that add some joy to their lives. We're talking about Halloween. The party starts after dark, but dressing for work in the morning begins the preparation when women accessorize their business wear with a fun Halloween pin. Yes, this is the most popular jewelry item for this fun event.

Halloween pins run the full price range from light- hearted resin jewelry with those Halloween bright colors showing scary themes like bats, witches, ghosts, tombstones, and black cats as well as calmer themes like scarecrows and pumpkins. Most of these Halloween pins have matching earrings and are inexpensive for fast impulse sales next to the register.

Customers that want a classier look will appreciate "Best Brands" well crafted line of Halloween pendants that double as pins. Add these to a choker with matching earrings and you have the utmost in Halloween jewelry. This line will certainly impress your clientele with dimensionally stamped pieces that have superb detail and polished silver plating with eye-catching vibrant color added to many designs. Again the pendants usually have matching earrings.

Don't ignore bracelets that are having another banner year. Kids and adults alike enjoy charm bracelets loaded with dangling charms built around the Halloween theme. Most are stretch bracelets that give comfortable wear and easy fit.

Venetian Style Masks The New Direction in Masks

Masks are a "biggie"-too big to cover in a couple of paragraphs so visit Mary McGarry's Halloween report that will not only provide the detail and history, but also gives the human element that sells masks. Over the past year, Venetian style masks have migrated to the top of consumers' interest. Culture, art, and history come together in these masks making them far more than fun masks for Halloween. And the styles have developed to gorgeous creations for the ladies and superb masculine designs for the guys.

Masks on sticks-eye masks-full-face masks-the designs are endless. Also materials from paper mache used in Venice to polymer and molded acrylic provide choices that suit every taste. Even if you feel this is not your market, decorate with Venetian style masks and I am certain customers will want to buy them.

Best of all, it doesn't end with Halloween-it only begins. This market sees more demand with the approach of New Year's Eve followed by Mardi Gras. Then there are Venetian themes for proms and weddings, masquerade parties, sweet sixteens, and quinceaneras. What an item to help pick up sales!

Football Jewelry The Jewelry Rage form Coast to Coast

Friday night it's high school, Saturday college, and Sunday pro football. No community in America is immune from football fever. Forget about worries- this fever eclipses everything so get ready to satisfy your community and grab your piece of the pie. We have been burning the midnight oil to create a new category for sports jewelry to save you time in locating football themes.

The hardest item to find that can reap the greatest rewards is football jewelry for local high schools. So here are a few tips on how you can customize a line to satisfy local needs. School colors and school mascots distinguish your local high school. Let's begin with mascots. The fastest way to find your mascot is go to the dark blue bar towards the top of the page on our site and click on search. Type in your mascot, for example "tiger", and the search will sort through the hundreds of themes on the site.

What if your mascot doesn't come up? No problem! Pick a football theme pendant from the sports jewelry category and suspend it from a choker with your loose beads in your school colors on each side. This sends a message that everyone understands of Friday night at the football game. Go a step further with school color bracelets. Some of the most popular combinations are found in these bracelets that really zero in on your local high school. Still having problems? Call and ask for Mike, and I will use all my energy to help you put together what you need to grab the passionate fans in your area.

It only gets better from here. Next newsletter is packed with Christmas ideas to boost sales-we're talking about the stuff that makes small retailers stand out against the big boys in retail. With fashion trends going our way, there's plenty to be excited about in the upcoming months.

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New Halloween, Masks, & Fall Accessories

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