Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Fall 2008.
Septemeber 2008

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Wow! How time flies with fall just around the corner! Gas prices are falling; the Holidays are coming; and the best retail stretch of the year is about to begin. So what are the trends that wholesale fashion jewelry is serving up for the coming season? Hold on to your hat because we are about to whiz through them. Fortunately, you are prepared for most of them because trends build over a long stretch rather than doing a 180 degree turn every season. So let's see what fall will bring.

Michael Gietl
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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry for Fall 2008
Classic Trends in Jewelry March Forward

Begin by visiting Mary McGarry's Report on Fall Fashion Trends. This highly respected forecaster of fashion has keen insights that come with years of experience in fashion reporting.

Classic trends ushered in an era of excellence a few years ago and today's consumers are no longer satisfied with the ordinary in fashion jewelry. Plastics and cheap metals fell by the wayside as crystals, gemstone, Murano style glass, and quality metalwork swept the fashion jewelry industry. Affordable quality defines the fashion jewelry market as it enters the fall season.

Already a few years into the classic mode of fashion, the trend shows no sign of weakening. Classic implies retro and the trend is spreading with cars, sunglasses, and even home furnishings swept into the retro current that is dominating apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

Innovation is the fuel that keeps the trend burning and this season is anything but a rerun. Long and swinging necklaces shorten up for fall with a movement towards mid-size and choker lengths. Gemstone fashion jewelry takes impressive new designs and introduces more obscure semi precious stones. Murano style glass introduces bold innovations that attract with simplicity of design. Freshwater pearls combine with crystals and glass to deliver rich colors for the fall. Glass pearls with large beading achieve sophistication that oozes with elegance. This season, choose the wholesale fashion jewelry that will take your customers' breath with a fresh line up of classic designs. Now for some particulars.

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Gemstone Fashion Jewelry
Nature's Contribution to Classic Fashion Jewelry

Imaginative designs keep gemstone fashion jewelry at the heart of today's trends. Yes, the looks are shorter, but still very dramatic with new styles in traditional jewelry as well as asymmetrical creations that beam with modern influence. Some have bold simplicity with sleek design and drops that are definitely 21st century. A glance at the first page of wholesale gemstone fashion jewelry paints a picture that saves several pages of words.

Turquoise will remain strong with so many blue hues in the fall fashion palette and blackstone, howlite, zebra jasper, and banded onyx will answer the need for gemstone jewelry to accessorize black, so prominent this season. But the introduction of so many unfamiliar semi precious stones in jewelry will galvanize customer's attention. Visit gemstone bracelets for a crash course in semi precious stones with the appealing looks of rutiliated quartz, fire agate, tree agate, and a whole family of jaspers including Kambaba, leopardskin, flower jasper, and fancy striped jasper. Add these to the gemstone jewelry with household names and you have a selection that accessorizes any color and enthralls your customers.

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Quality Glass Jewelry
Beauty with a Human Element

The beauty of man-made components in jewelry is central to classic designs and glass jewelry makes a strong statement here. Everything from dramatic black to the elegance of pearls and the excitement of color in Murano style glass finds expression in glass jewelry. Often arrangements of all the above form designs that have to turn heads.

The excitement of Murano style glass jewelry seems endless with constant innovations. Many designs this fall provide bold looks that please with simplicity while delivering rich fall colors to accessorize an outfit.
Bracelets and necklace sets alike deliver fashion with sophistication. Swirls of color, goldstone-like islands of sparkle, and foil inclusions separate Murano style glass jewelry into a class of its own. Today's emphasis on quality and beauty will make this art form a positive factor in your fashion jewelry selection.

Pearls are the sophisticated statement in fashion jewelry this season that are catching on fire. Glass pearls answer the call with the look, feel, and weight of quality. Glance at the pearl jewelry on the left and see if you aren't impressed. Creamy pearls are number one, but all the other rich colors are not far behind. Even before this trend report goes out, pearls are showing up everywhere so be certain to cover this area in your fall fashion jewelry selection.

Now for quality glass jewelry that is a wonderful medium for providing dramatic black as well as rich color. New designs deliver stylish bold looks in bracelets and necklace sets with a weight and quality worthy of boutiques and fine department store showcases. Glass beading with faceted cuts and eye-pleasing shapes that include bold flattened ovals create irresistible accessories with colors perfect for the fall palette.

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Natural Jewelry from the Sea
Shell, Coral, and Freshwater Pearls

Back to nature-and this time from the sea. While freshwater pearl and the deep red of coral seem to fit fall jewelry, shell doesn't. Well, dyed shell in fall colors has changed all of that. Classic jewelry draws many of its components from nature and shell jewelry dyed in rich fall colors joins the parade as designers work it into stunning fall expressions. The natural iridescence of shell bleeds through the color to add an element man-made components can't deliver. Bibs of small disks or major statement pieces bring excitement to fall accessories that is unexpected.

The same iridescence awakens an outfit with dyed freshwater pearl jewelry. These deep colors are very captivating whether the jewelry is all about freshwater pearls or the pearls combine with designs including glass or gemstone. The picture shown is black lip mother of pearl dropping as a pendant from dyed freshwater pearls for a fabulous fall statement.

The deep red color of dyed coral jewelry will also play big for the fall season. Chunky designs in coral work year round and were major statements in department store showcases this summer. Red continues on the fashion palette and also coordinates well with black.

Overall, the important look for fall is dramatic statements that reflect quality. We covered major areas, but there is even more with crystal jewelry, cubic zirconia, and well crafted metals. Quality is even more important with Christmas coming and jewelry gift-giving.

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Next newsletter covers fun jewelry and accessories for Halloween and the Holidays that are easy impulse sales plus the ever changing world of masks that are much more important than most realize.

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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Fall 2008.

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