Trendy Summer Jewelry that Retails Under $10
July 2008

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Summer heat, $4.00 gas, somber economic news, political hype--are you depressed yet? My advice-- turn off the news and lift your attitude because in our 25 years of business, fashion never suffered because of economics. To see the details go to Fashion Jewelry, Fuel, and the Economy. The important thing for right now is items that will add some extra cash to the till. So this newsletter focuses on trendy items that grab customers with retail prices under $10.00. Here are a bunch of them that do just that.

Michael Gietl
Murano glass necklace #35
Murano Style Glass Necklaces
Wholesale Jewelry too Gorgeous to Ignore

Murano style jewelry certainly has made its mark in fashion with the arrival of classic trends. Some new attractive necklaces make a fashionable statement with a trendy look that uses glass pendants on necklaces of sheer ribbon and waxed cords. Wholesale price-- $3.50. Something with exciting appeal that gives customers change out of a ten dollar bill.

This is an item that sells to every age group and is smack in the middle of today's trend movements. Hearts, starfish, and gorgeous leaf pendants provide a variety of Murano style glass pendants on trendy necklaces that will make customers look twice. Actually consumers are looking for just this kind of "feel good" item to pick up their day. Estee Lauder noticed this in 1991 (a recession year), when lipstick sales soared as high ticket items dipped in department stores. This became known as the "lipstick effect", which boils down to women don't quit buying--they just buy lower priced items.

Murano style glass rings
Murano Style Glass Rings
Irresistible Fashion Jewelry at Impulse Prices

There's lots of hype in fashion about colors and fashion rings. Get both with Murano style glass rings that are an easy sale with retail prices under $5.00. Imagine a display of these eye-catchers next to the cash register! The domed rings have translucent hues with swirls of colors and suspended islands of metallic particles that have been grabbing attention with this rediscovered glass art.

This is a wonderful way for brick and mortar businesses to grab impulse sales and even better for outdoor vendors with all the activities that take place in the summer. The younger market especially finds these eye-popping rings intriguing. Business is fun again with items that lift spirits at a price so affordable they're irresistible.

hematite necklace #35
Hematite Jewelry
Wholesale Jewelry for "Get Trendy" or "Get Well"

Here is jewelry many retailers are unaware of that has appeal to young and mature shoppers alike. The young like the trendy look of chokers with different pendants they can identify with. Many mature customers believe hematite has a healing power that provides relief from pain, especially arthritic pain. Medical journals don't confirm this, but my wife is convinced as well as many other mature consumers.

A problem in the past was 17 inch necklaces didn't fit a lot of necks. New longer lengths solve the problem with some necklaces reaching 22 inches and extenders for all the others. The payoff is most necklaces are $2.00 and under, which fits right into the impulse item price range that keeps business rolling along. Check out hematite jewelry because there's a lot more here than necklaces--bracelets, earrings, and even some really fashionable designs that work for everybody.

gemstone necklace #35
Gemstone Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry by Mother Nature

When anyone thinks gemstones and semi precious jewelry, they immediately think intrinsic value. Nearly everyone has a perception of gemstone jewelry being costly. Wonderful, because you can stock your business with numerous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in wholesale gemstone jewelry for well under $5.00.

The gemstone fashion jewelry has a lot more design to it with higher price tags, but categories of gemstone necklaces, gemstone earrings, and gemstone bracelets provide abundant bargains you can retail under $10.00. We're talking carnelian, rose quartz, tiger's eye, crystal quartz, red jasper, coral, and even reconstituted turquoise--semi precious jewelry many shoppers know.

Is it real for these prices? You bet! The easy test is does it feel colder than room temperature in normal temperatures. Coral fails the test because it's from the sea and not a stone. But the others surprise your customers with a cold feel compared to glass, lucite, wood, and plastics.

Most of these stones are extremely hard (7 on the Mohs scale), which means a sharp object won't scratch them. Magnify them and you will sell inclusions, but not bubbles. Bubbles usually mean glass.

Top grade turquoise is $1500 a pound so don't except this quality from anyone if the price isn't well over a hundred dollars. Reconstituted turquoise uses lower grades and compresses them or grinds the turquoise and forms beads with the addition of resins and dye. This is almost all the turquoise found in fashion from fine department stores to small shops. Yes, it's real and provides customers with a gorgeous look at an affordable price, but it's not gemstone quality.

Add semi precious jewelry to your summer inventory and you have another item that is right in the thick of classic trends and another bargain that retails under $10.00.

theme pendant #35
Theme Pendant & Earrings
The Pinnacle in Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Finally we go to the height in quality of fashion jewelry and you can retail it for under $10.00. Examine the workmanship in fashion jewelry and it's hard to top the theme jewelry of "Best Brand". These techniques go back to Victorian times when pride in craftsmanship laboriously produced fashion jewelry stamped with raised relief and sealed backs that was hollow and light weight. Now bring that to the 21st century with more perfection and you have "Best Brand".

Every imaginable theme is struck with marvelous detail that reaches out to customers' hearts. What a bargain that you can retail this fashion jewelry under $10.00! You not only have quality here, but the irresistible attraction of themes. This is fashion jewelry with little competition in quality and very limited distribution so you have something very special that won't be found next door. Shrewd retailers are prospering with this exceptional line season after season. Appeal to the heart with this
theme jewelry and keep sales moving forward.

Next Newsletter: Fall Fashion Trends
We have just covered some ideas that are brand new and others that have proven records to help build summer business. I know not every idea is for every shop, but pick through them and see if these are affordable things that will give your customers the "feel good" feeling they are looking for. If you want to share something that is bringing summer success that we overlooked, email us at and we will pass it on. Next newsletter covers fall fashion trends as we leave seasonal dips behind us and moves into several months of improving sales.
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Trendy Summer Jewelry that Retails Under $10

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