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June 2008

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Last month we announced the next newsletter would be on trendy summer items that retail under $10.00. Well, we interrupt this program for an important announcement--this is June and we can't let the month go by without giving thorough coverage to June brides. We are fortunate to have an in-depth report on bridal trends from Mary McGarry, a highly respected fashion reporter and trend forecaster that always has keen insights. Check out this important bridal trend report for 2008 and then it's on to cover some key areas that can boost sales with wedding accessories.

Michael Gietl
new rhinestone jewelry
Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry in Fresh Designs
Timeless Elegance in Bridal Jewelry

Isn't it amazing that every season wholesale rhinestone jewelry can offer new breath-taking designs? Designers do not have the wealth of components fashion jewelry designers have. Yet they arrange breath-taking looks that are always fresh.

This season is no exception with rhinestone jewelry in exciting new designs that are, best of all, very affordable. Gold plating makes a stronger presence, though silver plating remains the favorite of bridal shops and their customers. Also with fashion jewelry trending towards dramatic statements, rhinestone jewelry uses fringe necklaces for a modest increase in size that provides more shimmer without sacrificing the elegant simplicity brides prefer.

Another innovation uses shiny plated ribbons of metal to give rhinestone jewelry a new dimension with the shine of metal enhancing the sparkle or complementing the design like a shadow. See the image for this concept, which is hard to fully explain in words. This innovation opens new doors to rhinestone design in the future.

Rhinestone mixed with faux pearl is always a popular way to balance sparkle and elegance for bridal. An image to the left provides you with a sampling of the look that can also lead you to the category. Sales statistics show this combination to be a perennial favorite and new designs bring traditional looks to the 21st century.

New leatherette evening bag
Evening Bags
The Formal Accessory that Separates You from the Competition

Evening bags make you special because this formal accessory is woefully short in the retail industry. We're not just talking the needs of brides here, but bridesmaids as well. Evening bags need to match gowns and they are a growing popular accessory as bridesmaid gifts. But chances are probably not good for finding color matches and style choices in your community unless they find them in your shop.

Evening bags separate you from your competition and make you the "go-to" place for not only bridal, but also prom and all the other after 5 and formal occasions that call for an elegant bag. Colors expand this season with the addition of brights that did very well for prom and continue for matching bridesmaid and cocktail dresses. Traditional colors of silver, gold, black, plus the bridal colors of white or ivory remain highest in demand, but beige, bronze, grey, wine, and platinum add an elegant dimension and soft hues of pink, blue, and peach bring a feminine touch.

Styles are even more exciting starting with the elegance of retro designs in this era of classic trends. Round beaded bags give a very Victorian look while elongated bags awaken the mood of the silver screen from the forties and fifties. Leatherette goes contemporary with metallics, basic colors, and brights providing ultra-modern design with the look and feel of soft leather. Clutches enjoy increasing popularity and increasing size as well. Wholesale evening bags provide more diversity than ever, which means you have the options to satisfy a range of customers that must rely on you because options are slim in most communities.

embroidered bridal gloves
Bridal Gloves
The Hard-to-Find Formal Accessories

Provide an excellent selection of formal gloves and you overwhelm all competition including the majors. Bridal gloves are so extensive that few bridal shops provide an adequate selection. What a wonderful niche market for you!

Here's the secret to providing the most fabulous selection in town for far less than $400. Satin and matte gloves come in 4 lengths and more than 12 colors. That 's a lot of inventory to stock so give customers a sampling with the twelve best colors divided between the four lengths, three gloves in each length. That way all colors and lengths can be seen in a presentation of twelve gloves. Do the same for matte and depend on your wholesaler when you need quantity for a bridal party or formal occasion.

Gloves for the bride are usually single sales so add one each of embroidered gloves, lace, fingerless, and gauntlets. Next include some flower girl gloves because these are really hard to find and also double as First Communion gloves. Flower girl gloves come mainly in white or ivory with sizing by age (e.g. 4 to 6) and wrist or elbow length. You now have an unrivalled selection that will magically draw brides, prom girls, and anyone else that needs formal gloves for special occasions. Where else can they go? You are the specialist in a retail market that is moving towards niches and demanding more choices.

Next Newsletter: Trendy Items for Summer Sales
The next newsletter will hit on inexpensive trendy items that make great impulse sales. Last month's readers showed the greatest interest in gemstone jewelry followed by casual hats and the readers are right on target because sales reports show these are two of the leading categories. If your business profile doesn't fit bridal sales, give gemstone jewelry and casual hats strong consideration to help build your summer sales. Also visit our blog at blog for nearly daily updates on trends, products, and sudden changes in the market.
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New Accessories for June Brides.

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