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May 2008

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Temperatures in the nineties everyday in South Louisiana leave no doubt-summer is here! Summertime calls for some adjustment in jewelry and accessories to keep sales volume up when customers don't want to leave the comfort of an air conditioned home. So today we complete the coverage of those "gotta-have" items that boost sales when some other merchandise might be letting us down.

Michael Gietl
sunglasses 2008
Fashionable Sunglasses
The Summer Accessory that Never Fails

The fact that sunglasses sell in the summer is obvious, but how big sunglasses are in summer retail sales may be a surprise. The 2008 Sunglass Report covers the importance of sunglasses in depth, but here it suffices to say Accessory Magazine's retail sales report for 2007 in the US lists sunglasses as the 4th highest selling accessory and a Nielsen worldwide survey shows sunglasses as the number two "most wanted" designer accessory ahead of handbags. That's enough to get our attention.

Next-and this is important-small retailers have a niche market with serious sales potential that is left wide open by other players in the market. Department stores provide designer sunglasses with great looks and quality, but hefty price tags. Convenience stores offer affordable sunglasses with little or no style. In between is you-the small retailer that provides style at affordable cost for those that want the fashionable look without the high price tag.

The small retailer not only has an excellent niche in the market, but also an item that generates major profit margins. Most sunglasses can look reasonably priced with a three, four, or more time markup. The advantage of excellent summer profit for retailers is obvious, but there's another advantage. With this much profit margin when a customer says a pair broke, you can simply give them another one and still be very profitable. The secret to success is having the right styles and offering tips and good service. All of this gets extensive coverage in the sunglass report for 2008. Consider sunglasses if you are looking for an item to boost summer profits.

fun sun visors
Fun Sun Visors
Comfortable Eye Protection with Themes

Here's a nice little accessory that never makes big waves-it just keeps selling and selling under the radar. We've carried them for over ten years and the wholesale visors shipped just roll along with even sales figures.

The visors are made of smooth foam covered on top with cotton fabric that provides numerous themes. Coiled elastic holds the visors comfortably in place and adjusts to fit any size. The visors are lightweight, inexpensive, comfortable to wear, and galvanize attention with the endless fun themes.

Shops can grab a quick add-on sale by showing the cute touch these visors add to an outfit. Golf and tennis shops have the right captive audience for this accessory. Anyone doing outside events can match the theme of the event from the wide selection or offer variety that will draw a crowd as customers search for the theme that pulls their heartstrings. Best of all, this fun accessory can retail for $5.00, which even works with a tight budget. So consider this fun accessory that is comfortable to wear and shades the eyes in the sun.

enameled bracelets
Enameled Bracelets
The Hot Jewelry Item This Summer

If we search for a single jewelry item that is hot this summer, does anything beat enameled bracelets? You see them in nearly every fashion magazine and some manufacturers say this is the item in highest demand. The climate is right for this fashion accessory with bright colors strong in jewelry and fashion magazines showing bangles stacked on the wrist. Also Accessories Magazine's report stated bracelets were the strongest jewelry item for department stores in 2007.

Anyone that was in the accessory business in the late eighties remembers enameled bracelets, but now they are back with updated designs and new features. Today's bracelets are spring loaded to pop closed after opening to go on the wrist. This is an easy way to put bangles on without worrying about fitting a hand through them. It also eliminates many of the problems with fit.

In addition, designs have advanced. Some have raised relief patterns in plated metal with a background of color. Flowers are popular here. Others use polka dots or Art Deco patterns, and still others make color statements with solid or multicolor patterns. Designs are still developing in this hot fashion accessory that should see continued growth throughout the summer. Bright color is important this summer so include some enameled bracelets as the best way to deliver it.

Next Newsletter: Trendy Summer Items that Retail under $10.00
This newsletter completes the overview of jewelry and accessories that peak in the summer and next newsletter will touch on specific items that are new in the market and hot for summer sales. Our last newsletter had subscribers showing the greatest interest in gemstone jewelry followed by dress hats and casual hats and all these categories are doing well with dress hats slowing a little after Mother's Day. But gemstone jewelry and casual hats should see a strong summer season so keep them on your list of products to build summer sales. If you have time, give us your feedback at
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Latest Summer Jewlry & Accessories to Build Sales

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