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April 2008

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Summer Hits in Jewelry & Accessories
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Gemstone Bracelets

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Trendy Hats

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Hematite Jewelry

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Murano Style Glass Jewelry

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We head into the summer with the shock of gas prices and election year jitters having some retailers concerned about sales volume. This newsletter points out the proven winners in wholesale jewelry and accessories that resurface every summer so you can keep your cash register ringing.

Our first concern is what do buyers want. JWT Intelligence tracks buying trends and points out that today's buyers are moving from conformity to self-expression. Mass marketing gives way to niche markets (visit our fashion blog for details on niche markets) and it's these niche markets plus personalized themes that seem to work every summer so let's get started.

Michael Gietl
horse pendant
Theme Jewelry
The Wholesale Jewelry with the Strongest Buying Impulse

Does any wholesale jewelry glare with self-expression more than theme jewelry? This segment of the jewelry industry stands like a rock, unmoved by the currents of fashion trends. Themes go straight to the heart and make great gifts, great souvenirs to take home, and great personal jewelry for self-expression. The master of theme jewelry is Best Brand, a company that crafts an endless line of pendants, earrings, and bracelets with exceptional quality and superb design.

First, Best Brand cuts no corners in materials. Steel and brass are the starting materials that develop into endless themes, each with such detail that they provide immediate recognition which grabs attention. Stamping gives the jewelry raised relief that's so intricate most can't believe it all comes from pressing a single sheet of metal. Next comes silver plating that shines with hand polishing. Antiqued recesses let every little detail show. Put the pendants on a choker and you have a timeless tailored look in themes that tug at the heart.

Pricing? While the line took a slight increase in price this year, Best Brand struggles to keep prices down even though the price of brass and steel nearly tripled over the last several months. The line includes pendants, matching earrings, and chokers to display the pendants. Theme bracelets by Best Brand cost a little more, but these bracelets are made of brass and then plated. Perhaps these will be the irresistible baubles customers can't pass up this summer. Offer a variety of themes or use the search to find that hot theme specific to your area or clientele.

turquoise jewelry #2
Gemstone Jewelry
The Jewelry that is Both Niche Market and In Vogue

Gemstone jewelry can grow sales with the best of both worlds. Polished semi precious stones can have such interesting patterns and colors that they rivet the attention of shoppers. Gemstone used in jewelry today has so many colors, textures, and intriguing designs that it's like a field trip to a natural history museum. Group gemstone jewelry together and you definitely have a niche market that grabs attention in your shop, online, or in a craft show. Every year the dawn of summer sees a rise of gemstone orders coming in.

Now for the kicker! Gemstone jewelry is not only a niche market with a magical quality for drawing customers, it is also a favorite in fashion thanks to classic trends that have been gracing the runways and pages of fashion magazines. The season sees new creations with long necklaces, tassel designs, chunky jewelry, and the trendy use of chain and waxed cord. Updates also include more obscure semi precious components like obsidian, tree agate, rutilated quartz, and a variety of jasper stones.

Yes, there's plenty of variety in gemstone jewelry this summer, but the king of the semi precious hill is turquoise. This gorgeous stone has attracted favor since the earliest civilizations. Turquoise will play a big part in gemstone jewelry over the summer and many retailers will wonder how it can be genuine if it is so affordable. Visit the gemstone identification page for an explanation of the processes that turn lower grade turquoise into beautiful fashion jewelry. Explaining this to your customers will instill confidence in you and your accessories.

This season started with vibrant colors bringing a refreshing surprise to fashion-something that had everyone excited. Is it selling? Certainly! Is it the leading fashion jewelry category? No, shopkeepers are voting with their purchases and gemstone jewelry still remains the top preference. Don't rule out other fashion jewelry this season, but take a serious look at gemstone because its natural beauty has a timeless quality that transcends fashion's ups and downs.

ladies summer hat
Causal Hats
The Practical Summer Accessory

Perhaps more than any other fashion accessory, hats are predictable. Women's dress hats are going to spike every spring for Easter and Mother's Day, casual hats are going to rise every summer for sun protection and a cool look for the outdoors, and winter hats are going to see a sharp upturn for cold weather. Add to this predictability a rising popularity of hats in fashion and you have a summer item that can contribute to a successful season.

The next question is what are the hats you should stock? The clear winners early in the season are widebrims for everyone and cowboy hats for young adults. Both styles are instant personality that customers can wear without feeling self-conscious. The widebrims are doing very well in natural straw as well as colors like ivory, tan, white, turquoise, and red. Cowboy hats are most popular in distressed or natural straw. Beyond that white and black are the leading colors.

Businesses that focus on the young adult and junior market will find fedoras and newsboys strong this year because of celebrity influence. These styles are seeing improved sales volume this season, but not to the extent of widebrims and cowboy hats. As activities move outdoors for the summer months, the search for hats intensifies. Make a statement with hats and you definitely have a niche market that is not overwhelmed with competition.

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Sumer is arriving, vacations are starting, and retailers want items that consumers can't resist. This newsletter features some key products that sales statistics prove have a sharp rise every summer. The next newsletter will finish the list and include some encouraging facts for anyone nervous about a slowdown. We appreciate all feedback, which can be sent to
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